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Dev Patel stands in an elevator in Monkey Man.

“Dev Patel's directorial debut is an unwieldy, feverish revenge thriller that wins you complete contempt its flaws.”


  • Dev Patel's afloat committed lead performance
  • One breathtaking midpoint action sequence
  • A well-paced, propulsive first half


  • An overlong runtime
  • Too overmuch shaky cam
  • A 2nd half that stops and starts excessively galore times

Monkey Man isn’t a footwear aliases punch to The face. It’s an existential wail. Actor Dev Patel’s characteristic directorial debut, which was famously saved from its original Netflix merchandise by Jordan Peele and Universal Pictures, doesn’t look Can of holding back. It’s afloat of much disorienting stylistic flourishes than it knows what to do pinch and plentifulness of sweaty, bone-breaking action sequences, but pulsing beneath each 1 of its frames is an aggravated rage that is, astatine times, astonishing. Patel’s passion is ne'er in doubt, and he believes truthful fervently in The film’s ideas astir corruption and justness that he treats his protagonist’s acquainted quest for revenge pinch a divine benignant of reverence.

There are truthful galore emotions, references, and inspirations spilling retired of Monkey Man that 1 gets The consciousness watching it that Patel has been waiting his full life to make it. The movie feels for illustration The culmination of galore of Patel’s creator interests up to this point, and it’s clear that he put it together without assuming he’ll ever get The chance to head different movie for illustration it. As admirable arsenic that is, it’s besides led Patel to worldly much into Monkey Man than it’s Can of containing. He’s delivered a vigilante thriller that doesn’t consciousness for illustration a targeted onslaught truthful overmuch arsenic it does a convulsive thrashing, and The vanished movie is conscionable arsenic spirited and messy arsenic that suggests.

Dev Patel wears a monkey disguise in Monkey Man.Universal Pictures

At The halfway of Monkey Man is Kid (Patel), an unnamed young man who spends his days and nights in India boxing in underground matches and putting together a scheme to find and termination Rana Singh (Sikandar Kher), The corrupt constabulary main responsible for his mother’s decease years prior. In little flashbacks, viewers are fixed glimpses of not only The gruesome calamity that drives Patel’s anonymous vigilante guardant but besides The happy puerility memories he shared pinch his mother, which haunt him conscionable arsenic overmuch arsenic her death. These moments, in each their handheld, Malick-esque intimacy, are visually striking but do small much than obscure The afloat truth of Monkey Man‘s inciting incident, which The movie waits to uncover in a prolonged series that conscionable contributes further to its 2nd act’s pacing issues.

Before it gets there, though, Monkey Man spends overmuch of its first half in The present. It follows its protagonist arsenic he patiently useful his measurement into The debaucherous nine wherever Singh spends astir of his nights. This conception of The film, while slower than immoderate whitethorn spell into Monkey Man expecting, demonstrates a level of communicative power connected Patel’s portion that is immensely satisfying to behold. The movie’s script, which Patel co-wrote pinch Paul Angunawela and John Collee, wisely packs its first half pinch insignificant pay-offs that connection viewers cardinal penetration into its protagonist’s intelligence and determination and thief Monkey Man slow build much and much momentum. Eventually, everything reaches a fever transportation astir The film’s midpoint pinch a batch of back-to-back group pieces that are arsenic thrilling arsenic they are anxiety-inducing.

The series in mobility marks Monkey Man‘s affectional and stylistic precocious point. Through a deft operation of close-ups, shaky camera movements, and stunning pieces of action choreography, Patel is capable to inject Monkey Man‘s astir feverishly constructed and hard-hitting conception pinch a level of affectional ferocity that will make you thin guardant in your seat. That is also, in nary mini part, owed to Patel’s impassioned cardinal turn. The actor, who has agelong been recognized by galore arsenic 1 of The astir promising stars of his generation, throws himself truthful relentlessly into his character’s tortured psyche that he almost single-handedly reminds you why revenge stories came to beryllium in The first place. You afloat judge each emotion and onslaught that Patel performs in Monkey Man, and that adds a batch to The film, particularly erstwhile it starts to suffer its footing in its backmost half.

Dev Patel lit by purple and reddish lights in Monkey Man.Universal Pictures

After turning everything up halfway done its story, Monkey Man deliberately slows down again to further research its hero’s past and broaden its governmental ideas. Patel’s protagonist finds immoderate much-needed refuge in this conception pinch a group of transgender women who person agelong been hounded and terrorized by figures for illustration Singh, who want to displace them, and this detour allows Monkey Man to sharpen its taste critiques a little. The aforesaid goes for its late-stage centering of Baba Shakti (Makarand Deshpande), a powerful and revered belief figure. However, neither plotline is yet developed capable to render The film’s communicative arsenic thing much nuanced than a acquainted communicative of an underdog fighting against The world’s corrupt elites.

Monkey Man‘s third-act fights consciousness likewise unrefined. When The movie begins, its leader is driven but not sure-footed capable to execute everything he wants. That truth makes Patel’s up-close, shaky attack to Monkey Man‘s action sequences look initially calculated and warranted. The longer into The movie 1 gets, though, The much frustrating Monkey Man‘s uneven operation of shaky and dependable camera takes becomes. One climactic showdown, in particular, suffers greatly from The visually unpleasant haze of fume that covers it and The unsteady measurement it’s shot. The film, by nary means, goes retired pinch a whimper, but its last group pieces do autumn short of The barroom group by those that travel earlier them.

Monkey Man | Official Trailer 2

What Monkey Man lacks in high-level method craftsmanship, it makes up for in some cognition and spirit. This is simply a directorial debut made pinch truthful overmuch passion and genuine emotion that you’ll inevitably find yourself admiring it moreover in its astir frustrating moments. By each accounts, The roadworthy to making Monkey Man was plagued by aggregate beingness and intelligence hardships for Patel, and that’s clear in The movie itself. It’s a movie that perpetually feels arsenic though it was forced into existence, and The consciousness of hard-won triumph that is result coming passim it makes its astir vengeful moments deed harder than they mightiness person otherwise.

Monkey Man is now playing in theaters.

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