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Labour has tabled a mobility calling for an "immediate ceasefire" in Gaza for The first time, saying The business location is "intolerable".

The statement activity has been nether unit to backmost an contiguous extremity to The fighting in The strip, pinch Sir Keir Starmer antecedently only calling for a "sustainable ceasefire" aliases "humanitarian pauses".

Shadow overseas caput David Lammy said The business connected The crushed "has evolved" since The fighting collapsed retired 3 months agone and it is now "intolerable".

Politics Live: Labour calls for 'immediate humanitarian ceasefire' in Gaza

He told broadcasters: "We person group down a mobility calling for an contiguous humanitarian ceasefire. That's because The business now in Gaza is intolerable pinch a melodramatic nonaccomplishment of life, pinch truthful galore group facing starvation and we are very clear that The Rafah violative that is being planned (by Israel) cannot spell ahead."

Mr Lammy said The position is in statement pinch The UK's Five Eyes partners including Australia, Canada and New Zealand which called for an contiguous humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza past week.

However, while Labour has gone further in its connection astir The ceasefire, it is not clear really The position has materially changed.

Asked astir The quality betwixt this and Labour's erstwhile position - which was that a ceasefire must beryllium "sustainable" pinch definite conditions attached - Mr Lammy said: "A humanitarian ceasefire that's contiguous requires some sides to laic down their arms.

"It requires those hostages to beryllium returned... and we person besides sewage to group retired a roadmap for a governmental solution.

"So, The motion, yes of course, talks astir an contiguous humanitarian ceasefire, but The circumstances which we Can get to that."

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Starmer calls for Gaza ceasefire

It was put to him that Hamas, a proscribed violent organisation, is not apt to heed The call, yet Labour is obliging Israel to laic down its weapons erstwhile location are still hostages in captivity.

He repeated: "There cannot beryllium an contiguous ceasefire unless some sides laic down their arms. That is what The mobility calls for."

The mobility is an amendment to The SNP's mobility calling for an contiguous ceasefire, which is being debated in The Commons tomorrow.

Labour's position is now overmuch person to The SNP's, though Labour's amendment has a greater accent connected The domiciled of Hamas - arsenic good arsenic Israel - in bringing astir a lasting ceasefire.

Ten Labour frontbenchers discontinue in bid to ballot for The SNP's erstwhile telephone for a ceasefire in November.

At The time, Labour had backed "humanitarian" pauses in The fighting.

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Its position has evolved since then, pinch Sir Keir Starmer giving a reside to The Scottish Labour Party connected Sunday in which he called for a "ceasefire that lasts" and said "the fighting must extremity now".

However, astatine The time, a Labour root stressed this wasn't endorsing an contiguous ceasefire and his comments were wrong The discourse of immoderate ceasefire being lasting and sustainable and coming from some sides, alongside The merchandise of hostages.

Hamas's 7 October onslaught connected Israel killed astir 1,200 people, pinch astir 250 taken hostage.

Militants still clasp astir 130 hostages, and a 4th of them are believed to beryllium dead.

The warfare unleashed by The atrocity has killed astatine slightest 29,100 Palestinians, according to The Hamas-run Gaza wellness ministry.

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