Micro-EV subscription startup Dance pulls in another €12M from existing investors

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Micro-EV subscription startup Dance, which launched successful 2020, has raised an further €12 cardinal successful an equity and indebtedness information led by existing investors HV Capital, Eurazeo and BlueYard. Dance was launched retired of Berlin by erstwhile Soundloud and Jimdo founders, but since last year is now besides disposable successful Paris, Hamburg, Munich and Vienna.

In 2020, Dance closed a $17.7M Series A, led by HV Holtzbrinck Ventures.

Dance is tapping into nan adjacent loop of EV / micro-mobility successful nan shape of nan subscription model. Think astir it: it’s easier and cheaper to subscribe to an costly e-Bike than to bargain it and person it stolen, right?

Dance says its largest marketplace is Paris, wherever it claims it has seen bully uptake arsenic a consequence of nan city’s plans to build 1,000 km of motorcycle lanes and 52 km much successful nan coming years.

The institution offers electrical bikes and mopeds connected a monthly subscription basis, which travel pinch servicing, repairs, theft insurance, and replacement bikes successful nan lawsuit of theft. The vehicles are besides now being offered arsenic an worker benefit, via Dance For Business, and has signed-up partners including Google and Urban Sports Club. A caller business pinch nan startup IoT Venture intends Dance bikes tin sometime beryllium much easy located and recovered successful nan lawsuit of theft.

In a statement, Dance Founder and CEO Eric Quidenus-Wahlforss said: “We started past twelvemonth pinch a fewer 100 members successful Berlin and person quickly grown to galore thousands crossed Paris, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Vienna validating nan request for our sustainable mobility solutions and nan powerfulness of subscriptions versus owning aliases sharing a vehicle.”

Also participating successful this latest information were: Winthrop Square Capital, Joe Zadeh (Ex Airbnb), Max Ciociola (Founder & CEO Musixmatch), Julian Teicke (Founder & CEO Wefox), David Eriksson (co-founder teenage engineering), Katharina Kurz (Founder BRLO), Ryan Johnson (Founder & CEO Culdesac), and Kristian Rädle & Frank Wiedemann (Âme).

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