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Lions Gate Entertainment (NYSE:LGF.A) (NYSE:LGF.B) reported Q3 earnings connected February 9, and on pinch nan conference call astir those results, 1 point has go abundantly clear: nan institution is complete streaming.

Yes, I've talked galore times present astir really streaming and Starz were nan attraction of nan studio. That was existent successful nan past. Now, though, things person changed.

Starz is nary longer nan John-Malone-backed plus successful which CEO Jon Feltheimer expressed afloat assurance and loyalty; instead, arsenic nan streaming wars proceed to property retired into caller theaters of conflict, nan conflict for standard has turned into 1 focused connected profitability and nan simplification of churn. Full finance successful exclusivity arsenic a measurement of guaranteeing higher subscriber numbers 4th aft 4th is not only seemingly fishy successful immoderate media C-suites - did you spot nan remarks from Disney's (DIS) Robert Iger aft that company's report? - but conscionable astir dormant arsenic intermezo conglomerates look to trim costs successful an situation still reasoning astir ways to combat ostentation and support nan user of filmed intermezo happy.

Both stock classes of Lions Gate roseate station nan net report, pinch nan A shares sporting a 10-handle. There's going to beryllium a batch of back-and-forth volatility successful nan shares arsenic they are now highly speculative based connected nan Starz spin-out/separation, but location is 1 hedge against that speculation that makes nan institution a longer-term waste and acquisition connected a much basal basis: nan upcoming movie slate this twelvemonth is judge to please box-office fans. That, on pinch awesome television/library gains, gives nan institution a caller logic for further investigation arsenic technicals hopefully amended this year.

The Q3 Report - It's All Qualitative Now

What are nan stats that matter successful this report?

Not a lot, really.

As an example, nan institution generated $11 cardinal from operations during nan 4th but mislaid $128 cardinal to a rate outflow for nan nine-month frame. Adjusted free rate was almost $92 cardinal for nan nine-month, but that includes each that production-loan/note/tax-credit activity.

As a stockholder successful nan institution waiting for nan Starz transaction to unfold, I'd opportunity things specified arsenic nan second clasp much weight now than numbers for illustration those successful an wide consciousness (but movies whitethorn beryllium an moreover bigger factor, arsenic we will see). In fact, present are nan slug points investors request to know:

  • Starz will beryllium separated disconnected adjacent nan autumn of this twelvemonth (details to come, says nan company)
  • Along pinch that separation is nan accusation that indebtedness will beryllium reduced for nan remaining workplace comparative to what it is now (in different words, nan institution will still person debt, but it won't beryllium arsenic overmuch arsenic it was nether nan added plus of nan streamer, an plus which we now cognize John Malone wanted Lions Gate to put successful much than Jon Feltheimer wanted to)
  • The room did highly good this 4th astatine trailing twelve-month gross of $845 million, a truth that shows Feltheimer's room strategy is so moving arsenic a awesome hedge against nan Starz strategy
  • Some large movie IP is connected nan way
  • The tv conception continues to activity for Lions Gate arsenic it has scored renewals/hits connected aggregate platforms, demonstrating that nan company's superior accomplishment group continues to beryllium that of a contented supplier and not a head of a subscriber base.

Yes, net were beat by a wide separator (the adjusted $0.26 per stock was amended by twenty-seven cents, and gross of $1 cardinal was higher by complete $100 million, according to SA).

But if you want to deliberation astir nan Lions Gate communicative arsenic a whole, it is nan above, mostly qualitative points that should beryllium beforehand of mind.

Quarters will beryllium up and down for Lions Gate; adjacent clip around, timing issues mightiness popular up and we'll spot an net miss aliases immoderate different disappointing quantitative results. Nevertheless, nan main things to support successful mind - movie slate, tv slate, nan Starz spin-out - are what will support nan longer-term thesis - a thesis that will hopefully beryllium interrupted by a last waste of nan company's studio/library segment.

Let's see these elements.

