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S.J. should implement
Mahan’s bum plan

Re: “Time for blasted crippled connected homelessness to end” (Page A13, Oct. 1).

Mayor Matt Mahan’s commentary astir lodging solutions for The unhoused is The epitome of “common consciousness solutions,” a run motto he utilized in 2022 that is connected target today. My family powerfully supported Matt’s homegrown imagination for a San Jose that useful stridently and compassionately for all.

Mahan says location are capable resources to build unafraid individual cottages aliases casitas connected nationalist lands to location The homeless. He writes that is precisely what was done aft The 1906 earthquake in San Francisco. Let’s statesman coming connected his vision.

Joseph Di Salvo
San Jose

Dumping PG&E a
good thought for San Jose

Re: “Riling PG&E, San Jose OKs electrical utility” (Page B1, Oct. 5).

I was happy to perceive that San Jose is having a study to commencement their ain electrical utility. PG&E is overmuch excessively expensive.

The citizens of San Jose are paying for PG&E’s mistakes. If I could, I would discontinue being a customer of PG&E. Every period The complaint seems to summation a fewer fractions of a cent.

The PG&E national has it each wrong. San Jose would person those workers subordinate The metropolis of San Jose labor union. There would not beryllium immoderate jobs lost.

PG&E only cares astir making an excessive profit. San Jose would respond a batch faster in fixing problems pinch their ain utility.

Phil Braverman
San Jose

Congressional chaos
is hurting Americans

Re: “McCarthy ousted arsenic House speaker” (Page A1, Oct. 4).

Clearly, this federation is being ruled by extremism. To walk immoderate type of meaningful authorities in The U.S. Congress requires an enactment of divine intervention.

Where is The adjacent practice of each Americans in position of numbers and ideologies? Why do we insist connected maintaining draconian rules established 300 years ago? Rep. Matt Gaetz is simply a byproduct of our two-party system. Gaetz, a narcissist who’s relishing his moments of fame and power, is presently holding Congress hostage.

The strategy is surgery and detrimental to The use of each Americans. We Can do amended than this.

Luisa Avila
San Jose

Republican Party
is simply a cult

Re: “McCarthy ousted arsenic House speaker” (Page A1, Oct. 4).

The MAGA heads in The House of Representatives person beheaded Kevin McCarthy and our Congress is in chaos. So I person a mobility for legislature Republicans: Why are you still a Republican?

The ideals of The bequest GOP of 10 years agone must beryllium considered in deciding really to govern ourselves. But that GOP nary longer exists. It is simply a Donald Trump cult. They whitethorn deliberation that by endorsing him arsenic their modular bearer, they whitethorn get powerfulness and beryllium capable to enact The policies they deliberation are important. But Trump has nary liking in bully governance. He is simply a lying gangster and is utilizing their support to further his individual ambitions.

Admit that The GOP of aged nary longer exists and either commencement a caller statement aliases go a Democrat.

Robert Lofland

STEM careers should
foster existent diversity

As I’m exploring my profession choices, it’s sometimes difficult to spot what occurrence looks for illustration for group for illustration me, overmuch little what I consciousness Can of it.

I americium a Vietnamese female pursuing machine subject and presently surviving in a nine that is promoting a much divers and equitable workplace, while astatine The aforesaid clip being Asian in STEM arsenic an “overrepresented” taste group. But I person to ask, really americium I “overrepresented” if I’ve ne'er seen different Vietnamese female package technologist retired in The field?

I americium very happy to spot much women and Asian group in STEM. However, I deliberation nine is failing to uplift Asian group because they’re still being excluded. As contradictory arsenic it seems, we request to find amended ways to beryllium inclusive. I don’t consciousness for illustration we should beryllium celebrating diverseness erstwhile you’re only choosing a prime marque of diversity.

Anne Mai
San Jose

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