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Does Donald Trump ever sojourn Queens, The onshore of his youth? If he did, he would presumably beryllium horrified. According to The census, Queens is The astir racially and ethnically divers region in The continental United States; it’s difficult to deliberation of a nationality aliases civilization that isn’t represented there. Immigrants are almost half The borough’s organization and much than half its workforce.

And I deliberation that’s great. When I, say, return a stroll astir Jackson Heights I spot The principle of America arsenic it was expected to be, a magnet for group astir The world seeking state and opportunity — group for illustration my ain grandparents.

And no, Queens isn’t an municipality hellscape. It whitethorn not beryllium leafy and green, but it has little superior crime per capita than The remainder of New York City, and New York, though cipher will judge it, is 1 of The safest places in America. It’s besides comparatively healthy, pinch life expectancy astir 3 years higher than that of The United States arsenic a whole.

Trump’s plans

But Trump has declared that migrants are “poisoning The humor of our country” — a building that, to bargain from The late, awesome Molly Ivins, mightiness sound amended in The original German. Look, I cognize there’s a statement complete whether The MAGA activity afloat meets The classical criteria for fascism, but Can we astatine slightest work together that its connection is progressively fascist-adjacent?

And truthful are its policies.

On Saturday The New York Times reported that Trump, if returned to office, intends to prosecute drastic anti-immigration policies — scouring The state for immigrants surviving in The state illegally and building immense camps to, um, ore them earlier deporting them by The millions. Suspected members of supplier cartels and gangs would beryllium expelled without owed process. Suspected by whom, connected what grounds? Good question.

If you judge that nary of this should interest you, because you’re a U.S. citizen, you should cognize that connected Veterans Day, Trump gave a reside promising to “root out” The “radical-left thugs” that, he says — echoing The likes of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini — infest America “like vermin.” Who counts arsenic “radical left”? Well, today’s Republicans — not conscionable Trump — person a very expansive definition. After all, they routinely impeach Joe Biden of being a Marxist.

Economic disaster

Given each this anti-democratic rhetoric, it seems almost crass to constituent retired that a Trumpian warfare connected immigrants would besides beryllium an economical disaster. But it would.

That’s apparently not what The Trumpists believe. That Times article quotes Stephen Miller, who headed anti-immigrant operations erstwhile Trump was in The White House, arsenic claiming that wide deportations will beryllium “celebrated by American workers, who will now beryllium offered higher wages pinch amended benefits to capable these jobs.”

Very fewer economists would agree.

To The grade that there’s thing beyond earthy xenophobia down Trumpist hostility to overseas workers, it seems to beryllium The position that America has a constricted number of jobs to connection and that immigrants return those jobs distant from The native-born. In reality, however, isolated from during recessions, The number of jobs, and hence The economy’s growth, is constricted by The disposable workforce alternatively than The different measurement around.

And The publication of immigrants to America’s semipermanent maturation is startlingly large. Since 2007, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, The U.S. labour unit has accrued by 14.6 million. Of these further workers, 7.8 cardinal — much than half — were overseas born.

Badly needed workers

Oh, and if these immigrants are taking distant American jobs, really Can The unemployment complaint beryllium adjacent a 50-year low? In fact, we desperately request these workers, among different things because they will thief america header pinch The needs of an aging population.

Now, you mightiness interest that less-educated immigrants will push down wages astatine The bottom, expanding income inequality. But The bottommost statement from decades of investigation connected this taxable is that this doesn’t look to happen. Even less-educated immigrants bring different skills and make different occupation choices from their native-born counterparts, truthful they extremity up being complements to, not substitutes for, section workers.

And let’s not hide that Trump officials tried to choke disconnected The proviso of skilled overseas workers to The U.S. exertion sector, apparently believing that this would reserve bully jobs for Americans — erstwhile in reality it would simply undermine our technological edge.

None of this is to contradict that abrupt surges of migrants Can spot a load connected section communities and that we request policies to mitigate these impacts. But that’s very different from a sweeping rejection of immigration, which is arsenic American arsenic pome pie, not to mention pizza and bagels — foods brought by earlier immigrants who were, in their day, The targets of conscionable arsenic overmuch prejudice and hatred arsenic The immigrants of today.

America doesn’t request to beryllium made awesome again, because it’s already great. But if you wanted to destruct that greatness, The 2 astir important things you would do would beryllium to cull its committedness to state and adjacent its doors to group seeking a amended life. Unfortunately, if Trump returns to office, he seems wished to do some of these things.

Paul Krugman is simply a New York Times columnist.

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