The adjacent John Wick characteristic is owed retired successful precocious March. This will beryllium nan 4th one. The first movie took successful $86 million worldwide connected a fund of $20 cardinal backmost successful 2014; it was released successful October of that year. The 2nd movie grossed $170 million globally, and was retired successful February 2017. The 3rd introduction grew to conscionable nether $330 million, and was released during nan summertime box-office tally of 2019; nan fund connected that 1 expanded to $75 million.

Deadline did a profit analysis of nan 2019 Wick iteration. The institution unluckily had immoderate risk-mitigation going connected pinch a authorities waste for immoderate of nan overseas distribution - I opportunity unluckily because erstwhile a institution has immoderate coagulated IP, it should beryllium all-in. Of course, pinch Lions Gate, it has been par for nan people to spot a batch of guidance arsenic acold arsenic nan consequence facet is concerned. Fair enough, I suppose, because astatine nan extremity of nan day, pinch nan adjacent movie being released during nan outpouring and during a clip erstwhile group are excited to get backmost to moviegoing pursuing nan sadistic coronavirus scourge, nan main thought present is that nan movie should person a beardown opening arsenic fans flock to spot thing that was scheduled to beryllium retired 2 years prior; erstwhile Wall Street witnesses nan opening numbers (and hopefully a higher profit than nan $89 cardinal this 1 was estimated to person generated aft each gross streams were accounted for), nan banal should respond positively.

Besides Wick, location is nan adjacent Hunger Games title coming up. Those films were released betwixt 2012 and 2015. There were 4 of them, pinch world container agency ranging from $650 cardinal to $860 million. The past movie was connected nan little extremity of nan spectrum, but again, pinch anticipation built in, Lions Gate should people beautiful handily connected nan caller 1 group to unfastened astir nan valuable Thanksgiving vacation period.

Television has been connected nan proverbial domiciled for a while. And it fundamentally validates nan separation thesis and everything that is transpiring pinch nan existent evolutionary events of streaming... hide Starz and exclusivity, Feltheimer appears to beryllium saying, Lions Gate needs to get backmost to its roots of platform-agnosticism and beryllium a supplier to immoderate institution that wants content, whether it beryllium broadcast, cable, aliases SVOD. Segment profit present much than tripled to $70 cardinal during nan 4th and doubled to complete $100 cardinal for nan nine-month period.

The room is ever thing nan CEO likes to highlight, arsenic it shows that nan institution has a halfway financial support of recurring gross - it adds wide diversification to nan risky exemplary of contented accumulation astatine Lions Gate's existent standard of operations. Usually we spot nan room trailing-twelve-month income stat travel successful pinch a 7-handle, but this time, it collapsed nan 8-handle arena astatine $845 million. It's a metric I want to spot nan institution turn out. With advertiser-supported streaming services and free-advertiser-supported-television continuing to tribunal increases successful monthly-active-users, Lions Gate will person further opportunity to get nan room number up.

The spin-out of Starz remains a beardown constituent of nan wide catalyst. That's expected to beryllium finalized by September. There was recent news that Roku (ROKU) and Providence Global had expressed liking good complete a twelvemonth agone successful purchasing AMC Networks (AMCX), and this I judge is 1 of nan reasons for looking astatine Lions Gate stock, arsenic it keeps nan Hollywood consolidation thesis beforehand and halfway successful Wall Street's corporate mind.

It would person been an absorbing finance for Roku, arsenic that institution could decidedly usage immoderate platform/content diversification successful its business exemplary (one has to wonderment if each nan litigation surrounding The Walking Dead spot whitethorn person affected nan determination not to spell guardant connected a deal). Recall, too, that Roku and a different PE concern, Apollo Global, were considering an investment successful Starz. As a speedy addendum: Probably astir fascinating of each to nan AMC Networks news item: Lions Gate reportedly had really allocated immoderate firm thought superior toward being successful nan operation of imaginable buyers! Surprising fixed it wants to trim its vulnerability to level ownership. I've sewage to presume this was conscionable a see-what's-out-there spot of curiosity arsenic opposed to immoderate superior inclination toward acquisition (unless Feltheimer believed specified a combo mightiness make a waste easier for nan full institution aliases for Starz/AMC put together; but that's a taxable for different day).

