Masco Corporation Is A Buy Despite Near-Term Headwinds

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Investment Thesis

Masco Corporation (NYSE:MAS) is expected to look softening request successful nan upcoming quarters, which should offset nan benefits from pricing gains and negatively effect nan company's FY2023 revenue. However, if we look astatine FY24 and beyond, location are respective secular trends that could use nan company, including expanding location equity and location prices, arsenic good arsenic an expanding number of US homes reaching nan premier remodelling property of 20-39 successful nan coming years. The institution is besides executing good and its patient equilibrium expanse places it good to do strategical acquisitions astatine charismatic valuations during nan downcycle.

While nan company's margins are expected to beryllium negatively impacted by measurement deleveraging successful FY2023, it should beryllium partially offset by disciplined costs management, productivity gains done nan 80/20 rule, and pricing actions. Management is expecting decremental margins successful nan debased 20%'s successful this slowdown (versus emblematic 30%) owed to these costs simplification efforts. However, erstwhile nan system originates to retrieve nan incremental margins are expected to beryllium ~30% which should thief successful agelong word separator description .

With a P/E of 17.08x connected FY23 statement EPS estimates (which will apt beryllium nan bottommost of nan cycle) and dividend output of 2.04%, nan banal looks charismatic for agelong word investors who tin look beyond nan existent slowdown.

MAS Q4 FY22 Earnings

Recently, Masco Corporation reported lower-than-expected results successful its last 4th of FY 2022. Revenue for nan 4th stood astatine $1.92 billion, down 4.9% YoY, and was beneath nan statement estimate of $1.93 billion. The adjusted EPS successful nan 4th fourth was down 3% YoY to $0.65 (compared to statement estimates of $0.68). The diminution successful gross was owed to softening demand, partially offset by pricing actions. The adjusted operating separator declined 90 ground points YoY to 12.2%, chiefly owed to measurement deleveraging, partially offset by pricing gains.

Revenue Analysis and Outlook

After experiencing beardown gross maturation successful nan first half of FY22 and flattish gross maturation successful Q3 22, nan apical statement declined 4.9% YoY successful nan 4th fourth of FY22, chiefly owed to little measurement crossed astir categories, partially offset by 9% gains from pricing actions. However, for nan afloat twelvemonth 2022, beardown pricing actions afloat offset nan headwinds owed to measurement declines during nan 2nd half of FY22, resulting successful 3.6% YoY gross growth.

During nan quarter, nan plumbing income declined 2.6% Y/Y. However if we exclude nan rate impact, income were up ~2% Y/Y arsenic nan income diminution successful North America was afloat offset by precocious single-digit maturation successful International Plumbing. International Plumbing benefited from Hansgrohe's marketplace stock gains successful important geographies specified arsenic China, Germany, and France. Additionally, nan segment's Spa business completed its extended backlog benefiting income growth.

The Decorative Architectural conception declined 8% YoY. The segment's Pro overgarment business continued its beardown capacity posting mid-single-digit maturation against a reliable 50% comp from nan anterior year. DIY overgarment sales, connected nan different hand, declined by a debased double-digit percentage, much than offsetting Pro Paints' gross growth.

Masco's conception wise and geographic nett sales

Masco's conception wise and geographic nett income (Company Data, GS Analytics Research)

Looking forward, request is expected to soften arsenic nan marketplace adjusts to expanding liking rates, persistent inflation, and tight user spending. Residential caller building is besides expected to spot a further slowdown, contempt immoderate alleviation successful owe rates recently. Usually, caller residential building sees a steeper diminution during a slowdown arsenic compared to nan Repair & Remodel business and we are apt to spot a akin inclination this clip arsenic well. However, nan bully news is that Masco has importantly debased vulnerability to caller residential building (~10%) which makes it amended positioned against immoderate of its peers successful building merchandise companies that person higher vulnerability to caller residential construction.

The company's plumbing conception should beryllium importantly impacted successful nan adjacent quarters, partially owed to beardown comps and partially owed to nan normalized backlog scope of nan Spa business. During nan past fewer quarters, nan segment's income benefitted arsenic it converted extraordinarily precocious backlog levels of nan Spa business into sales. However, nan backlog successful nan Spa business has now returned to nan normalized 4-6 week range. So, this tailwind is now gone.

Things aren't awesome connected nan Decorative Architectural broadside arsenic well. Usually, nan institution tends to spot a displacement towards DIY consumers during an economical softening arsenic nan consumers return connected projects themselves alternatively than having projects done for them by Pro contractors. So, nan displacement towards DIY business tends to offset immoderate of nan softening connected nan Pro side. However, fixed nan very precocious levels of DIY request post-COVID, which is now normalizing, I don't deliberation we will spot a akin assistance successful DIY request this clip successful nan adjacent term.

Management has guided for full income to diminution by 10% for nan afloat twelvemonth 2023, pinch plumbing products decreasing by 10% to 14% and a 5% to 10% diminution successful nan Decorative Architectural segment. Overall measurement diminution is expected to beryllium successful nan double-digit range, offset to a mini grade by pricing actions. The North American R&R exemplary is expected to beryllium down debased double-digits aft 3 years of beardown growth, while nan world market, chiefly successful Europe, is expected to statement by precocious azygous digits.

So, Masco's outlook is not that awesome for FY2023 and this is not astonishing fixed nan existent macro environment. However, nan bully point astir Masco's plumbing and ornamental architectural businesses is that they thin to retrieve quickly post-recession fixed nan recurring request for their products and dense vulnerability towards aftermarket. Management has indicated that nan institution is apt to deed a bottommost successful FY2023 and return to maturation successful FY2024. So, nan company's maturation prospects for longer word investors who are consenting to look beyond nan existent twelvemonth are attractive.

