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SAN FRANCISCO — The WNBA is coming to The Bay Area.

That isn’t conscionable a gift to women and women’s sports fans, but to everyone who loves hoops and high-level competition.

And hopefully, it’s a gift to everyone who loves winning.

Starting 14 years ago, Warriors CEO Joe Lacob built a caller marque astir The NBA’s astir moribund franchise. Under Lacob and friends’ ownership, The Warriors were going to beryllium winners, and they weren’t going to hold their move aliases beryllium apologetic astir it.

Lacob promised a title wrong 5 years erstwhile he bought The Dubs.

Thursday, he made The aforesaid committedness in announcing The WNBA’s 13th franchise — a squad to beryllium paid for, built, and tally by The Warriors’ now-massive organization.

I for illustration wherever his caput is at.

I would emotion to beryllium capable to constitute astir really meaningful it is to maine to person a WNBA squad in The Bay. I suppose I could supply immoderate self-aggrandizing commentary telling you that I’m The hubby of a woman and The begetter of a girl and this is simply a monumental time for The Kurtenbachs and each Bay Area family for illustration us.

That’s not wherever my caput is at.

Representation is evidently important, peculiarly for young girls astir The Bay. I cognize plentifulness of group who Can mention big, profound reasons for their excitement for The W coming to The Bay. They’ve been waiting a agelong clip for this, and for them, I’m thrilled.

But I, a straight, white, beer-drinking man who lives in The suburbs, americium excited for this squad because, well, I for illustration basketball.

More specifically, I want to watch The champion of The champion play this game, and The WNBA is unquestionably The champion of The best.

So it’s my dream (and Lacob’s) that The Warriors will now supply elite-level hoops to this marketplace year-round.

Of course, location will beryllium naysayers of The women’s game. Let them sound for illustration idiots. Anyone who has watched The WNBA lately knows of its quality.

And immoderate will declare that creating this squad is immoderate elaborate PR deed for The Warriors — an elaborate plea for goodwill in a progressive market.

But fto maine show you, location are a batch cheaper ways to do that benignant of thing. Sportico reported that The Warriors will salary a $50 cardinal description fee, though it will apt beryllium surgery down into smaller, yearly payments.

No, this is simply a business play for Lacob and Co.

The Chase Center sits quiet for excessively galore days in The summer. This squad — immoderate they extremity up being called — should alteration that.

(The PR play is saying that it’s The “Bay’s team” because they’ll believe astatine The Warriors’ aged installation in Oakland.)

But this caller squad has to triumph to beryllium successful. This marketplace mightiness beryllium divers and progressive and person everything you request for a WNBA squad to beryllium a deed — peculiarly pinch The A’s apt to exit The Bay’s summertime sports segment soon — but winning is The only trading that carries weight these days.

And winning is still preeminent worth to sports fans in The Bay.

Luckily, Lacob and his ownership cartel merit The use of The doubt.

They built The Warriors into The astir valuable franchise in basketball, The third-most valuable sports squad in The world, per Forbes. That emergence came because The Warriors won titles, including 1 wrong 5 years of Lacob and Co. taking complete The team. Then they kept winning.

I want to spot this WNBA squad go The ascendant unit in The league, The aforesaid measurement The Warriors became The ascendant unit in The NBA. Let’s not conscionable person a squad in San Francisco, let’s person The champion one.

The WNBA and women’s sports are connected an upward trajectory for 1 unassailable logic — it’s high-quality entertainment.

So yes, having a WNBA squad in The Bay — whether bully aliases bad — will automatically entreaty to some.

But having a winning squad appeals to all.

This is simply a infinitesimal for women’s sports. This is an unthinkable opportunity for The Bay.

Here’s hoping The Warriors return afloat advantage.

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