Lions Gate's Near-Term Future

So, what is nan early of this institution successful nan coming months? Let's effort to put it each together.

Lions Gate is simply a institution that prides itself connected producing and distributing contented successful arsenic risk-averse a mode arsenic possible. It uses its room plus arsenic a hedge against nan ups-and-downs of nan industry. At nan company's scale, it tin beryllium a agelong clip in-between hits, whether connected nan mini aliases large screen. Right now, though, nan mini surface is working, and nan company's theatrical output will put much accent connected nan large surface successful coming months.

Here's what I see: CEO Jon Feltheimer is yet getting his wish to undo nan acquisition that arguably stifled his company's expertise to afloat recognize its platform-agnostic business exemplary of supplying different level owners - rotation Starz out. It's much elastic for Lions Gate to spot its contented to nan highest bidder and/or nan astir due marketplace alternatively than play nan different broadside of nan waste and acquisition simultaneously (i.e., curate a portfolio of contented for a streamer that has beardown bequest ties to nan declining linear business). Total world Starz users whitethorn beryllium steadily growing, but astatine still nether a reported 38 cardinal subscribers, nan plus astir apt would beryllium amended disconnected successful nan firm hands of a interest that could leverage it arsenic a measurement of opening a travel successful Hollywood (Roku, I'm looking astatine you!) arsenic opposed to 1 that is looking to make a last expansive exit retired of nan nationalist markets.

All media companies are undergoing a revaluation of their streaming units. Gone is nan subscriber-count-matters-most mentality; it was decidedly understandable during nan maturation shape of nan streaming wars, but Wall Street has a caller edict, and companies specified arsenic Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) are cautiously looking astatine contented costs to guarantee that profitability is person than antecedently expected. A institution specified arsenic Disney tin simply change capital-investment levels, but Lions Gate's standard demanded a disposition of nan streaming plus truthful arsenic to unwind nan waste and acquisition that John Malone placed upon Jon Feltheimer. Starz tin activity for immoderate different company/consortium that wants to get started connected a Hollywood business exemplary - that's why, again, a institution specified arsenic Roku makes consciousness arsenic an proprietor of Starz because it could not only spot nan streamer connected its operating strategy arsenic a value-added constituent but it could besides let Starz to go amended monetized via an advertising-supported tier, frankincense making it easier for Roku to slow build up much subscribers and study nan content-production ropes. A work specified arsenic Starz arguably needs advertizing astatine this shape successful streaming evolution, and while Feltheimer has mentioned successful nan past that nan institution couldn't pivot to that because of existing agreements, I would presume those agreements could yet beryllium dissolved and let for Roku to research pinch Starz to create much gross streams.

However, nan crippled thickens and we spot that Starz has an absorbing instrumentality up its sleeve that whitethorn make it charismatic to different finance entity: Amazon (AMZN) announced a bundle-product pinch its MGM+ service and Starz. The comments conception to that news point is intellectually provocative: will Amazon measurement up to bargain Starz? If that hypothetical came true, what would beryllium nan driving unit down it?

I could decidedly spot Amazon arsenic a imaginable buyer; it surely wouldn't request thief from a PE patient arsenic successful nan hypothetical Roku case. Other imaginable bidders would beryllium SPAC-related entities aliases moreover PE-backed concerns specified arsenic Blackstone/Candle Media (imagine erstwhile Disney execs Thomas Staggs and Kevin Mayer moving a burgeoning workplace pinch an over-the-top... it would beryllium for illustration nan commencement of a caller Lions-Gate-like media business). As for nan logic down it, it does request for immoderate thoughtful contemplation. After all, Amazon owns MGM, which owns nan MGM+ premium service, formerly Epix (Epix, of which, was co-owned astatine 1 clip by - yes, you guessed it - Lions Gate); fixed that, 1 has to wonderment why Amazon is keeping M+ abstracted from Prime Video. Clearly nan institution wants to research pinch streaming arsenic its ain point abstracted from a shipping product. Yet, 1 has to wonderment why nan institution wouldn't fold it into Prime and past usage that marque combo to beforehand a abstracted service. The nonstop improvement of Amazon's narration pinch Starz will uncover itself pinch much reported news, and surely pinch information from nan occurrence (or not) of nan bundled product, but whether it is Roku aliases Amazon (and nan second would beryllium nan way of slightest guidance for a sale) aliases immoderate concern, Lions Gate should find liking successful Starz from extracurricular buyers fixed its franchise contented (e.g., Power) and subscriber base.

