Malibu Boats: Fundamentally Improved Business At A Discount To Pre-Pandemic Levels

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Investment Thesis

Unlike galore user discretionary companies, Malibu Boats (NASDAQ:MBUU) emerged from nan pandemic successful overmuch amended style than it was successful 2019. Organic maturation and targeted acquisitions person enabled nan institution to execute a amended exemplary mix and, arsenic a result, a higher mean trading price. Malibu Boats has go importantly much profitable, pinch margins up a fewer percent points. However, nan institution is trading beneath pre-pandemic levels.

Of course, nan marketplace ever lives tomorrow, and nan discount tin beryllium explained by unfavorable prospects. However, location are nary important signs of a diminution successful income truthful far. The marketplace prices successful what whitethorn not hap astatine all. Management notes a beardown request for boats, and immoderate information shows group are consenting to walk money connected recreation.

Being nan marketplace leader, Malibu Boats trades astatine a discount to its main peers. According to our estimate, nan institution trades astatine a discount to adjacent marketplace value. We complaint shares arsenic a Buy.

Fundamentally Improved Business

For galore user discretionary companies, nan pandemic has been a impermanent tailwind, followed by financial stagnation. However, MBUU guidance has taken advantage of favorable marketplace conditions - Malibu Boats starts 2023 successful overmuch amended style than it was earlier nan pandemic.

The 2019 Malibu Boats sold outboard boats nether 4 brands - Malibu, Axis, Cobalt, and Pursuit. The company's full gross was $684 million, pinch 7,362 boats sold and an mean trading value of $92,912. As a consequence of a drawstring of successful deals, Malibu Boats has doubled its marque portfolio pinch nan summation of Maverick, Cobia, Pathfinder, and Hewes. At nan extremity of 2022, full gross reached $1.21 billion, 31.1% much than a twelvemonth earlier and 78% much than successful 2019. The number of units sold reached 9,255. Largely owed to nan description of nan marque portfolio and nan betterment of nan operation of models, income per portion accrued to $131,267.

Company's capacity since 2019

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Through pinpoint acquisitions, Malibu Boats has achieved an awesome level of vertical integration. The institution independently manufactures engines, towers, vessel trailers, machined parts, and soft grip flooring. Last February, Malibu Boats bought AmTech, its supplier of analyzable wiring harnesses. As a result, nan separator floor plan has besides improved significantly. If successful 2019 nan operating separator was 14.3%, past according to nan results of FY 2022, nan parameter reached 17.6%; nan nett separator accrued from 9.7% to 13.0% complete nan aforesaid period.

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As a rule, companies pinch precocious operating leverage waste and acquisition astatine a premium to their low-margin counterparts. The constituent is that improved margins make a company's bottommost statement overmuch much predictable. A 5% summation successful expenses for a patient pinch a 10% nett separator will eat up 45% of earnings, while a business pinch a 30% separator will only spot nan nett income driblet by 12%. Thus, improving nan margins of Malibu Boats should person led to an summation successful multiples. However, nan institution is trading beneath 2019 levels not only connected EV/EBITDA and P/E multiples only but besides connected EV/Sales.

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Of course, nan marketplace ever lives tomorrow, and nan discount tin beryllium explained by unfavorable prospects. The marketplace fears that against a slowdown successful economical maturation aliases a imaginable recession, nan company's financial capacity will diminution significantly. The problem is that this anticipation is already priced in, but successful fact, Malibu Boats is not facing immoderate important headwinds yet.

In nan 2nd 4th of FY 2023, nan measurement of boats sold reached 2,439 compared to 2,073 a twelvemonth earlier. Net income per portion accrued from $127,297 to $138,882. Total gross grew by 28.3% YoY to $338.7 million.

latest 4th results

Company Presentation

The gross separator was 22.3% against 24.1% a twelvemonth earlier. Adjusted EBITDA separator decreased from 18.2% to 17.0%. It is worthy noting that operating expenses arsenic a percent of gross decreased, indicating ratio gains and imaginable for improved operating leverage.

last 4th results

Company Presentation

The company's management notes that nan request for premium boats remains, arsenic evidenced by nan results of caller vessel shows. Sales are expected to turn by nan mid to precocious azygous digits by nan extremity of FY 2023. Probably, specified dynamics are owed to nan "premium" quality of nan boats. The luxury conception has ever demonstrated a precocious grade of resilience during periods of macroeconomic instability. Like sports cars, recreational powerboats fulfill needs that are astatine nan apical of Maslow's hierarchy.

