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A Thunderjaw roars in Lego Horizon Adventures.Sony Interactive Entertainment

Of each The announcements featured astatine this year’s Summer Game Fest, Lego Horizon Adventures had to beryllium The astir astonishing (unless you travel The video crippled rumor mill closely). The upcoming crippled takes The world of Horizon Zero Dawn and rebuilds it in a measurement that’s kid-friendly. Rather than dishing retired intricate combat and a mature narrative, it’s a playful escapade that turns The unfastened world of Horizon into a level-based sandbox.

Though The news whitethorn person near a fewer fans scratching their heads, The task was a no-brainer for Guerilla Games. In fact, The workplace saw a earthy business betwixt Horizon and Lego. Both properties crockery retired agleam colors, thin connected optimistic themes, and person inclusive instrumentality bases. One whitethorn show a dystopian communicative of a postapocalypse brought connected by firm greed, but Guerilla Games believes The 2 ideas threat together for illustration bricks.

While fans will yet beryllium The judge of that, I did get to spot that accuracy in action astatine this year’s Summer Game Fest. I went hands-on pinch Lego Horizon Adventures, getting a bully consciousness for its humor, approachable combat, and co-op play that’s built for families. Guerilla Games gave maine a clear image of why it believes Horizon will construe arsenic a kid’s crippled — a determination that helped thrust its astonishment Nintendo Switch release.

Connecting parents and kids

As explained to maine in an question and reply pinch James Windeler, communicative head astatine Guerilla Games, The conception for a Horizon Lego crippled came together astir The aforesaid clip that The companies collaborated to create their Lego Tallneck set (and yes, Lego Tallnecks will look in The game). The 2 agreed that The brands were a awesome lucifer and Lego Horizon Adventures was born. Windeler tells maine that Guerilla was particularly excited astir that partnership.

“We deliberation it’s really an evident pairing in a batch of ways,” Windeler tells . “It really stems from Guerilla’s passion for Legos complete The years. We person a immense number of fans. But wrong The history of The studio, The communicative is that we prototyped The first machines in Horizon Zero Dawn pinch Duplo. There’s a relationship there, but besides a batch of The devs person grown up complete The past 10 years making Horizon games. But in that time, they’ve had kids, and they want to make a crippled that they Can play pinch their ain children.”

Aloy runs alongside a Tallneck in Lego Horizon Adventures.Sony Interactive Entertainment

If The task hasn’t clicked for you yet, that item will apt beryllium The missing piece. Lego Horizon Adventures feels for illustration a crippled built for parents who emotion The bid to stock pinch their kids. It’s not a complicated, sprawling open-world game; it’s a lighthearted, level-based Lego crippled pinch simplified combat, a spot of ceramic building, and a full batch of jokes poking nosy astatine The Horizon series.

The communicative is partially a comedic reimagining of cardinal Horizon Zero Dawn scenes and crippled points mixed pinch a new, lighter story. Windeler says that it’s not a retelling aliases a consecutive parody — though it does person a batch of nosy making nosy of itself. When Aloy gets her Focus, for instance, she excitedly bounds astir The surface and brags astir what a uncommon portion of tech she must have. Someone bursts her bubble by telling her that they conscionable recovered a full container of them, joking astir why each of The characters person them. I besides sewage a laughter erstwhile I noticed that ledges are each built retired of yellowish bricks, which is simply a gag astir Horizon’s eye-guiding overgarment splashes.

The sound formed seems all-in connected The joke too. Many formed members from The Horizon games reprise their roles here, though in Lego-fied form. That includes Ashley Burch arsenic Aloy, who I almost didn’t admit astatine first. Her sound is overmuch peppier here; she sounds for illustration a characteristic pulled consecutive from The Lego Movie. Windeler confirms that Sylens will return too, in what will beryllium The character’s first quality since sound character Lance Reddick’s decease in 2023. The domiciled has been recast, but The squad isn’t revealing info connected that conscionable yet.

Aloy builds a municipality in Lego Horizon Adventures.Sony Interactive Entertainment

What I’m particularly funny to spot is really Lego Horizon Adventures will grapple pinch immoderate of The series’ heavier themes. Both mainline Horizon games are fiercely political, carrying anticapitalistic themes and environmentalist messaging. That Can get amazingly acheronian — conscionable look astatine The Faro’s Tomb ngo in Horizon Forbidden West. Windeler says that while immoderate dense moments mightiness not get recreated here, The crippled will still get astatine The bosom of Horizon.

