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A screengrab of The Netflix redesign test.Netflix / The Verge

In what would beryllium The first awesome redesign in 10 years, Netflix has begun testing retired a caller look and immoderate caller features connected its TV app that are aimed astatine making The location page simpler and much streamlined.

The institution precocious told The Verge that The redesign is aimed astatine aiding contented find and helping subscribers determine what to watch. “We often spot members doing gymnastics pinch their eyes arsenic they’re scanning The location experience,” Pat Flemming, Netflix’s elder head of product, told The Verge. “We really wanted members to person an easier clip figuring retired if a title is correct for them.”

The first point users will announcement astir The redesign is The shortcuts connected The near broadside person now been replaced by a simplified navigation barroom connected The apical of The interface. That apical navigation barroom now features your personification floor plan icon, search, Home, Shows, Movies and a My Netflix section. The paper Can besides beryllium accessed by pressing your remote’s backmost button.

Selecting The caller Home tab will populate The main model beneath pinch a preview of recently added Netflix titles. Below that is Netflix’s Today’s Top Picks for You, which includes upcoming unrecorded events aliases titles related to ones you’ve watched recently. The adjacent statement down  is wherever you’ll spot your Continue Watching list.

The caller My Netflix tab is wherever you’d find things for illustration titles added to My List and Continue Watching, arsenic good arsenic personalized recommendations. Netflix had antecedently rolled retired a My Netflix tab connected its mobile apps.

Another portion of The redesign is providing users pinch glanceable accusation specified arsenic The title, synopsis, merchandise year, number of episodes, and genre. Plus, hovering complete connected a title will trigger a video preview of that title, akin to different streaming services specified arsenic Amazon Prime Video.

Netflix says that it will beryllium testing The redesigned TV app pinch a mini group of subscribers that usage smart TVs and streaming devices to entree The platform. If each goes well, The institution trial will unfastened The trial to much users in The coming months.

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