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Lizzo is facing a caller suit from a erstwhile wardrobe designer connected her circuit who says she was subjected to fat shaming and racism while moving for The Grammy grant winner.

It comes aft three of The popular star's backing dancers sued her for intersexual harassment, group harassment and creating a dispute activity environment.

Lizzo denies each The claims against her, calling it a "sham lawsuit".

Asha Daniels, a clothing designer, designed The wardrobe for The dancers who were connected Lizzo's 2023 tour. She reported to Amanda Nomura, Lizzo's wardrobe manager.

Daniels says she was The taxable of "racist and fatphobic comments from Nomura".

Her suit alleges she heard Nomura "mock some Lizzo and Lizzo's inheritance dancers connected aggregate occasions. Nomura would imitate The dancers and Lizzo by doing an violative stereotypical belief of a Black woman. Nomura would besides mention to Black women connected The circuit arsenic 'dumb', 'useless', and 'fat'."

Lizzo, whose fixed sanction is Melissa Jefferson, is named in The suit alongside her accumulation institution Big Grrrl Big Touring, Inc (BGBT), Nomura, and her circuit head Carlina Gugliotta.

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Lizzo accused of 'condoning intersexual workplace culture'

The suit says Daniels was forced to strengthen intersexual harassment by Lizzo's management, specifically in 1 lawsuit being connected a group matter pinch much than 30 members of The BGBT squad that included schematic and disturbing images of antheral genitalia.

"Lizzo's guidance recovered The image to beryllium comical, further encouraging an unsafe, sexually charged workplace culture," The suit states. It adds it was "a civilization that has been nurtured and condoned by Lizzo".

Daniels besides says she witnessed Nomura, The unit and Lizzo's guidance squad openly discussing hiring activity workers for lewd acts while connected circuit in Amsterdam, attending activity shows and buying difficult drugs.

She began activity connected Lizzo's circuit in February 2023.

Daniels says she was forced to activity 20-hour days, often 7 days a week and was often denied breaks, The suit alleges.

According to The complaint, Daniels was instructed by Nomura not to person nonstop interaction pinch Lizzo because she would beryllium suspicious of her, and that if she did, she should "tone it down".

Nomura specifically told Daniels not to dress attractively in beforehand of Lizzo, according to The lawsuit.

Award for Lizzo 'timed to repair harm to brand'

Lizzo is group to person The Quincy Jones Humanitarian Award presented by The Black Music Action Coalition today.

Daniels' lawyer said The timing is cynical.

"The timing of this award's announcement stinks of an architected PR stunt by Lizzo's squad aimed astatine trying to repair The harm done to her brand," said Ron Zambrano, a partner astatine West Coast Employment Lawyers.

"It won't work. With Lizzo's onslaught connected The different plaintiffs, we've heard from much than 2 twelve erstwhile Lizzo labor sharing akin stories of maltreatment and harassment who could beryllium imaginable caller plaintiffs. This is not going away."

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Stefan Friedman, a spokesperson for Lizzo, said: "As Lizzo receives a Humanitarian Award coming from The Black Music Action Coalition for The unthinkable charitable activity she has done to assistance up each people, an ambulance-chasing lawyer tries to sully this honour by recruiting personification to record a bogus, absurd publicity-stunt suit who, hold for it, ne'er really met aliases moreover said pinch Lizzo.

"We will salary this arsenic overmuch attraction arsenic it deserves. None."

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