Kimball Electronics: Undervalued Stock With A Lot Of Growth Potential

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Investment Thesis

Kimball Electronics (NASDAQ:KE) precocious announced its Q2 FY23 results. Its gross and income roseate significantly, and nan guidance has provided optimistic gross guidance for upcoming quarters. In this report, I'll talk nan company's maturation imaginable and analyse its quarterly results. I springiness KE banal a bargain proposal because I judge it is inexpensive successful comparison to manufacture norms and presents a terrific finance opportunity.

About KE

KE provides a manufacturing solutions supplier of electronics and besides provides statement manufacturing services to customers successful nan medical, automotive, and nationalist information extremity markets. Their manufacturing services see proviso concatenation services and support, creation services and support, and qualification services. The manufacturing services besides comprise reliability testing, accumulation of printed circuit committee assemblies, accumulation of aesculapian devices and disposables, acold chain, and package creation services. They run successful countries for illustration nan United States, India, Mexico, Thailand, Poland, China, and Vietnam. It was founded successful 1961 and is headquartered successful Jasper, Indiana.

Financial Analysis

KE precocious announced its Q2 FY23 results. They hit nan marketplace gross estimate by 5.42% but missed nan marketplace EPS estimate by 6.38%. The reported nett income for Q2 FY23 were $436.6 million, an summation of 38.5% compared to nan nett income of Q2 FY22. The maturation successful income of automotive, medical, and business segments was nan main driver of nan gain. It's evident that nan company's gross and nett income accrued successful nan 2nd 4th of FY23 chiefly owed to these 3 segments' superior performance. In Q2 FY23, these 3 sectors were responsible for 99% of nan company's wide sales. The automobile segment's nett income during nan 2nd 4th of FY23 were $200 million, up 44% complete nan aforesaid play successful FY22. The income of nan aesculapian conception for Q2 FY23 were $125 million, a emergence of 39% compared to Q2 FY22. The income of nan business conception for nan Q2 FY23 was $105 million, a emergence of 27% compared to nan Q2 FY22.

Income Statement

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The reported nett income for Q2 FY23 was $10.7 million, a important summation of 109.6% compared to Q2 FY22. The diluted EPS for Q2 FY23 was $0.43, an summation of 115% compared to Q2 FY22. The financial capacity of KE successful Q2 FY23 was, successful my perspective, rather excellent.

Technical Analysis

Technical Chart

Trading View

KE is trading astatine nan level of $26. The banal has begun to spell higher aft a play of consolidation, and I judge it whitethorn soon scope its all-time high, which is astatine $30.5. It has doubly tested nan $30.5 barrier, but some times nan banal fell aft striking that level by astir 35%. Therefore, nan $30.5 level is very important, and 1 should support an oculus connected it. If nan banal breaks its all-time high, I deliberation we will spot caller momentum, and it whitethorn moreover scope nan level of $40 successful a year. Since nan business has reported beardown quarterly earnings, I deliberation nan banal has nan expertise to deed $40, which would correspond a bully return of astir 35% complete nan people of a year.

Should One Invest In KE Stock?


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The guidance anticipates that FY23's nett gross will beryllium astir $1.75 billion, aliases 30.4% much than FY22's revenue. The guidance is continuing to ramp up accumulation connected some caller and aged programs, and they are increasing their operations successful Thailand and Mexico, which will summation sales; therefore, I deliberation they will deed nan gross objective. In addition, they person a patient gross maturation (YOY) of 27% and gross 3 twelvemonth CAGR of 8.14%, which shows their maturation potential.

Shareholding pattern

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The shareholding shape of KE looks decent. Institutions ain 69.5% of nan shares successful nan company, which is simply a affirmative sign. A institution successful which institutions ain a mostly of nan liking is considered safe, and location is little volatility successful stock value fluctuations which is simply a bully motion for investors.

KE has an A valuation people by nan Quant, and I work together pinch it. In my opinion, KE is still undervalued according to nan valuation metrics. I'll talk 3 cardinal valuation indicators, which successful my opinion, are among nan champion ratios for determining nan worth of a company. The first ratio is nan P/E ratio. KE has a P/E ratio FWD of 11.81x compared to nan assemblage P/E FWD ratio of 20.67x. The PEG ratio is nan 2nd ratio. For maturation companies for illustration KE PEG ratio is simply a amended valuation metric arsenic it takes early net and gross maturation into consideration. They person a PEG FWD ratio of 0.59x compared to nan assemblage ratio of 1.66x. The 3rd ratio is nan Price / Sales ratio. A Price / Sales ratio beneath 1 is considered suitable for a company, and they person a Price / Sales ratio FWD of 0.37x compared to nan assemblage ratio of 2.96x. After examining each 3 measures, I judge KE is undervalued, and it still has tremendous room for maturation and nan imaginable to supply sizable returns for its owners.


KE derives astir of its gross from operations extracurricular nan United States, chiefly from India, China, Poland, Mexico, and Thailand. Their world operations are taxable to various risks for illustration world and section governmental and economical instability, wellness emergencies for illustration covid-19 and overseas governments' measures taken successful consequence to it, geopolitical disruption, changes successful overseas policies, trade, and tariff barriers. These dangers whitethorn adversely impact nan company's net and revenue, which whitethorn adversely impact its equilibrium sheet. Few overseas countries put limits connected nan magnitude of rate that tin beryllium moved to nan United States aliases complaint fees for specified transfers. To an extent, they person excess rate successful overseas locations that tin beryllium utilized successful operations successful nan United States.

Bottom Line

After analyzing each nan parameters, I judge KE is still undervalued and has overmuch maturation potential. They person coagulated fundamentals and consistently summation their income and gross each quarter, which is bully news for investors. I judge nan institution tin supply important returns to its shareholders from existent levels. Hence, I delegate a bargain standing connected KE stock.

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