“Some of The themes that we deliberation are highly important to The franchise,” he says, “like Aloy’s hunt for her mother, was thing we thought was cosmopolitan and easy for a younger assemblage to link to. Also, there’s a very beardown ecological taxable in The game. It’s evidently highly simplified and we’ve presented The large bad arsenic an force of nature. In those ways, we tried to support immoderate of The tone of The earlier games, which do talk astir these ideas in a batch much detail, but it’s built into The cardinal conflict of this game.”

Built for everyone

The much I played, The much it became evident that kids are The superior assemblage here. In The 2 communicative quests I tried, I explored immoderate linear levels, collected valuable studs, and took down immoderate machines pinch Aloy’s bow. In between, I could caput backmost to a hub area and adhd buildings aliases customize existing ones pinch parts by spending studs. I Can drawback caller outfits for characters too, and that’ll see immoderate crossovers pinch Lego brands for illustration Ninjago and Lego City. Familiar Horizon elements return, for illustration hiding in gangly writer to sneak up connected foes, but everything is simply a small simplified to make it easier for younger players to prime up.

Aloy and a friend conflict in Lego Horizon Adventures.Sony Interactive Entertainment

Take combat, for instance. I don’t person to trade arrows aliases cautiously purpose astatine robot parts to prime disconnected parts. Instead, each I request to do is occurrence disconnected arrows to return it down. I Can usage my Focus to observe anemic points and purpose astatine them for other damage, but it’s mostly a one-button affair. I do occasionally prime up one-time usage typical attacks, get somewhat tweaked weapons pinch constricted uses, and I Can propulsion exploding barrels astatine foes, but combat is connected The shallow broadside to make it easier to prime up and play. Familiar Horizon gadgets for illustration The Tripcaster appear, though much truthful arsenic typical items.

I Can further consciousness The intended assemblage present erstwhile jumping into co-op play. Here, 2 players Can play immoderate ngo together pinch a formed of playable characters for illustration Varl. While those characters person different weapons, they look to usability astir The same. A throwing spear is fundamentally The aforesaid point arsenic a bow. When moving around, The camera ever centers connected subordinate one. If The 2nd subordinate gets excessively acold behind, they’ll beryllium teleported forward. It’s a Nintendo-like creation choice that assumes parents will play alongside their kids.

The Switch brings in a family-friendly audience.

At a fewer points during our conversation, Windeler comes backmost to The team’s desire to make a crippled they could play pinch their kids. He believes that there’s a existent hunger for awesome experiences for illustration that among parents much broadly, a thought that guides a batch of decisions in Lego Horizon Adventures. That extends to its astonishing multiplatform merchandise strategy, which will bring a first-party Sony PlayStation crippled to PC and moreover Nintendo Switch (sorry, Xbox owners).

“It’s connected to our broader extremity of making this crippled for everybody,” Windeler says. “I Can play this crippled connected my sofa pinch my woman astatine location connected PS5. I Can play pinch my hardcore Horizon friends connected The net pinch PC. But 1 of The things I’m astir excited astir is that I person these 2 nieces, 11 and 8, who I person not really had a batch of opportunities to play The games I person made with. This is decidedly a crippled that appeals to a younger audience, and The Switch is simply a large portion of that. The Switch brings in a family-friendly audience. The power strategy is designed to activity connected The smaller Joy-Con controllers. It’s portion of getting arsenic galore group introduced to The characters arsenic possible.”

I’m judge location will beryllium skeptics retired location who constitute Lego Horizon Adventures disconnected arsenic an incongruous IP mash-up. If you meet The developers wherever they’re coming from, though, it’s easy to find The childlike charm here. The mini portion I played has maine giggling astatine self-aware Horizon gags and enjoying immoderate laid-back wealth hunting. For parents who played Horizon Zero Dawn earlier their kids were born, it’s a tiny (and little bleak) measurement to stock The bid pinch them until they’re aged capable to play The due games. It’s The benignant of crippled that mightiness conscionable usher in a caller procreation of PlayStation fans.

Lego Horizon Adventures launches later this twelvemonth for PlayStation 4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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