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What is Market Joust? You whitethorn beryllium wondering. Its a conception that I person been moving connected for nan past fewer years.

In short, Market Joust is simply a 2nd business aliases marque that I person been moving on. Or astatine slightest was, correct up until June 2020 aliases so. That’s erstwhile I mislaid attraction connected it and dived caput first into trying to make judge Paradox Marketing made it done nan pandemic unscathed.

Why I Want/ed to Launch a Second Brand

Here astatine Paradox, we position ourselves arsenic a ‘consultative agency’. Or arsenic Aaron often puts it, we are a consulting patient which gets s#$t done. When I first started Market Joust, it was to supply myself pinch an outlet. Somewhere which allowed maine to beryllium imaginative and not ‘have’ aliases consciousness for illustration I needed to enactment wrong nan confines of a azygous brand.

Building a Platform Would Be More Scalable

In short, my extremity was to build a level business alternatively than a work business. A extremity not dissimilar galore a integer entrepreneur successful this time and age. When we providing a boutique service, 1 which solves unsocial aliases caller problems, past it will beryllium constricted by who has nan accomplishment to travel successful and ‘see nan wood done nan trees’ to quote Aaron. This nevertheless is not each that scalable, arsenic it is specified a individual and narration driven service.

I wanted to Play pinch a New Brand

We had nan aforesaid branding, creation and wide consciousness for Paradox Marketing for rather immoderate time. We were astir apt mid-center connected nan general informal equation, much illustrations than photos, but we utilized both.

Market Joust successful galore ways was maine trialling conscionable really acold I could push into nan obscene. I really do dream you publication connected and return a look astatine this, because it says much astir nan mentality I person to life than it does astir immoderate peculiar work offering ever could.

Market Joust is maine taking nan conception of A/B testing, and applying it to a medieval jousting tournament. With nan wide thought being that nan Market Joust level helps group trial creatives faster and easier. Testing some nan group creating, past testing that which was created.

Leading into nan thought of gamification, people boards, grant rolls, courts, garrisons and full caller level of geek.

Hope you bask nan 3 conception videos!

Our First Explainer Video for Market Joust

Our Second Video: A/B Testing Landing Pages

This was much to outline an nonstop concept. That being hiring 2 teams aliases individuals to some build a landing page, and past a/b testing to find a winner. With nan victor receiving a larger chunk of nan projects budget, an important favoritism to make that this was ne'er victor takes all.

Our Third Video: A/B Testing Explainer Videos

This 1 was a small much eager arsenic nan sticker value for explainer videos is rather a spot higher, truthful creating 2 videos would look to beryllium an costly move. Yet if you judge successful testing, and you are playing successful a ample capable pond, past it could still make sense.

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