Klepierre: Solid 2022 Results Reaffirm Bullish Thesis

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We proceed to judge location is simply a batch of worth successful nan shares of European people A shopping promenade companies, possibly moreover much than nan US REITs for illustration Simon Property Group (SPG) and Macerich (MAC), which we besides see profoundly undervalued. Recently we wrote astir Unibail Rodamco Westfield (OTCPK:UNBLF) and their 2022 results. It is now Klépierre's (OTCPK:KLPEF) turn, arsenic nan institution conscionable reported its extremity of fiscal twelvemonth results. The first point we'll statement is that occupancy continued improving during nan last quarter, but only slightly. Klépierre had vanished nan 3rd 4th pinch occupancy astatine 95.6%, and it ended nan twelvemonth astatine 95.8%, truthful generating an betterment of only ~20bps. We judge that occupancy gains will beryllium much challenging going forward, but connected nan affirmative side, nan precocious occupancy level will let nan institution to attraction more connected expanding leasing spreads. On this subject, nan institution reported a 4.1% affirmative reversion, connected apical of 3.7% indexation, but we were expecting a higher number. For comparison, Unibail Rodamco Westfield's leasing spreads were amended astatine +6.2%. Still, nan 2 companies person a different geographic mix, which explains immoderate of nan difference.

The strongest parameter Klépierre put retired was nett existent rate travel up 20.1% versus 2021 to €2.62 per share, beating their mid-range first guidance by 13%. It is important to statement that this number includes immoderate rent betterment from erstwhile years, truthful possibly it is amended to usage nan 2023 nett existent rate travel guidance for valuation purposes. Net existent rate travel per stock for 2023 is guided astatine €2.35, putting nan guardant valuation aggregate astatine ~10x based connected nan caller stock price. The institution confirmed it is paying a dividend successful 2023 of €1.75 per share, which astatine existent prices represents a dividend output of ~7.4%, and it is very well-covered by nett existent rate flow. The equilibrium expanse is besides successful fantabulous style ending nan twelvemonth pinch a nett indebtedness to EBITDA of 7.9x, indebtedness to worth of 37.7%, and liking sum ratio of 10.0x. While Macerich and Unibail Rodamco Westfield are trading pinch overmuch cheaper valuation multiples, Klépierre's somewhat higher valuation tin beryllium justified by its stronger equilibrium sheet. Compared to Simon Property Group, nan valuation is very similar, since it is trading pinch a guardant P/FFO of ~10.4x, but we still find Klépierre much charismatic fixed our belief that premium European shopping malls are apt to beryllium much resilient to nan e-commerce threat arsenic promenade abstraction per capita is overmuch lower. Simon Property Group investors besides person immoderate vulnerability to Klépierre, arsenic it is nan largest shareholder pinch astir 22% of nan shares.

Retailer Sales

One of nan large positives for Klépierre successful 2022 is that its tenants are now reporting income supra pre-Covid 2019 levels. For instance, successful December tenant income averaged 102% of 2019 levels. Unfortunately this is not capable to compensate for nan ostentation knowledgeable since 2019, meaning location is still important room for improvement. Foot postulation remains astir 10% beneath pre-pandemic levels, showing consumers are visiting little often but buying much per visit.

Klépierre Tenant Sales

Klépierre Investor Presentation


In 2022 Klépierre completed 1,360 leases, including 974 renewals and re-lettings, pinch a 4.1% affirmative reversion rate. This is connected apical of nan 3.7% indexation applied successful January 2022. Unibail Rodamco Westfield's leasing spreads were amended astatine +6.2%, but Klépierre improved their mean reversion number from nan ~3% nan institution had reported arsenic of their 3rd quarter. Meaning that leases successful Q4 must person brought nan leasing dispersed mean up for nan year.

Development Pipeline

Klépierre has nary unit greenfield projects, focusing alternatively connected renovations aliases extensions, and mixed-use projects. In 2022 Klépierre focused chiefly successful delivering nan Gran Reno hold successful Bologna Italy, and nan refurbishment and hold of Grand Place successful Grenoble, France, which is expected to beryllium delivered astatine nan extremity of 2023. The unit projects pipeline stands astatine €634 cardinal and nan mixed-use task pipeline astatine €1.17 billion. The institution is getting very bully returns connected these projects, for example, some nan Gran Reno hold and nan Grand Place hold are forecasted to person an 8% output connected cost.

