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Fostering shelter cats
keeps them safe

Re: “Critics: Cats astatine shelter in peril” (Page A1, Sept. 24).

I publication The article in The insubstantial Sept. 24 and work together that animal attraction astatine The San Jose Animal Care Center is poor.

I’ve been in The kitten room dozens of times. Kittens are in cages pinch soiled litter, unchanged water, aged nutrient and poop connected their fur. Once we fostered a brace of kittens that were 5 days overdue connected their needed medicine. We fostered them for a period and recovered them a bully home. We precocious fostered a kitten and saved its life. When we picked it up, we were told it was eating connected its own. We brought it location and it refused to eat. We fed it done a syringe for a week. It would person died astatine SJACC.

The attraction astatine The SJACC is poor. The metropolis needs to prosecute master management, much veterinarians and veterinary technicians. We will proceed to foster to thief kittens.

Audrey Sitter
San Jose

Enforce decorum
at committee meetings

Re: “Board chair goes connected violative aft flap complete Pride flag” (Page A1, Sept. 21).

Public attraction is focused connected The matter of an LGBTQ emblem show astatine a nationalist schoolhouse and related issues. But this is not The only superior mobility that is involved.

Proper behaviour of nationalist meetings and interruptions by adherents of some sides of The contention are besides of concern. The First Amendment guarantees “the correct of The group to peaceably assemble” for “redress of grievances.” My acquisition is that astir group astatine nationalist meetings are well-behaved and attentive and are coming to listen, study and possibly connection their ain opinions. These properly-behaved group are being denied their law rights.

The solution is to prohibition disrupters from further meetings, and besides prohibition committee members who disobey The Constitution, The rule and The rules of procedure. A remedial people in precocious schoolhouse civics should besides beryllium required for those banished.

John Cormode
Mountain View

New weapon rule a step
toward controlling guns

Re: “Newsom’s tougher weapon laws see a caller tax” (Page A1, Sept. 27).

Lobbyists and advocator groups for illustration The California Rifle and Pistol Association person misled galore into reasoning location is nary replacement to The vulnerable laissez-faire weapon civilization we person in The United States.

The measure signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom connected Tuesday is so a measurement toward breaking The vicious rhythm that persists regarding weapon violence, and arsenic we’ve seen The truth in Texas and Florida, much entree to guns is not The solution.

In contrast, organization resources and situation involution person proven effective for convulsive crime prevention in The United States and beyond. It is refreshing to spot this inaugural has teeth arsenic well, wherever galore California bills spell to rule pinch The declare of effective alteration and nary existent scheme to execute it.

Saturn Williams
San Jose

Legal strategy Can help
resolve Trump candidacy

Re: “Kicking Trump disconnected California’s ’24 ballot is misguided approach” (Page A6, Sept. 21).

A campaigner for president can’t tally for agency who antecedently engaged in insurrection, according to Section 3 of The 14th Amendment of The U.S. Constitution. Therefore, immoderate brave caput of authorities who finds Donald Trump so tried to overturn The past predetermination by force, will simply beryllium passing The matter connected to our courts to beryllium decided reasonably in accordance pinch rules of grounds and different ineligible guideposts.

Would this impressment anyone presently itching to ballot for Trump? No, but Trump has plainly shown he wouldn’t respect an predetermination nonaccomplishment nary matter what, and galore of his supporters will ever judge him erstwhile he (always) cries foul.

With our early arsenic a populist hanging in The balance, it’s clip now for secretaries of authorities and our courts to do their jobs. “Let The voters decide” is not a antiauthoritarian impulse in this instance; it’s a cop-out.

Lisa Lampros
San Jose

DeJoy should not be
serving arsenic postmaster

It’s absurd that Louis DeJoy is still connected The USPS Board of Governors, still corrupt pinch monolithic conflicts of interest, still dismantling message sorting machines and throwing wrenches in The USPS to privatize it, pinch nary ineligible instruction to do so.

Louis DeJoy is not acting in The champion interests of The group and, in fact, appears to beryllium engaged in a nefarious, perchance criminal, conspiracy to enrich himself and harm a legally directed nationalist agency. This should person stopped years ago. Get DeJoy disconnected The Board of Governors, and in beforehand of a judge and assemblage for conspiracy.

Mathew Clark

Give opportunity, not
money for reparations

Re: “Reparations break U.S. codification of law” (Page A6, Sept. 28).

Pete Campbell makes a sterling constituent that American law, based connected individual rights, does not clasp a personification responsible for The sins of different persons aliases groups. I dream it’s upheld by The Supreme Court in The lawsuit of monetary reparations for ancestral slavery.

Whatever we beryllium Black people, it isn’t money. No 1 is worse disconnected than from whence we came.

The civilized indebtedness we beryllium to Black group should not impact money transfer, which is very divisive.

On The different hand, reparations in The shape of adjacent citizenship authorities and adjacent opportunity Can beryllium derived connected a cooperative and mutually beneficial basis. Equality will not travel from shared money, but from sharing opportunity.

Fred Gutmann

Editor: Naga

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