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James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, and Robert Trujillo in their Puppet Master Fortnite outfits. Flames are coming retired of their eyes.Epic games

Take my hand, we’re disconnected to Fortnite land. The conflict royale game’s adjacent awesome philharmonic impermanent is nary different than Metallica, and for illustration different performers, they Can make their measurement complete to your Fortnite game.

From June 22 to 23, players Can hop into Fortnite Discover to witnesser The 30-minute Metallica: Fuel. Fire. Fury. in Fortnite Festival. There are 3 clip slots disposable connected each day, truthful location are plentifulness of opportunities to drawback The performance. You Can spot The schedule complete connected The Fortnite website.

Between June 13 and August 16, players Can hop into a caller PvP crippled mode called Battle Stage. Sixteen players will deed The shape and play done a randomly selected song. In classical conflict royale fashion, only 1 will look victorious. These matches are public, but you Can besides create backstage matches in groups of four.

Players will besides beryllium capable to gain limited-time rewards pinch The Season 4 Festival Pass, which includes immoderate modular achromatic outfits for each 4 set members. However, conscionable buying into The walk will get you The Lars Ulrich outfit for free. (There are besides Lego versions available.) In due Battle Royale mode, you Can gain an emote and a loading screen.

Once you’re fresh to get backmost into The game, you’ll beryllium capable to find Ride The Lightning guitars that’ll thief you, well, create lightning arcs during combat.

If you want The afloat high-drama metallic euphony experience, though, you Can get The Puppet Master outfits from The shop until August 16. These skins bring occurrence to The proceedings. There is a lot much to cheque retired if you’re a Fortnite fan — from car decals to unlockable tracks to a caller fiery rocket racing way — truthful you’ll want to head complete to The blog for much information.

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