Management plans to proceed investing successful nan business during nan slowdown. In nan Plumbing business, nan institution is launching Hansgrohe's caller merchandise scope of showers and faucets, expanding into an adjacent statement of bath furniture, and continuing to put successful marque building successful nan world market.

In nan Decorative Architectural Product segment, Masco plans to put successful its overgarment business to seizure further marketplace stock successful some nan DIY and Pro markets. The institution precocious launched caller overgarment categories specified arsenic aerosols, interior stains, caulks, and sealants, which person performed well. Masco plans to grow nan offering to further stores and expects further stock gains successful 2023. The institution will besides beryllium launching Behr Dynasty Exterior for nan summertime coating season, expanding nan lineup of nan Dynasty overgarment line. To outgrow nan market, Masco plans to adhd group connected nan thoroughfare to get caller customers to effort its products, which has proven to beryllium successful successful nan past.

I judge these initiatives will thief nan institution summation stock and it will look stronger connected nan different broadside of nan cycle.

Further, while location are near-term headwinds, nan semipermanent outlook of nan Repair and Remodel marketplace remains strong. The R&R marketplace should use from structural dynamics specified arsenic location prices and location equity holding up amended than expected. The existing location median income prices person increased meaningfully complete nan past 5 years helping location equity. According to a investigation by Black Knight, homeowners successful nan United States who person a owe person knowledgeable an mean summation of complete $92,000 successful location equity since nan commencement of nan pandemic and location values successful nan country's 50 largest metro areas person accrued between 19% and 66%. The level of location equity is simply a bully parameter of really overmuch homeowners are apt to walk connected location betterment and erstwhile nan system stabilizes, I expect a bully rebound successful nan R&R market. Furthermore, nan mean property of homes continues to rise, pinch almost 1.5 million homes reaching nan premier remodeling property of 20-39 years successful nan adjacent 3 years. This should besides support R&R spending.

In summation to institution circumstantial integrated maturation inaugural and bully agelong word fundamentals, Masco's patient nett leverage of 1.8x should support immoderate strategical M&As successful caller categories aliases geographies if specified opportunities arise. This should further accelerate growth. So, I americium optimistic astir nan institution gross maturation outlook successful FY24 and beyond.

Margin Analysis and Outlook

Adjusted operating margins declined 90bps Y/Y successful nan 4th quarter, reaching nan lowest constituent since 2019. The alteration was chiefly owed to measurement deleveraging, higher operational costs, and rate headwinds, partially offset by pricing actions and disbursal control. SG&A arsenic a percent of income improved 20bps Y/Y successful nan quarter. For nan afloat fiscal twelvemonth 2022, full commodity and different ostentation was successful nan debased double digits, which coupled pinch proviso concatenation challenges much than offset nan benefits from important pricing actions. This resulted successful an operating separator contraction of 180bps.

MAS conception operating margins

MAS conception operating margins (Company Data, GS Analytics Research)

MAS adjusted operating separator and adjusted EBITDA margin

MAS adjusted operating separator and adjusted EBITDA separator (Company Data, GS Analytics Research)

In nan coming quarters, nan company's margins are expected to beryllium impacted by measurement deleveraging. However, pricing actions, decreasing inflation, and nan company's attraction connected driving productivity done its 80/20 mindset are expected to partially offset these headwinds.

There is simply a imaginable use if nan ostentation successful earthy worldly and different costs moderates arsenic a consequence of nan Federal Reserve's hawkish stance and slowing macroeconomic environment. However, guidance is not building moderation successful input costs successful nan FY23 expectations. Overall, guidance has guided a decremental separator successful nan debased 20%'s (versus nan emblematic 30% nan institution usually sees) pinch pricing action and productivity redeeming offsetting immoderate of nan costs deleveraging.

However, erstwhile nan gross declines bottom, guidance expects nan institution to present ~30% incremental margins successful nan upcycle. So, if we deliberation from a mean to semipermanent perspective, nan institution tin station higher margins and profitability connected akin levels of revenues connected nan different broadside of nan cycle. Also, I judge a batch of commodity ostentation we are seeing now is simply a consequence of proviso concatenation issues and different Covid-related disruptions we person seen successful caller years. This is improbable to proceed for agelong and I judge location should beryllium immoderate moderation successful this inflationary headwind successful nan mean to agelong word which should thief nan company's margin. Hence, I americium optimistic astir nan company's separator description prospects successful FY24 and beyond.

Valuation and Conclusion

Masco is trading astatine 17.08x FY23 statement EPS estimate of $3.27 and has a dividend output of ~2.04%. While nan company's P/E is higher than its 5-year mean guardant P/E ratio of 15.92x, investors should retrieve that cyclical companies thin to waste and acquisition astatine higher multiples connected trough net versus nan highest earnings. Sherwin Williams (SHW), 1 of nan company's peers successful nan overgarment industry, is trading astatine 26.85x FY23 statement EPS estimates which is meaningfully higher than its 5-year mean guardant P/E of 17.37x.

I find Masco's existent valuation attractive. While everyone is presently talking astir a slowdown successful nan repair and remodel industry, nan liking complaint should highest sometime during nan mediate of this twelvemonth and, towards nan extremity of this year, chat should displacement towards nan worst being already down us. If we look astatine Masco's P/E aggregate of 15.05x FY24 statement EPS of $3.71, it is little than its 5-year average. The company's maturation prospects successful FY24 and beyond are charismatic pinch analysts expecting debased to mid teens EPS maturation successful 2024 and 2025. There is besides a bully chance of Masco's P/E aggregate re-rating higher arsenic it continues to execute good and narrows its valuation spread pinch Sherwin Williams. I believe, investors pinch a semipermanent position who are capable to look past nan existent slowdown tin see making a contrarian finance by buying nan banal astatine its existent levels.

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