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A personification holding The Nothing Phone 2.Andy Boxall

British smartphone upstart Nothing is readying a caller smartphone that will deed The shelves later this year. The Nothing Phone 2a seems to beryllium a nonstop successor of The Nothing Phone 1, which is apt targeting a value-centric midrange status.

“With Phone 2a, we’ve really doubled down connected The halfway personification needs — performance, camera, you request it,” says co-founder Akis Evangelidis. He further adds that pinch The Nothing Phone 2a, The institution is leveraging The halfway niceties of The Nothing Phone 2, which chased flagship standards. Nothing confirmed The Nothing Phone 2a’s beingness in a “Community Update” video uploaded to its YouTube channel.

The Nothing Phone 2 has spent conscionable complete 2 quarters connected The shelves, while The Nothing Phone 1 has spent complete 1.5 years in The market. So, it only seems earthy that a successor for The second would beryllium much likely.

The naming strategy for The Nothing Phone 2a besides seems to travel in The aforesaid footsteps arsenic Google, which has been releasing Pixel-A fund phones for complete half a decade now.

Leaks propose that The Nothing Phone 2a will service 2 rear cameras and return a caller creation approach, including The LED glyph interface. Notably, The institution is besides extending The full setup to developers, allowing third-party apps to activity pinch The LED lights in their unsocial way.

The surface connected The Nothing Phone 2.Andy Boxall

Another reliable leaker predicts MediaTek’s Dimensity 7200 spot for The Nothing Phone 2a, a 50-megapixel dual camera setup, and a 120Hz OLED screen. Nothing is reportedly eyeing a uncover astatine MWC later this month, and it could beryllium priced location astir $400.

But do support in mind that these are early leaks and that The last merchandise could move retired wholly different in position of looks and soul hardware. Also, it would beryllium awesome to spot Nothing ditch these stylized names in brackets. A elemental alphanumeric jambalaya useful arsenic good arsenic agelong arsenic The phone’s hardware does The talking and leaves a bully impression.

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