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Legoland California plans to adhd a caller dinosaur themed onshore and The first parade in parkland history arsenic The Carlsbad taxable parkland prepares to observe its 25th day in 2024.

Legoland California will unfastened The caller Dino Valley themed onshore in The outpouring and The Lego World parade in The summer, according to Legoland officials.

Concept creation of The Lego World parade coming to Legoland California in 2024. (Legoland)Concept creation of The Lego World parade coming to Legoland California in 2024. (Legoland) 

The caller Dino Valley themed onshore wherever The past roars to life in Lego shape will characteristic 2 caller rides alongside The park’s 2004 Coastersauraus roller coaster that zips astir Lego versions of a Brachiosaurus and Parasaurolophus.

Located adjacent The parkland entrance, Dino Valley will see The Explorer River Quest and The Duplo Little Dino Trail rides, a dino-themed Lego ceramic build-and-play area, a reimagined Dino Dig fossil-finding sandbox and meet-and-greet opportunities pinch caller prehistoric characters.

The vessel thrust will sail past Lego dinosaurs, including a T-Rex. Kids Can usage cameras to “capture” Lego dinos in a crippled of hide and activity connected The Duplo safari ride.

The Lego World parade will make its North American debut astatine Legoland California. The world’s first Legoland parade was presented astatine Legoland Deutschland in Germany.

The Legoland California parade will see floats themed to Ninjago, Duplo, Lego City and Lego Friends on pinch dancers in colorful costumes.

The caller parade weaving on The westbound broadside of The parkland will service arsenic The buss goodnight finale to The day.

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