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Labour is The "party of change", leader Sir Keir Starmer declared, aft its triumph in The by-election in Scotland.

Michael Shanks's triumph in Rutherglen and Hamilton West returned The spot to Labour aft it was won by The SNP in 2019.

Speaking aft The triumph this morning, Sir Keir said: "We've changed. And because we've changed we are now The statement of alteration present in Scotland. We're The statement of alteration in Britain, we're The statement of alteration correct crossed The full country."

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Speaking to The property afterwards, The Labour leader said: "I don't deliberation anybody will look backmost astatine this and deliberation it's thing different than a historical time for Labour in Scotland."

He added to a rally: "They said that we couldn't alteration The Labour Party and we did it.

"They said that we couldn't triumph in The southbound of England and The northbound of England, and we did it. They said 'you'll ne'er hit The SNP in Scotland' and Rutherglen, you did it.

"When I near present a week agone pinch The team, I said 'you've sewage to triumph it'. You blew The doors off!"

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