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A Nintendo Switch OLED exemplary in its dock adjacent to a regular Switch dock.

Due to a caller Nintendo Switch update, X (formerly Twitter) integration is officially gone from each 3 awesome gaming consoles.

The Switch update, version 18.1.0, was comparatively small, pinch a awesome attraction connected removing X integration. For that, Nintendo made severalchanges. First, it removed The “Post to Twitter” action from The albums you Can entree from The Home menu. Second, it removed The mounting to nexus an X relationship to The Switch in User Settings.

There person besides been changes made to immoderate first-party titles. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players will besides nary longer beryllium capable to station screenshots from The Home paper medium to Smash World, The game’s societal hub. Splatoon 3 users besides won’t beryllium capable to station to X aliases Facebook from The mailbox in Splatsville (same goes for Splatoon 2 players), Inkopolis Plaza, aliases Inkopolis Square.

Similarly, Nintendo removed The expertise to nonstop friend requests to societal media friend suggestions while utilizing your Switch.

While The Switch still has Facebook functionality, Nintendo warns that this could besides vanish astatine a later date. For now, if you want to station your Nintendo captures to X, you’ll person to spell to The medium in The Home paper and nonstop images aliases clips to your smartphone, link The console to a PC utilizing a cable, aliases transportation items to a microSD card.

Nintendo announced The move past month, which prompted The X Gaming relationship to respond. “The gaming organization is 1 of The largest and astir vibrant communities connected our platform, and we are dedicated to enhancing and supporting gaming-related features,” The station read, adding that it was continuing its business pinch Nintendo and would support The transition.

The gaming organization is 1 of The largest and astir vibrant communities connected our platform, and we are dedicated to enhancing and supporting gaming-related features. As portion of Nintendo's planned discontinuation of sharing contented to X from The Nintendo Switch, from June 11th, users…

— Gaming (@xGaming) May 10, 2024

Nintendo is conscionable The latest awesome console shaper to disable X functionality. PlayStation announced it was going away connected The PlayStation 5 and 4 in November, and Xbox removed it in April 2023. While these companies didn’t connection immoderate explanations, it apt has to do pinch X’s caller API pricing for endeavor customers, which starts astatine $42,000 per month. Xbox conscionable posted that it “had to disable The expertise to stock crippled uploads straight to Twitter.”

The easiest measurement to stock crippled captures connected PlayStation and Xbox is The aforesaid arsenic it is connected Switch: Use their charismatic apps to entree clips and images connected your smartphone.

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