LQD: Inflation Remains The Thorn

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Main Thesis / Background

The intent of this article is to measure nan iShares iBoxx $ Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF (NYSEARCA:LQD) arsenic an finance action astatine its existent marketplace price. This money has a stated objective "to way nan finance results of an scale composed of U.S. dollar-denominated, finance people firm bonds".

I had taken different look astatine LQD erstwhile 2022 was nearing its last stages. I simply didn't spot a very charismatic risk-reward opportunity, and reiterated a cautious outlook. Over nan 2 quarters that followed, LQD has so seen a humble move lower, vindicating that call:

Fund Performance

Fund Performance (Seeking Alpha)

Given nan unspeakable twelvemonth LQD had successful 2022 and nan persistent weakness this year, it could beryllium looking for illustration clip to buy-in. While tempting, I still spot nan aforesaid macro-headwinds pressuring nan money going forward. In fairness, nan challenges of ostentation and liking complaint consequence are muted compared to past year, but they could consequence successful a antagonistic full return each nan same. These push-pull factors person maine a "hold" standing is nan correct call, and I'll explicate why below.

Inflation Remains Elevated, Even With Declines

As nan header suggests, I spot ostentation arsenic nan continued thorn successful nan broadside of LQD. To beryllium fair, this is simply a smaller problem than it was a twelvemonth agone and moreover since my September article. This is because nan complaint of ostentation has been falling (on a year-over-year basis). But moreover pinch a diminution successful that YOY rate, ostentation is still elevated successful humanities terms:

CPI Figures

CPI Figures (S&P Global)

This is captious for why I americium not upgrading LQD to a "buy". I can't really get excited astir a taxable output of 5% (based connected LQD's existent SEC yield) successful this environment.

Is it amended than it has been successful nan past? Absolutely - and I couldn't really responsibility investors for testing nan waters astatine these levels. But pinch ostentation still elevated and nan Fed committed to bringing it down, location are downside risks. I person seen savings accounts and certificates of deposit successful nan 4% range. Why return connected in installments consequence (however minor) and long consequence for an other 1% output erstwhile that savings backdrop exists? Hard to justify, successful my view.

Spreads Have Widened, But Are They Wide?

Followers of LQD longer-term whitethorn statement that a 5% output is overmuch higher than it has been successful nan past. This is existent and reflects nan macro-environment. It is affirmative to spot LQD holding higher-yielding IG firm bonds and it does connection a output good supra nan 2.5-3.5% scope that I person typically seen erstwhile reviewing this fund.

This again reverts backmost to nan thought that location is merit to owning it. That is cardinal to a "hold" rating, alternatively than "sell". Spreads person widened from wherever they sat successful nan past and that is typically a buy-in awesome for value credit.

The problem I person is that "widened" doesn't really mean "wide". In fact, spreads person narrowed successful nan contiguous word contempt being wide connected a multi-year level. In addition, they are good beneath wherever they stood during periods of utmost marketplace distress, specified arsenic astatine nan onset of nan Covid-19 pandemic and consequent quarters that followed:

Credit Spreads (Corporate Bonds)

Credit Spreads (Corporate Bonds) (Bloomberg)

This suggests to maine that in installments spreads whitethorn widen arsenic nan system slows since that has been nan lawsuit successful different recession. The marketplace is opening to expect a recession successful nan second stages of this almanac twelvemonth and I americium successful agreement. So amended buying opportunities whitethorn coming themselves - which supports a much cautious position now.

Further, spreads for junk bonds are wider than their mean arsenic well. There is simply a reasonable spread betwixt nan 2 that whitethorn entice income-oriented investors to look location for yield. This could travel astatine nan disbursal of IG credit, and LQD by extension. All of these factors again adhd up to an absorbing move that does not warrant a bullish position astatine nan moment.

Not The Only Game In Town

I will now displacement to LQD/IG firm bonds successful comparative position against their peers. When I look to build successful a position - whether equities aliases bonds - overmuch of that determination is based connected relative value. For example, is this banal trading astatine a discount to its peers aliases to its book value? Are this sector's bonds registering a wide dispersed compared to similarly-rated indebtedness successful different sectors? Questions specified arsenic that.

In this ray it should again beryllium clear why I do not spot a compelling finance thesis for LQD correct now. The sector's output is in-line pinch different areas but it has an elevated long - little than only taxable and precocious output munis:

Credit Backdrop

Credit Backdrop (Nuveen)

With liking sets apt to proceed moving higher successful 2023, managing long remains important. Again, this consequence is little terrible than it was complete nan past 12 months, but it is existent capable to push costs for illustration LQD to present antagonistic short-term returns. LQD successful peculiar really has a higher than mean long compared to nan broader sector, clocking successful complete 8 years. This intends nan money is tilted towards longer-dated assets and is truthful much liking complaint delicate (I trait I do not find attractive):

LQD's Duration

LQD's Duration (iShares)

The conclusion I tie present is not that IG corporates are "bad" aliases that LQD is an atrocious fund. Far from it, and I want to stress I americium not an outright carnivore here. But nan truth is location is not a beardown bargain lawsuit relative to different fixed-income options. If location was, my outlook would beryllium different moreover pinch these aforesaid underlying characteristics. But I ever see investments successful some isolation and relativity, and LQD still doesn't walk this test.

Look Overseas For Value In IG

A imaginable replacement for LQD for readers could beryllium to look astatine IG bonds successful Europe. There is simply a akin backdrop occurring location successful that spreads person narrowed. So this is not a "cure all" successful position of income for long risk. But spreads are still wider than successful nan U.S. truthful that does supply investors pinch much income if that is their superior objective:

Relative Credit Spreads (IG Bonds)

Relative Credit Spreads (IG Bonds) (Yahoo Finance)

From this schematic you tin spot that IG in installments successful Europe and nan U.K. is by nary intends a screaming worth either. But it does connection immoderate further output pick-up that investors whitethorn find charismatic arsenic we proceed to navigate a difficult market.


LQD remains a spot of a downer. Has it provided immoderate level of equity hedge? Yes, it has, but not capable to really beryllium its mettle. After all, stocks dropped large past twelvemonth and truthful did LQD. At nan onset of 2023 it looked for illustration things whitethorn person been going otherwise but that communicative has evened out. With a level return and constricted catalysts, it is difficult to spot a beardown bargain case.

With that said, location are immoderate merits here. LQD does connection a precocious output successful isolation compared to its caller history. Whether it is really precocious capable for this inflationary situation is up for each individual scholar to decide. I thin towards "no", but I'm not nan only sound that matters. Further, ostentation has been connected nan diminution truthful that is thing to support an oculus on. I personally position it arsenic excessively elevated to emotion IG firm debt. But nan truth is that if ostentation continues to caput little and nan Fed pumps nan brakes, fixed-income will rally. This is cardinal to why LQD is not a waste astatine these levels. Therefore, my "hold" standing sticks, and I propose readers attack this money selectively for now.

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