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Does federation person will
to lick homelessness?

Re: “Poll: Homelessness frustrates residents” (Page A1, Oct. 2).

The front-page article identified The economical and information concerns that decidedly request attention. What is missing, though, is The vexation (and outrage) that we person a bum organization in our federation astatine all.

We person The capacity to extremity overmuch of homelessness. Do we person The governmental and civilized will to do so? What are The systems and biases that judge homelessness arsenic inevitable? One wonders wherever we spell from here.

Kim Risedorph

Newsom made
right telephone pinch veto

Re: “Newsom says nary to jobless benefits for those connected strike” (Page B1, Oct. 2).

Gov. Newsom (wisely) vetoed The measure to salary unemployment benefits to striking workers, and Sen. Portantino (who wrote it), laments, “The hardworking women and men in California request to put nutrient connected their array and salary their rent. … SB799 would person injected a mini portion of information … that is needed and deserved.”

The honorable version: “The employed persons of California who garbage to activity because they consciousness entitled to salary and benefits their acquisition and acquisition do not merit (otherwise different employer would salary them more), who contradict those jobs to hard-working persons who would gladly return them if they could, will not beryllium capable to clasp their employers hostage for extended periods of clip pinch benefits they do not merit paid for by The employers they garbage to activity for.”

This is what you get erstwhile politicians are bought and paid for by national apologists. Disgusting.

Stacy Spink
Castro Valley

ICE targets criminals,
not immigrants

Re: “Newsom’s veto betrays immigrants” (Page A12, Oct. 1).

Caroline Lehman’s missive regarding Governor Newsom’s actions regarding California’s Home Act needs corrections.

She implies that “immigrants” released from authorities prisons are taxable to sadistic curen by ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement). This is not true. ICE doesn’t target “immigrants.” ICE targets group in this state illegally who person committed superior crimes and correspond a threat to American citizens arsenic good arsenic lawful immigrants and moreover different group present illegally.

For example, ICE is The top national agency that combats kid activity trafficking. The actions of ICE not only protect Americans but exploited small children arsenic well.

I’m not a instrumentality of Newsom but he was correct to veto The Home Act. Let The heroic men and women of ICE do their jobs.

Brian Kennedy

Columnist makes false
assumptions astir GOP

Re: “Republican MAGAs push to undermine Ukraine aid” (Page A7, Oct. 4).

Writer Paul Krugman concludes his disapproval of Republican hard-liners by accusing them of wanting Vladimir Putin to “win” in Ukraine, and that hard-liners besides deliberation Putin’s features are admirable and should beryllium emulated.

I recognize that Krugman harbors a deep-seated hatred of virtually thing Republican, and I usually find myself in disagreement pinch him. But I don’t simply find these peculiar facts inaccurate. In my experience, these conclusions are among The astir shocking examples of really governmental biases Can make an intelligent personification suffer complete power of their senses.

I deliberation The instruction to beryllium learned present is that in these politically charged times, Americans should recognize The value of reference The words of “experts” pinch peculiar care.

Daniel Mauthe

Trump, DeSantis harbor
hatred of democracy

Having conscionable returned from Amsterdam, aft going done Anne Frank’s location and seeing The films of Hitler’s anti-Semitism and book burning, dictatorial powerfulness is “alive and well” in Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis and MAGA Republicans.

To those of you who still support Trump aliases DeSantis, why do you want to unrecorded nether a dictator? For those of you pinch short memories, in 2018 Trump praised Hitler to his main of staff, Gen. John Kelly.

If Trump is re-elected in 2024, his impeachments, indictments and The results of The Jan. 6 Committee were for naught. He’ll want to termination those who disagree pinch him. Remember really he wanted to person his Vice President Mike Pence killed connected Jan. 6 and precocious advocated executing Gen. Milley?

If DeSantis is elected in 2024, you Can buss free speech, state to publication what 1 wants, and different freedoms protecting civilian authorities goodbye.

Ramona Krausnick

Editor: Naga

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