MPLX: Taking The Easy Road To A Higher Unit Price

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Following their beardown commencement to 2022, it was chartless whether MPLX (NYSE:MPLX) would support maturation investments debased aliases return a much fierce stance connected nan backmost of beardown operating conditions, but arsenic my previous article discussed, some roads lead to higher distributions. Fast guardant to nan coming time and thankfully, they are opting for nan former, which successful my eyes sees guidance taking nan easy roadworthy to a higher portion price, which could moreover scope $50+ 1 time successful nan early arsenic they proceed pushing their distributions higher.

Coverage Summary & Ratings

Since galore readers are apt short connected time, nan array beneath provides a little summary and ratings for nan superior criteria assessed. If interested, this Google Document provides accusation regarding my standing strategy and, importantly, links to my room of balanced analyses that share a comparable attack to heighten cross-investment comparability.

MPLX Ratings


Detailed Analysis

MPLX Cash Flows


Following their stellar history, it was not astonishing to spot their beardown rate travel capacity proceed into nan 4th fourth of 2022 arsenic nan twelvemonth ended pinch operating rate travel of $5.019b. Whilst only modestly higher than their erstwhile consequence of $4.911b during 2021, much importantly, this cements and frankincense builds upon nan larger increases seen versus earlier years, specified arsenic 2020 and 2019 that saw results of only $4.521b and $4.082b, respectively. Thanks to their humble superior expenditure, it besides near free rate travel of $4.003b that provided beardown sum of 134.32% to their distribution payments of $2.98b.

MPLX Operating Cash Flow


This is further confirmed erstwhile viewing their quarterly results, arsenic their reported operating rate travel of $1.368b during nan 4th fourth of 2022 was nan second-highest consequence successful caller history since astatine slightest nan opening of 2021. Even much impressively, their underlying consequence that excludes moving superior movements of $1.429b was their highest consequence crossed this aforesaid play of time. Given really their rate travel capacity accrued importantly versus earlier years, it stands to logic this represents a record-setting result, which creates a very affirmative guidelines heading into 2023 that, interestingly, sees guidance taking nan easy road.

MPLX Guidance For 2023

MPLX Fourth Quarter Of 2022 Results Presentation

If looking astatine their guidance for 2023 that accompanied their 4th fourth of 2022 results, it shows they are forecasting superior expenditure of $950m, which is only modestly higher than nan $855m attributable to 2022 pinch nan mostly erstwhile again going towards humble maturation investments. When conducting nan erstwhile analysis, their superior expenditure guidance for 2023 was not released but arsenic discussed astatine nan time, higher distributions should beryllium forthcoming sloppy of whether they enactment connected nan easy roadworthy pinch debased to humble superior expenditure aliases alternatively, thin upon their coagulated financial position to undertake ample maturation investments.

In my eyes, keeping their superior expenditure humble is nan easier of nan 2 metaphorical roads and represents a business-as-usual approach, which carries various benefits for investors and, thus, their portion price. Most notable arsenic a first point, it minimizes uncertainty, which is ever viewed favorably successful nan marketplace arsenic it lowers risks. As a 2nd point, nan larger nan maturation investments, nan higher nan consequence posed by mediocre execution aliases unavoidable delays owed to achromatic swan events. When it comes to investing, consequence and reward move successful tandem and therefore, nan much they little risks, nan much appealing their distributions go and frankincense arsenic a result, it makes a higher portion value warranted.

MPLX Unit Price

Seeking Alpha

Whilst I americium not a method trader per se, it nevertheless appears nan marketplace is getting progressively willing successful their units. Particularly, during nan past 3 months they enjoyed coagulated buying support pinch their lows getting higher and going forwards into 2023, I fishy a push towards a $40+ portion value is apt forthcoming. This is partially owed to their beardown financial capacity and prime to little risks by taking nan easy roadworthy pinch superior expenditure, but besides owed to their prospects for much portion buybacks and higher distributions, arsenic per nan commentary from guidance included below.

“And arsenic John said, we'll effort and beryllium opportunistic connected nan buyback side. We'll effort and proceed to show nan marketplace that we proceed to turn this partnership. So you'll spot america proceed to summation distributions complete time.”

-MPLX Q4 2022 Conference Call.

Management only precocious lifted their already high-yielding distributions 10% higher successful precocious 2022 and already, they are signaling higher distributions connected nan horizon. Even if this does not eventuate, their coming quarterly distributions of $0.775 per portion would still spot a precocious output of almost 8% astatine a $40 portion price, which is evidently desirable moreover absent of growth. Interestingly, a $50 portion value would still spot a precocious distribution output of somewhat supra 6%, which raises nan prospects for different push towards $50+ 1 time successful early years, particularly if they make bully connected their scheme for higher distributions and trim their outstanding portion count via portion buybacks. These tantalizing prospects should thief heighten nan upside imaginable of their units, particularly fixed their accompanying prospects to little risks via continued dependable deleveraging.

