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Jon Bitner

By Jon Bitner February 1, 2024 12:30PM

The world of smart displays is dominated by 2 companies — Amazon and Google. Amazon is responsible for The Echo Show 10, while Google is down The Nest Hub Max. Both connection ample screens, entree to a monolithic roster of apps, and The expertise to link (and control) The remainder of your smart home. There are a batch of similarities betwixt The 2 celebrated displays, but location are a fewer cardinal differences you should beryllium alert of earlier adding 1 to your home.

Here’s a person look astatine The Echo Show 10 and Nest Hub Max to thief you determine which is best.

Pricing and design

The Nest Hub Max connected a table.Google

The Nest Hub Max costs $229 and is designed to beryllium connected your countertop. It features a ample display, an oblong base, and a webcam built into The apical of The unit. The Echo Show 10 costs $250 and looks eerily akin to The Nest Hub Max. But alternatively of an oblong base, it features 1 that’s information and elevates The show a spot farther from The ground. No matter really you trim it, some are crisp devices and look awesome sloppy of wherever you spot them. However, The smaller value tag of The Nest Hub Max makes it somewhat much appealing.

Winner: Nest Hub Max

Display size and quality

The Echo Show 10 connected a room counter.Amazon

As you’d expect, The Echo Show 10 boasts a 10.1-inch HD touchscreen. It’s built to move pinch you, allowing you to enactment in attraction during video calls, moreover if you’re moving astir in The room aliases done your surviving room. The Nest Hub Max features a 10-inch HD touchscreen and besides uses auto-framing to support you in attraction during video calls. But wherever The Echo Show 10 physically rotates its surface to travel you, The Nest Hub Max doesn’t. That only gives it a 127-degree viewing perspective compared to The 715-degree rotation offered by The Echo Show 10.

Winner: Echo Show 10

Features and smart location connectivity

The Nest Hub Max in a kitchen.Google

Both The Nest Hub Max and Echo Show 10 connection tons of connectivity and smart features. For The Nest Hub Max, you’ll get to usage it arsenic a hub for Google Home — allowing you to power different devices aliases cheque in connected streams from your information cameras. It besides benefits from stereo speakers and a three-inch woofer that are awesome for pumping euphony done your home. Other features see a built-in webcam, support for celebrated apps (including Netflix and Spotify), and The action to show photos.

Many of those features Can besides beryllium recovered connected The Echo Show 10. This includes a built-in webcam, support for Netflix, Spotify, and different starring apps, The action to show integer photos, and powerful speakers (including a three-inch woofer). But alternatively of support for Google Home, The Echo Show 10 is built for Alexa.

Winner: Tie

Which is The amended smart display?

Since some The Nest Hub Max and Echo Show 10 stock truthful galore features, it’s intolerable to opportunity 1 is amended than The other. Both are highly Can smart displays pinch large, vibrant screens — and you can’t spell incorrect adding either 1 to your home. Both support a wide scope of apps and are awesome for making video calls aliases listening to music.

The superior quality betwixt The 2 is their respective smart location platform. If your location is already filled pinch Google Home devices, prime The Nest Hub Max. If your location is filled pinch Alexa devices, prime The Echo Show 10.

If you’re conscionable starting your smart location journey, see picking up whichever 1 is presently connected sale. Both Google Home and Amazon Alexa person a heavy room of supported smart devices, truthful you won’t person immoderate issues uncovering smart locks, smart lights, aliases different smart devices that play nicely pinch your chosen smart display.

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