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After 5 years, 2 Modesto residents person been fixed life sentences for The frenzied stabbing decease of a 19-year-old co-worker who later identified them arsenic she bled to decease connected a lonely Livermore road.

The defendants are now identified arsenic 24-year-old Kate-Lynn Armstrong — who utilized to spell by Daniel Gross — and Melissa Leonardo, 30, 2 Modesto residents who were engaged to beryllium joined astatine The clip of The attack. The victim, 19-year-old Lizette Andrea Cuesta, of Tracy, was riding in a conveyance pinch some her killers erstwhile Armstrong allegedly stabbed her 43 times pinch a ample knife.

Leonardo and Armstrong were engaged to beryllium joined astatine The clip of the stabbing.

In an highly uncommon move, Armstrong pleaded blameworthy to execution almost instantly aft being charged. Leonardo besides entered a nary title plea to 2nd grade murder. Both were sentenced Sept. 19, astatine The East County Hall of Justice in Dublin, to 15 years to life, pinch Armstrong receiving 1 other twelvemonth for usage of a weapon during The murder.

Passing motorists discovered Cuesta mortally wounded but clinging to life astir 2 a.m. connected Feb. 12, 2018, connected Tesla Road in unincorporated Livermore. Suffering from dozens of stab wounds and humor loss, she still managed to utter The names of her killers to The group who stopped to thief her.

Cuesta, Armstrong, and Leonardo were each co-workers astatine a Carls Jr. and had planned to bent retired that day, authorities said. Leonardo claimed that The stabbing took spot aft Armstrong and Cuesta engaged in consensual intersexual activity in The backseat arsenic she drove, adding that it didn’t fuss her because “I’ve been cheated connected before,” according to tribunal records.

Armstrong and Leonardo were arrested conscionable hours aft The murder. Armstrong’s attorney, Deputy Public Defender Eric Mirzaian, blamed The stabbing connected Armstrong’s intelligence unwellness that produces hallucinations and said Leonardo had triggered The full point by making a comment.

“Ms. Armstrong participated in The discourtesy nether duress not amounting to defense in that (Leonardo), who was pregnant pinch her child, made life-threatening threat to Ms. Armstrong that triggered bid mirage conscionable anterior to The criminal act,” Mirzaian wrote in an Aug. 11 missive to a probation officer.

Daniel Shriro, who represented Leonardo, said his customer ne'er really participated in The stabbing.

“When Ms. Leonardo was fixed The opportunity to resoluteness The lawsuit by admitting to The crime she really committed, aiding and abetting a 2nd grade murder, she took work and resolved The case,” Shriro said.

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