Magna International: Management Needs To Step Up On Communication

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In my opinion, Magna International (NYSE:MGA) 4Q22 study was not very strong, peculiarly regarding margins. However, location is immoderate positivity to beryllium recovered arsenic I deliberation nan disruption caused by COVID-19 could alteration successful 2023 because of China's reopening. Despite my wide antagonistic position of MGA's net successful nan 4th fourth of 2022, I still deliberation nan institution has nan expertise to flooded these challenges and look stronger. In particular, I americium of nan belief that MGA's investments successful electrical vehicles and precocious driver assistance systems [ADAS] are nan correct determination for nan long-term, arsenic they provides further gross stream, widen maturation runway. However, I do not scheme connected investing until I spot signs of a turnaround from MGA.

Earnings overview

MGA's gross for nan 4th fourth of 2022 was $9.6 billion, which is akin to nan expected gross of $9.5 cardinal and aligns pinch nan antagonistic pre-announcement. MGA's income grew organically by 13%, outperforming nan 5% maturation successful world ray conveyance production, which is weighted for MGA's vulnerability and represents an 8 constituent outperformance. In position of income by segment, Body Exteriors & Structures had an 11% summation y/y to $4 billion, Power & Vision had an 8% summation y/y to $3 billion, Seating Systems had a 4% summation y/y to $1.3 billion, while Complete Vehicle income decreased by 12% to $1.3 billion.

Adjusted EBIT separator was 3.7% coming successful astatine $356 million, which was little than nan $424 cardinal expected by consensus. Higher engineering costs associated pinch MGA's electrification and ADAS business, arsenic good arsenic inefficiencies astatine a European facility, are to blasted for nan diminution successful adjusted EBIT. This was mitigated to immoderate grade by nan income from accrued income and nan nett favorable commercialized resolutions. EPS came successful astatine $0.91, >10% beneath nan statement estimate of $1.03.

Earnings takeaway

The FY23 guidance fixed by MGA came arsenic a astonishment to me, particularly considering nan aggregate misses successful FY22. That said, I person a position that this mightiness beryllium nan trough for MGA fixed everything that could spell bad has gone bad: MGA miss margins guidance, suspended buybacks, and guided to higher superior intensity. Worse off, MGA is facing respective challenges that person wounded investors' assurance successful nan company's way forward. One of nan cardinal issues is nan deficiency of a clear strategy that could thief to reassure investors. In addition, execution-related separator headwinds plagued 2022, and MGA does not expect recovering those expenses successful afloat by 2025. The bully point is, Although immoderate of nan headwinds are circumstantial to MGA, specified arsenic little income and accrued engineering costs, nan full manufacture is besides facing akin challenges successful accumulation schedules and costs inflation. As such, location are 2 levers to propel MGA net from here.

Although location are concerns astir MGA's existent situation, location are signs that nan company's guidance is taking steps to amended connection pinch investors. For example, nan caller profits informing has reset expectations which guidance tin hit, arsenic agelong arsenic location are nary awesome marketplace disruptions beyond its control. However, it is important for nan guidance to travel done connected its commitments successful bid to regain credibility. This will require MGA to amended its EPS beyond nan levels projected successful nan 2023 guidance, while besides keeping superior strength astatine a reasonable level, alternatively than astatine nan elevated level that was antecedently guided. By delivering connected its commitments, MGA tin regain investor assurance and put itself connected a way to sustainable growth.


MGA is simply a ample world supplier pinch various gross streams, but its margins person been declining since 2017. Despite guidance not commenting connected a alteration successful strategy, nan caller alteration successful guidance has created nan anticipation for a chat astir restructuring nan company. This could impact redirecting superior towards much profitable business and reducing CAPEX, arsenic good arsenic shifting resources distant from businesses that faces nan consequence of being commoditized.


To begin, nan existent banal value does not connection a important separator of information for investors. At 11.5x guardant net ratio, it is 2x higher than its 10-year mean of 9.5x. However, I do judge that MGA will beryllium capable to accommodate to nan progressively challenging situation for automobiles complete time. The cardinal to unlocking its imaginable is improved connection from management. The institution needs to amended explicate really its strategy leads to operational excellence and reside immoderate execution issues successful nan short term. Until this happens, I would not urge investing successful MGA.


In conclusion, 4Q22 study was not very strong, peculiarly successful position of margins. However, location are immoderate affirmative factors to consider, specified arsenic nan imaginable alteration successful disruption caused by COVID-19 successful 2023 owed to China's reopening. Despite nan challenges faced by MGA, specified arsenic little income contributions and accrued engineering costs, nan institution has nan imaginable to flooded these challenges and look stronger. Investments successful electrical vehicles and precocious driver assistance systems are apt to supply further gross streams and widen nan maturation runway successful nan agelong term. However, it is important for MGA's guidance to amended connection pinch investors and supply a clear knowing of nan drivers of results. Until location are signs of a turnaround from MGA, improved connection from management, and a amended knowing of nan company's strategy, I would debar MGA.

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