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There’s been a batch of talk astir The upcoming Windows 10 end-of-life date, and Microsoft’s attempts to promote group to update to Windows 11. Now, The tech elephantine is announcing that an older type of Windows 11 will scope its end-of-service day too, arsenic mentioned in a blog station connected Monday.

If you’re still connected Windows 11 22H2, which came retired in October 2022, you will extremity receiving information and preview updates arsenic of October 8, 2024. However, you Can proceed to get those information updates if you update your Windows 11 machine to The 23H2 type you should now person arsenic a pending update.

The informing applies to Windows Home, Pro, and Business (or education) users. However, Microsoft will besides automatically update non-managed business computers, truthful they get The latest updates. You person 90 days to update to The latest Windows version, and if you’re consenting to update now and person an eligible PC, you Can do truthful by going to Settings > Windows Update > Check updates.

There are besides unconfirmed rumors that users could besides spot a Windows 11 24H2 type in October since it was first rumored to beryllium released in September. Remember that it’s risky to clasp disconnected to spot if you Can upgrade straight to type 24H2. If you clasp disconnected connected The update, you put your PC astatine consequence for cyberattacks, malware, and viruses (among different things).

If you’re already connected Windows 11, updating to The astir caller type shouldn’t beryllium a problem. But if you’re connected Windows 10, guarantee your PC meets The basal strategy requirements specified arsenic 4GB of RAM aliases more; Trusted Platform Module (TPM) type 2.0; 1GHz aliases faster CPU connected a compatible 64-bit processor aliases strategy connected spot (SoC); 64GB aliases much of storage; compatible GPU pinch DirectX 12 aliases later pinch WDDM 2.0 driver; and 720p show that’s larger than 9 inches diagonally and has 8 bits per colour channel.

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