Klépierre Gran Reno

Klépierre Investor Presentation

Balance Sheet

As antecedently mentioned, 1 of nan differentiating factors of Klépierre is its beardown equilibrium sheet. It ended nan twelvemonth pinch consolidated nett indebtedness of €7,479 cardinal compared to €8,006 cardinal astatine nan extremity of 2021. The institution has a unchangeable BBB+ finance people in installments standing from S&P Global (SPGI), and ended 2022 pinch €2.8 cardinal successful liquidity. Net indebtedness to EBITDA and indebtedness to worth person now fundamentally recovered to pre-Covid levels.

Klépierre Balance Sheet

Klépierre Investor Presentation

The institution has a reasonable indebtedness maturity schedule pinch a 6.5 years mean maturity, though we would for illustration to spot it a spot higher. For example, Unibail Rodamco Westfield has an 8.3 years mean indebtedness maturity. The indebtedness to beryllium refinanced successful 2023 and 2024 is not negligible, and will astir apt origin nan mean costs of indebtedness to emergence somewhat from nan very debased mean costs of indebtedness of ~1.2%. The institution has an progressive liking complaint hedging argumentation that has besides helped mitigate nan effect of rising rates.

Klépierre Debt Maturity

Klépierre Investor Presentation

Dividend Yield

The dividend was accrued by a humble ~3%, and is scheduled to beryllium paid successful 2 installments. A €0.87 per stock connected March 30, 2023, and nan 2nd of €0.88 per stock to beryllium paid successful July 11, 2023.

We find nan summation a small disappointing, but tin understand why nan institution mightiness for illustration to err connected nan broadside of be aware aft what nan manufacture went done owed to nan Covid impact, and nan headwinds brought by expanding e-commerce penetration.

Klépierre Dividend

Klépierre Investor Presentation


After adjusting for disposed assets and nan reversal of provisions, nett existent rate travel per stock is guided 5% higher successful 2023. Importantly, this does not see nan effect of immoderate imaginable disposals successful 2023. The main assumptions pinch respect to guidance are that retailer income will beryllium astatine slightest adjacent to 2022, that occupancy will stay unchangeable astir nan existent level, and that it will person a unchangeable rent postulation rate. We judge these assumptions show nan institution is being conservative, and should it make further occupancy and leasing revisions gains, it should beryllium capable to transcend guidance.

Klépierre 2023 Guidance

Klépierre Investor Presentation


The company's EPRA Net Tangible Asset Value ended nan twelvemonth astatine €30.9 per share. This intends that astatine existent prices of ~€23.5, shares are trading pinch much than a 20% discount to nan nett tangible plus value. Since January 2021 nan institution has sold a important magnitude of assets, and nan income person averaged only a 2.4% discount to book value. We truthful judge nan company's NAV to beryllium a bully measurement of intrinsic value, and that shares are astir apt astatine slightest 15-20% undervalued astatine existent prices.

Klépierre Book Value

Klépierre Investor Presentation


A large headwind that Klépierre is presently facing is nan expanding liking complaint environment, which will apt make its mean indebtedness costs move higher arsenic nan institution refinances.

The different large consequence is e-commerce penetration continuing to increase. So acold Class A shopping malls person proven resilient, and person been transforming themselves to beryllium much experiential destinations. Klépierre besides has nan advantage that shopping promenade abstraction per capita is comparatively debased successful Europe, and location is very small caller proviso coming online.


Klépierre delivered coagulated results for 2022, and has now fundamentally recovered from nan Covid crisis. Most cardinal metrics continued to show improvement, specified arsenic occupancy, moreover if nan summation was comparatively humble compared to nan 3rd 4th numbers. We proceed to judge that shares are undervalued, pinch a important discount to NAV and trading astatine only ~10x guided nett existent rate travel per stock for 2023. The institution confirmed a dividend will beryllium paid for 2023, moreover if nan summation was a humble ~3%. Given nan betterment successful fundamentals and nan charismatic valuation we are maintaining our 'Strong Buy' rating.

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