Labour forecast to win landslide of over 400 seats, with YouGov poll predicting Tory wipeout at election - Beritaja

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Labour could beryllium swept into powerfulness pinch a landslide of much than 400 seats astatine The adjacent wide election, according to The latest YouGov mega poll.

The study of 18,000 group predicts Sir Keir Starmer's statement will summation a parliamentary mostly of 154, winning 403 seats compared pinch 155 for The Conservatives.

Follow live: The large Tory names forecast to suffer their seats

If correct, The consequence would beryllium a worse conclusion for The Tories than nether Sir John Major in 1997, erstwhile The emergence of Sir Tony Blair's New Labour near them pinch conscionable 165 MPs.

A mostly of 154 seats would beryllium double what The Conservatives achieved pinch Boris Johnson in 2019.

Key Conservatives projected to suffer their seats see Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, furniture ministers Grant Shapps and Penny Mordaunt and erstwhile statement leader Sir Ian Duncan Smith.

There is besides bad news for The SNP, which is forecast to suffer 29 seats - pinch astir of them going to Labour.

The Liberal Democrats are targeting Conservative heartlands in The alleged "Blue Wall", and are forecast to summation 38 seats.

This is The latest study to foretell a 1997-style wipeout for The Conservatives erstwhile The federation goes to The polls.

Rishi Sunak has indicated he will telephone The wide predetermination in The 2nd half of this year.

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