Market conditions stay favorable. The institution estimated its target marketplace astatine $10.7 cardinal successful 2019, and now MBUU estimates it astatine $15.4 billion. The results of hospitality companies, arsenic good arsenic the increasing number of aerial travel successful nan United States, bespeak that group are still consenting to actively walk money connected recreation and entertainment. Analysts and investigation firms are besides optimistic astir nan market's semipermanent potential. ReportLinker forecasts that nan world recreational vessel marketplace will turn astatine a compound yearly maturation complaint of 7.48% during 2022-2027.

Although Malibu Boats' margins are expected to diminution somewhat complete nan year, successful nan agelong word nan institution tin proceed to amended operating leverage done distribution description , merchandise portfolio description , and ratio gains.

MBUU Stock Valuation

Our DCF exemplary is rather conservative. We expect FY 2023 gross to turn by 7.50% year-over-year, successful statement pinch guidance guidance. Further, we presume that gross will turn successful statement pinch the ostentation forecast from nan Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, followed by a slowdown to nan Fed's target of 2%.

The guidance did not supply a elaborate separator forecast and only noted that nan parameter will "decrease slightly". We presume a gross separator of 24.49%, astir 1 percent constituent beneath past year's level, but successful statement pinch nan five-year average. We presume that nan parameter will stay astatine this level until nan extremity of nan forecast period. Operating expenses arsenic a percent of gross are projected based connected a akin methodology.

We expect DD&A expenses arsenic a percent of gross to beryllium astatine 2.5%, successful statement pinch nan mean complete nan past 5 years. The superior expenditure forecast is besides based connected a five-year mean of 3.1%.

Although we presume that nan institution will walk money connected dividends and buybacks successful nan early (a beardown equilibrium expanse and unchangeable rate travel tin reward shareholders), we do not see it successful our model.

Our assumptions are presented below:


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With nan costs of equity adjacent to 12.46%, nan Weighted Average Cost of Capital [WACC] is 12.1%.


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With a Terminal EV/EBITDA of 6.12x, our exemplary projects a adjacent marketplace worth of $1.59 billion, aliases $78 per share. The upside imaginable we spot is astir 26%.

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Although Malibu Boats is nan marketplace leader, nan institution trades astatine a discount to peers.

Company Name Identifier EV/Sales EV/EBITDA P/CF P/E P/B
Malibu Boats Inc MBUU 0.97x 4.95x 8.01x 7.48x 2.23x
Brunswick Corp BC 1.26x 7.35x 15.24x 10.49x 3.21x
Mastercraft Boat Holdings MCFT 0.87x 4.56x 4.38x 8.04x 3.81x
MarineMax Inc HZO 0.57x 4.83x - 4.10x 0.90x
Beneteau SA CHBE 1.09x 7.81x 19.02x 17.74x 2.11x
Marine Products Corp MPX 1.22x 8.62x 12.98x 12.68x 3.78x
OneWater Marine Inc ONEW 0.78x 5.72x - 3.70x 1.22x

Source: Refinitiv Eikon

Key Risk

The institution and its indirect subsidiary, Boats LLC, are defendants successful a liability lawsuit of nan Batchelder family. The lawsuit concerns an wounded mishap successful 2014 involving a 2000 model-year boat. Potential losses could beryllium up to $140 million. Although this represents a important information of operating income, nan imaginable costs do not frighten nan financial spot of nan company. In our opinion, this consequence is already included successful nan price.


Over nan past years, Malibu Boats has importantly improved its fundamentals. Since 2019, nan company's gross has grown by 78%, nan number of boats sold by 25.7%, and nan mean trading value by 41.3%. The institution strengthened its vertical integration and improved its profitability, pinch operating and nett margins up 3.3 percent points. However, coming Malibu Boats is trading good beneath pre-pandemic levels and astatine a discount to peers. In our opinion, specified a discount is not justified. We are bullish connected nan company.

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