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New footage has emerged showing The last heroic enactment of an off-duty British-Israeli worker who threw backmost 7 grenades targeted astatine a shelter by Hamas gunmen during The onslaught connected a euphony show connected 7 October.

Aner Shapiro was killed erstwhile The eighth grenade thrown astatine him went disconnected in his manus arsenic he attempted to take sides his chap festivalgoers.

A four-minute dashcam video from a adjacent car was posted connected Telegram by South First Responders, a group that shares worldly connected The attacks by Hamas.

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At 1 point, a personification runs retired of The shelter and appears to beryllium gunned down by The Hamas fighters, who Can besides beryllium seen firing bullets into The shelter.

The footage goes connected to show respective gunmen tossing grenade aft grenade into The shelter which are thrown retired by The 22-year-old unit sergeant until he dies.

His grandma Yamima Ben-Menahem told past period really he valiantly stood up against The militants and did his champion to support group calm.

"They were trying to get retired of The statement and past location were alarms and location were missiles," she said.

"And they went into a shelter he was pinch his friend Hersh Goldberg but location were astir 30 different group there.

"First of each he calmed them down saying The service was only half an hr distant and he was judge everything was going to beryllium okay.

"He was a earthy leader, wherever he was."

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Grandmother connected losing her grandson

She added: "He conscionable stood location and threw backmost 1 grenade aft The other.

"From what his friends told america he managed to propulsion backmost astir 7 grenades, and past The past 1 exploded in his hands.

"The group who survived started calling america aft they recovered retired who his family was and 1 aft The different said 'he saved our lives'."

Aner Shapiro pinch Hersh Goldberg, who has been taken hostage

Image: Aner Shapiro pinch Hersh Goldberg, who has been taken hostage

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The Supernova show adjacent Re'im in confederate Israel was attended by respective 100 group erstwhile Hamas gunmen opened fire.

At slightest 260 bodies group were killed and galore were kidnapped.

It was among respective sites targeted by Hamas during its co-ordinated, multi-pronged and unprecedented astonishment battle connected Israel.

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