LCI Industries Q4 2022 Earnings Release: Time For A Downgrade

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One of nan awesome things, but besides 1 of nan scary things, astir investing is that nan image for immoderate fixed business tin alteration rapidly. This tin lead to immoderate really charismatic opportunities. At nan aforesaid time, it tin besides construe into immoderate rather achy losses. Although not precisely successful nan mislaid category, 1 institution that has seen its financial image worsen alternatively quickly is LCI Industries (NYSE:LCII), a shaper and seller of instrumentality successful nan recreation and proscription markets. The largest chunk of nan company's gross is related to RVs, buses, trailers, and different related vehicles. In caller years, nan endeavor knowledgeable a bully spot of upside arsenic nan pandemic resulted successful greater societal distancing that proved to beryllium a boon for nan recreational conveyance market. I person known for immoderate clip now that a alteration successful economical conditions could yet lead to immoderate weakness for nan company. Having said that, nan weakness has group connected alternatively rapidly. This is not to opportunity that nan institution makes for a bad finance astatine this time. But I do deliberation nan alteration successful circumstances warrants a humble downgrade from a 'buy' to a 'hold' to bespeak nan likelihood that shares will execute on nan lines of what nan broader marketplace should moving forward.

The image is changing

The past article I wrote astir LCI Industries was published successful nan mediate of September of past year. In that article, I talked astir nan company's awesome capacity passim overmuch of its 2022 fiscal year. I acknowledged, astatine that time, that nan inclination did not look group to change, but that moreover if it did, a return to nan levels of profitability seen successful anterior years would make it still an charismatic opportunity. This led maine to telephone nan institution a promising risk-to-reward imaginable and was instrumental successful my determination to support it rated a 'buy'. Since then, nan institution has not performed great. But it hasn't been horrible either. While nan S&P 500 is up 7.8%, shares of LCI Industries person seen upside of 6.7%.


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This capacity seems to hide nan truth that, astir recently, LCI Industries has seen a spot of trouble. For nan final quarter of its 2022 fiscal year, for instance, which conscionable reported connected February 14th, nan endeavor reported gross of $894.3 million. That's 26.3% little than nan $1.21 cardinal generated only 1 twelvemonth earlier. It besides missed analysts' expectations to nan tune of astir $18.2 million. Management attributed this downside mostly to decreased North American RV wholesale shipments, pinch immoderate of that symptom being offset by higher prices, acquisitions nan institution made, and a emergence successful income to OEMs successful adjacent industries. To beryllium clear, acquisitions nan institution made accounted for $21 cardinal of further gross during nan last quarter. it is worthy mentioning that nan institution besides reported information covering nan period of January of this year. Sales of $273 cardinal were down a difficult 48% twelvemonth complete year. This was driven by, for nan astir part, an 80% diminution successful North American RV accumulation that rendered request for its offerings acold little than it different would person been.

On nan bottommost line, nan image for nan business was moreover worse. During nan quarter, LCI Industries reported a nett nonaccomplishment of $17.1 million. That compares to nan $82.3 cardinal profit reported nan aforesaid 4th 1 twelvemonth earlier. On a per-share basis, nan institution generated a nonaccomplishment of $0.68. This level was $0.30 per stock little than what analysts were anticipating. It is existent that operating rate travel improved markedly, soaring from antagonistic $123.9 cardinal to affirmative $117 million. But if we set for changes successful moving capital, it would person plunged from $120.1 cardinal to $14.1 million. Meanwhile, EBITDA fell difficult arsenic well, dropping from $146.1 cardinal to only $10.2 million.

If these results look peculiar, it's important to statement that guidance sees this process arsenic a return to much normalized spending successful nan space. Management moreover went truthful acold arsenic to declare that nan 2023 fiscal twelvemonth would beryllium a play defined by what tin only beryllium called a down cycle. Fortunately, they did opportunity that their diversified holdings, specified arsenic their vulnerability to nan marine market, arsenic good arsenic adjacent and aftermarket markets, will thief during these difficult times. To exemplify conscionable really caller this symptom is, we request only look astatine 2022 arsenic a whole.


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Revenue of $5.21 cardinal came successful materially higher than nan $4.47 cardinal reported conscionable 1 twelvemonth earlier. Net income changeable up from $287.7 cardinal to $395 million. The institution besides saw operating rate travel improve, turning from antagonistic $111.6 cardinal to affirmative $602.5 million. On an adjusted basis, this metric roseate from $431.4 cardinal to $542.1 million. Meanwhile, EBITDA for nan endeavor roseate from $510.7 cardinal to $682.2 million. Any individual looking only astatine nan four-year information would person wholly missed nan atrocious 4th quarter.

Trading Multiples

Author - SEC EDGAR Data

Valuing a institution for illustration this tin beryllium alternatively tricky. Clearly, we are going to spot results revert backmost to what they were successful anterior years. We whitethorn moreover spot a impermanent downside that's worse than that. As you tin spot successful nan floor plan above, shares are trading successful nan single-digit scope from a valuation aggregate perspective. But if we spell backmost to nan levels of profitability seen successful 2020, nan banal looks a spot pricier, pinch a price-to-earnings aggregate of 18.6, a value to adjusted operating rate travel aggregate of 10.7, and an EV to EBITDA aggregate of 11.8.

Company Price / Earnings Price / Operating Cash Flow EV / EBITDA
LCI Industries 7.5 5.4 5.9
Visteon Corporation (VC) 37.4 63.0 16.3
Adient plc (ADNT) 3.5 12.4 9.5
Fox Factory Holding Corp (FOXF) 27.6 65.9 18.9
Dorman Products (DORM) 21.7 57.1 14.0
Superior Industries International (SUP) N/A 1.2 3.7

Comparatively speaking, nan image is made moreover much analyzable by nan truth that we could comparison LCI Industries to a wide assortment of enterprises. In nan array above, for instance, you tin spot really nan institution is priced compared to different producers of conveyance and different equipment. In this case, pinch nan objection of 1 firm, LCI Industries was nan cheapest of nan group. But successful nan array below, you tin spot it compared to 4 akin businesses that attraction alternatively connected nan RV abstraction successful various capacities. In this scenario, utilizing nan price-to-earnings approach, LCI Industries was nan astir costly of nan group. Using nan value to operating rate travel approach, 2 of nan 4 companies were cheaper than our target, while nan EV to EBITDA attack results successful our campaigner erstwhile again being nan priciest of nan bunch.

Company Price / Earnings Price / Operating Cash Flow EV / EBITDA
LCI Industries 7.5 5.4 5.9
Camping World Holdings (CWH) 5.6 10.5 4.6
THOR Industries (THO) 5.1 5.0 3.8
Winnebago Industries (WGO) 6.2 5.9 4.2
Patrick Industries (PATK) 5.6 4.6 4.7


Fundamentally speaking, LCI Industries is changing rapidly. I anticipated immoderate weakening successful this marketplace earlier excessively long. However, I americium amazed by conscionable really accelerated nan marketplace has changed. I do deliberation that, agelong term, LCI Industries will do conscionable good for itself and its investors. But because of really accelerated nan marketplace is changing, I deliberation a much prudent attack would beryllium to complaint nan institution a 'hold' astatine this clip successful bid to bespeak said changing conditions and nan heightened risks that they bring.

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