MPLX Capital Structure


Quite unsurprisingly, nan 4th fourth of 2022 saw guidance continuing to equilibrium their rate outflows and inflows. As a result, their nett indebtedness was erstwhile again broadly unchanged astatine $19.87b versus its erstwhile level of $19.987b pursuing nan 3rd quarter. Similar to nan past 2 years, this leaves their nett indebtedness adjacent to wherever it started nan year, fixed that 2021 and 2020 ended pinch nett indebtedness of $20.346b and $20.521b, respectively.

If not for further portion buybacks successful 2023, their nett indebtedness would evidently alteration connected nan backmost of their excess free rate travel aft distribution payments. Although, arsenic these are apt to beryllium forthcoming and thus, their superior building should erstwhile again stay broadly unchanged this clip adjacent year.

MPLX Leverage


Even though their nett indebtedness hardly changed during 2022, their leverage still saw improvements acknowledgment to their beardown financial performance. To this point, their respective nett debt-to-EBITDA and nett debt-to-operating rate travel some decreased to 3.24 and 3.96 versus their erstwhile respective results of 3.82 and 4.14 astatine nan extremity of 2021. When it comes to nan 4th fourth of 2022 successful isolation, owed to nan short magnitude of time, they were broadly unchanged versus their erstwhile results of 3.14 and 4.04 pursuing nan 3rd quarter.

Whilst guidance did not supply nonstop guidance for their net successful 2023, their stellar history and humble maturation successful superior expenditure during 2022 bespeak it should further strengthen, albeit apt to only a humble extent. In turn, they should proceed dependable deleveraging going forwards, contempt their nett indebtedness apt remaining broadly unchanged. The little their leverage goes, nan little nan risks associated pinch their distributions and frankincense successful theory, nan higher nan value nan marketplace should beryllium consenting to pay. In turn, this should thief heighten nan upside imaginable and make a $40+ portion value moreover much realistic successful nan coming year.

MPLX Debt Serviceability


Due to liking rates surging during 2022, unfortunately, their indebtedness serviceability did not spot arsenic noticeable improvements arsenic their leverage. When their liking disbursal is mixed against their EBIT and operating rate flow, it sees sum of 5.31 and 5.43, respectively. Whilst nan erstwhile sees a mini betterment versus its erstwhile consequence of 5.14 astatine nan extremity of 2021, nan second sees nan other versus its accompanying erstwhile consequence of 6.26. When it comes to nan 4th fourth of 2022 successful isolation, some of their results descent little versus their erstwhile results of 6.14 and 5.82 pursuing nan 3rd quarter. Whilst not needfully ideal, their indebtedness serviceability still remains patient and frankincense it does not needfully detract materially from their upside potential, arsenic nan effect was only minimal.

MPLX Liquidity


Since they person not released their 2022 10-K, arsenic it stands correct now location is nary information connected their existent assets and liabilities for nan extremity of 2022, which hinders assessing their liquidity. That said, thankfully their results for nan 3rd 4th are still sufficiently useful because their continued beardown financial capacity should guarantee thing could person deteriorated materially during this short magnitude of time. When utilizing this information successful conjunction pinch their rate equilibrium astatine nan extremity of 2022, it shows a existent ratio of 0.78 that is accompanied by a rate ratio of 0.10, which points to capable liquidity.

Even though their liquidity does not needfully thief heighten their upside imaginable successful nan aforesaid mode arsenic deleveraging, it still ensures they tin navigate thing successful nan future, which helps little downside risks. Since they are a ample institution pinch an moreover larger genitor company, Marathon Petroleum (MPC), they should ever person easy entree to indebtedness markets and successful turn, this intends location is nary request to interest astir early indebtedness maturities and truthful forth, sloppy of wherever monetary argumentation heads.


Whilst a subjective view, I consciousness arsenic though guidance is doing everything to make their units much appealing to investors and frankincense successful turn, this makes a higher portion value progressively apt arsenic 2023 progresses. Apart from signaling higher distributions connected nan horizon, they are taking nan easy roadworthy up pinch superior expenditure, which lowers risks pinch their continued dependable deleveraging helping to heighten nan upside potential.

Their portion value has go rather accustomed to trading astir nan $35 people and mixed pinch these factors, it appears nan roadworthy to $40+ is looking apt successful 2023 arsenic they would still spot a precocious distribution output of circa 8%. Since location is besides scope for much successful early years connected nan backmost of higher distributions and portion buybacks, I judge that maintaining my beardown bargain standing is appropriate.

Notes: Unless specified otherwise, each figures successful this article were taken from MPLX’s SEC filings, each calculated figures were performed by nan author.

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