Yet, of each nan elements I person covered here, it is nan movie business that I deliberation will clasp sway successful nan trading of nan stock. Everyone knows astir nan spin-out of Starz, truthful that's nary longer a imaginable upside surprise; what we don't cognize yet is really nan plus is traded off, whether afloat to shareholders aliases to a buyer. We besides don't cognize what contented deals will beryllium tied up pinch Starz that will use Lions Gate nan studio, but nan presumption has to beryllium that location will beryllium some. We besides cognize astir each nan tv activity and its level of success. I judge these qualitative points, on pinch nan beingness of a thriving library, will make nan banal attractive.

However, supra each that, is nan movie business driven by Wick/Games. There is beardown box-office imaginable here, and arsenic I person said, it is simply a hedge against a drawn-out income process of either nan full institution aliases nan streamer. I deliberation Wall Street will statesman to salary much attraction to nan contented side, led by movies, for nan adjacent 12 months, anticipating really nan money will statesman to travel from nan box-office grosses. Here is an expert mobility from nan convention call (asked by Kutgun Maral of RBC):

And second, arsenic we attack nan spin, it's absorbing because it seems much and much investors are benignant of sharpening their pencils astir nan Studio business. So, I wanted to inquire astir mobility pictures. And if you could possibly soma retired nan opportunity you spot up complete there? It's been rather a fewer years since you've had specified a beardown lineup."

In consequence to different mobility astir mobility pictures, Joe Drake, nan president of that segment, said:

As I had indicated earlier, we spot tremendous opportunity. We've got, I believe, 12 films successful this existent calendar. What we are seeing to speak to nan thought of opportunity is, location aren't a batch of competitors near playing successful that mid-budget space, and nan economics, arsenic I said, person improved.

I can't denote it connected this call, but we've really added, conscionable yesterday, an further movie into nan lineup that has nary consequence to it and a ton of upside nan measurement we system it. And it's partially being a theatrical supplier astatine this infinitesimal successful clip erstwhile others are focused connected different segments of nan business, and it gives america a ton of opportunity."

You tin show Lions Gate is beautiful excited astir movies and astir getting backmost to contented and consequence guidance complete data-mining its measurement to much Starz subscribers. (Remember erstwhile guidance said amended leverage of information would thief retired nan Starz situation? That talking constituent is firmly successful nan nostalgic past).

There's a batch going connected pinch Lions Gate here, making 2023 an breathtaking clip for nan company.


The banal arsenic I mentioned astatine nan opening saw immoderate buying aft nan net study deed nan market. Many observers pointed retired nan Starz catalyst, and while it is still important to beryllium sure, I conscionable get nan emotion nan movie capacity (including nan anticipation of that performance) will statesman to nonstop immoderate of nan value action.

That's not a bad thing. With Wick and Hunger Games and a caller Saw movie astatine Halloween, nan banal whitethorn go an absorbing waste and acquisition for shorter-term owners who travel nan header news of box-office projections. At nan clip of this penning nan A shares were astatine $10.64 (on a 52-week scope of $5.46 to $16.75) while nan B shares were conscionable nether $10 (yearly range: $5.19 to $15.47).

Longer term, nan Starz transaction and, eventually, a imaginable transaction for nan studio/library could springiness a last premium for diligent shareholders. There's a batch of consequence present for caller investors, truthful support that successful mind.

I judge 2023 will beryllium a bully twelvemonth for Lions Gate. The shares will apt beryllium volatile, particularly pinch nan macroeconomic issues arsenic a antagonistic backdrop; nevertheless, Lions Gate continues its ain cinematic communicative done each of it.

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