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While astir NASA spacewalks astatine The International Space Station (ISS) are for upgrade aliases attraction work, The 1 taking spot connected Thursday, June 13, has a alternatively different nonsubjective — to find retired if location are immoderate surviving organisms connected The exterior of The orbital outpost.

It sounds for illustration a beautiful breathtaking premise for an Alien-like movie, but it’s highly improbable thing rather truthful horrific will consequence from The upcoming research.

NASA astronauts Tracy C. Dyson and Matt Dominick will walk immoderate of their clip during this week’s spacewalk collecting samples for study in a bid to amended understand The expertise of microorganisms to past and reproduce connected The extracurricular of The ISS. The brace will besides complete The removal of a faulty electronics box, called a power wave group, from a communications antenna connected The starboard truss of The abstraction station, NASA said.

U.S. spacewalk 90 astatine The abstraction position will beryllium The 4th for Dyson and The first for Dominick. Dyson arrived in orbit aboard a Soyuz spacecraft in March, while Dominick traveled aboard a SpaceX Crew Dragon arsenic portion of Crew-8, and besides arrived in March.

NASA will connection a unrecorded watercourse of The preparations for The spacewalk, arsenic good arsenic The spacewalk itself. The sum will statesman astatine 6:30 a.m. ET , pinch The spacewalk itself group to commencement astatine 8 a.m.

The abstraction agency will watercourse The spacewalk connected NASA+, NASA Television, The NASA app, YouTube, and NASA’s website. You Can besides watch it via The subordinate embedded astatine The apical of this page. Viewers will beryllium capable to place Dyson by The reddish strips connected her spacesuit, while Dominick will deterioration an unmarked suit.

The activity is expected to return astir six-and-half hours, truthful location will beryllium plentifulness of opportunities to dip in and retired of The spacewalk sum connected Thursday. If you miss it, location are 2 much coming up connected Monday, June 24, and Tuesday, July 2.

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