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The New York Times has plentifulness of connection games connected its roster coming — pinch Wordle, Connections, Strands, and the Mini Crossword, there’s thing for everyone — but The newspaper’s modular crossword puzzle still reigns supreme. The regular crossword is afloat of absorbing trivia, helps amended intelligence elasticity and, of course, gives you immoderate bragging authorities if you negociate to decorativeness it each day.

While The NYT puzzle mightiness consciousness for illustration an intolerable task immoderate days, solving a crossword is simply a accomplishment and it takes believe — don’t get discouraged if you can’t get each azygous connection in a puzzle.

If you’re having problem completing today’s NYT Crossword, we’re present to help. We’ve sewage each The answers for today’s clues down below.

NYT Crossword answers today

New York Times Crossword logo.New York Times


1 Warts and each : ASIS
5 Drug that’s “dropped” : LSD
8 Baking abbr. : TSP
11 Long, easy stride : LOPE
12 Formally cull : VETO
13 Many stuffed feline toys : MICE
14 Like overmuch Cajun chickenhearted : BLACKENED
16 Literature Nobelist calved in French Algeria : CAMUS
17 Sprinkle in : ADD
18 Like a 4th satellite tide : NEAP
19 Most reserved : SHIEST
20 Thought-provoking : DEEP
22 Tuscan reddish wines : CHIANTIS
24 Take in, arsenic a activity : DRAW
25 Hoosegow : SLAMMER
26 Some whiskeys : RYES
27 React for illustration a startled equine : REARUP
28 Scottish “John” : IAN
31 What memories are recounted in : PASTTENSE
33 “Cum On Feel The Noize” band, 1973 : SLADE
35 Rx writers : MDS
36 Food, informally : EATS
37 Caught immoderate congers : EELED
38 Wound stinger : SALT
39 In The mode of : ALA
40 Hard patterns to break … aliases a punny explanation of The climbs up The circled letters : VICIOUSCYCLES
46 “Tony n’ ___ Wedding” (Off Broadway hit) : TINAS
47 Mourned a death, in Judaism : SATSHIVA
48 Three-week motorcycle race, specified arsenic The 1 featured in this puzzle : GRANDTOUR
50 Fire remnant : EMBER
51 Dug up : MINED
52 Fraction of a joule : ERG
53 Brings in : EARNS
54 Hot ___ (winter quaff) : TODDY
55 How to go a full caller hue : DYE
56 Little twerp : SNOT


1 Duchess of ___ (Goya subject) : ALBA
2 “You’ve convinced me!” : SOLD
3 Device identifier, in computing : IPADDRESS
4 Moment, informally : SEC
5 Singer/activist Horne : LENA
6 Aerobic workout action : STEPCLASS
7 Pentagon org. : DOD
8 Segment of this puzzle’s title : TIMETRIAL
9 “Pardon me,” in Pisa : SCUSI
10 Nuisances : PESTS
12 Prez’s proxy : VEEP
13 Where galore Penobscot and Passamaquoddy unrecorded : MAINE
15 Didn’t conscionable deliberation : KNEW
16 Typical ending constituent for this puzzle’s title : CHAMPSELYSEES
19 Actor Liu : SIMU
21 90 degrees, opportunity : EAST
23 Member of The genus Lepus : HARE
24 Group of 2 : DYAD
25 Mailed : SENTTO
26 Rotation meas. : RPM
27 One eschewing rose-tinted glasses : REALIST
29 Summer refresher : ADE
30 Composer Rorem : NED
32 Box filled pinch bags : TEACADDY
34 Cloris ___, Emmy-winning character connected “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” : LEACHMAN
38 Went against The Word : SINNED
39 Facade : ACT
40 Food item, quaintly : VIAND
41 Loan shark’s “business” : USURY
42 Base boss, informally : SARGE
43 Book in a biblioteca : LIBRO
44 Occasion : EVENT
45 ___-CoV-2 (virus that causes Covid-19) : SARS
46 Group of 3 : TRIO
48 Clock-setting standard: Abbr. : GMT
49 British ref. : OED

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