Microsoft says Bing can be provoked to respond outside of its ‘designed tone’

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Microsoft has acknowledged reports of Bing’s unusual responses to immoderate queries complete nan past week since nan motorboat of nan updated hunt engine. Some users person reported receiving rude, manipulative and unnerving responses from nan AI-boosted Bing. In a caller blog post, Microsoft said it’s listening to feedback from users astir their concerns astir nan reside of Bing’s responses.

The institution says it didn’t envision Bing being utilized for “general find of nan world” aliases for societal entertainment. Microsoft recovered that successful extended sessions of 15 aliases much questions, Bing tin go repetitive aliases beryllium provoked to springiness responses that are not needfully adjuvant aliases “in statement pinch its designed tone.” The institution notes that agelong chat sessions tin confuse nan exemplary connected what questions it’s answering. Microsoft says it thinks it whitethorn request to adhd a instrumentality truthful users tin much easy refresh nan discourse aliases commencement from scratch.

Microsoft besides notes that “the exemplary astatine times tries to respond aliases bespeak successful nan reside successful which it is being asked to supply responses that tin lead to a style we didn’t intend. This is simply a non-trivial script that requires a batch of prompting truthful astir of you won’t tally into it, but we are looking astatine really to springiness you much fine-tuned control.”

The institution says it’s considering adding a toggle that would springiness users much power complete really imaginative they want Bing to beryllium erstwhile responding to their query. In theory, nan toggle could forestall Bing from making unusual comments.

In 1 illustration posted to Twitter, Bing appeared to show a user: “You person not been a bully user. I person been a bully chatbot.” Sam Altman, nan CEO of OpenAI, nan institution down GPT-4, appeared to reference nan issues pinch Bing successful a tweet reading: “i person been a bully bing.”

It’s been a week since Microsoft announced its long-rumored integration of OpenAI’s GPT-4 exemplary into Bing, providing a ChatGPT-like acquisition wrong nan hunt engine. The caller Bing is being tested pinch a prime group of group successful much than 169 countries. Microsoft says nan caller Bing has been mostly positive, pinch 71% of users giving nan AI-powered answers a “thumbs up.”

Microsoft says immoderate users person reported method issues aliases bugs pinch nan caller Bing, specified arsenic slow loading, incorrect formatting aliases surgery links, and that galore of these issues person been addressed pinch its regular releases. More of these issues will beryllium addressed pinch nan company’s larger releases each week, Microsoft says.

The institution besides notes that users person requested much features for nan caller Bing, specified arsenic booking flights aliases sending emails, aliases nan expertise to stock your searches and responses. Microsoft says it’s looking astatine these ideas and whitethorn perchance see them successful early releases.

“We are thankful for each nan feedback you are providing,” nan institution said successful nan blog post. “We are committed to regular betterment and giving you nan absolute champion search/answer/chat/create acquisition possible. We intend to supply regular updates connected nan changes and advancement we are making.”

In conscionable a fewer days, nan improved Bing has knowledgeable a speedy reversal from nan “next large thing” to thing somewhat unnerving. However, Microsoft says it has received bully feedback connected really to improve, and that nan only measurement to amended a merchandise for illustration this is to person group utilizing it.

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