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Strands is simply a marque caller regular puzzle from The New York Times. A trickier return connected The classical connection search, you’ll request a keen oculus to lick this puzzle.

Like Wordle, Connections, and the Mini Crossword, Strands Can beryllium a spot difficult to lick immoderate days. There’s nary shame in needing a small thief from clip to time. If you’re stuck and request to cognize The answers to today’s Strands puzzle, cheque retired The solved puzzle below.

How to play Strands

You commencement each Strands puzzle pinch The extremity of uncovering The “theme words” hidden in The grid of letters. Manipulate letters by dragging aliases tapping to trade words; double-tap The last missive to confirm. If you find The correct word, The letters will beryllium highlighted bluish and will nary longer beryllium selectable.

If you find a connection that isn’t a taxable word, it still helps! For each 3 non-theme words you find that are astatine slightest 4 letters long, you’ll get a hint — The letters of 1 of The taxable words will beryllium revealed and you’ll conscionable person to unscramble it.

Every azygous missive connected The grid is utilized to spell retired The taxable words and location is nary overlap. Every missive will beryllium utilized once, and only once.

Each puzzle contains 1 “spangram,” a typical taxable connection (or words) that picture The puzzle’s taxable and touches 2 other sides of The board. When you find The spangram, it will beryllium highlighted yellow.

The extremity should beryllium to complete The puzzle quickly without utilizing excessively galore hints.

Hint for today’s Strands puzzle

Today’s taxable is “In Neverland.”

Here’s a hint that mightiness thief you: things Wendy whitethorn person seen.

Today’s Strand answers

NYT Strands logo.NYT

Today’s spanagram

We’ll commencement by giving you The spangram, which mightiness thief you fig retired The taxable and lick The remainder of The puzzle connected your own:


Today’s Strands answers

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