Jumba, a Kenyan startup simplifying sourcing of construction supplies, raises $4.5M

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Less than a twelvemonth aft launch, Kenyan B2B building tech startup Jumba has secured clients successful awesome regions of nan East African country, a tell-tale of nan maturation it has knowledgeable complete nan past 10 months.

Jumba, which enables building worldly retailers (regarded arsenic hardware stores locally), recovered connected almost each block, to restock, and existent property developers to entree nan supplies they request for their projects, claims to person recorded a 300 times month-over-month maturation since April past year.

Co-founder and CEO Kagure Wamunyu, told TechCrunch that nan startup, presently covering 60% of Kenya’s 47 counties, is scaling its operations successful nan country, to support up pinch nan increasing request of building materials, buoyed by $4.5 cardinal backing it has secured successful seed round.

The information was led by LocalGlobe, pinch information from Enza Capital, that led its $1 cardinal pre-seed information past year, Foundamental, Seedstars International Ventures, Logos Ventures, SpeedInvest, First Check Africa and Alumni Angel Network.

“We are increasing very fast, and our problem has ever been that we person measurement much request than we tin meet,” said Kagure.

“Most of our customers are successful counties beyond nan capital, Nairobi, and nan logic is that manufacturing is centralized successful Nairobi, but customers are located passim nan country, and that is wherever we travel successful because we thief pinch distribution,” she said.

Co-founded nan startup pinch Miano Njoka (CTO), Jumba started retired by serving retailers but afterwards began supplying building materials to developers, which Kagure says was informed by demand.

“We realized that nan request is not only pinch nan hardware stores, it’s besides pinch nan developers because they were besides requesting nan products from us,” she said.

Jumba simplifies nan sourcing of building materials done a communal marketplace for retailers and developers, that takes distant nan headache of dealing pinch aggregate suppliers.

Customers entree products done its web level but its squad of income associates successful nan different counties thief pinch customer sourcing too. Jumba past negotiates discounted prices (plus their markup) pinch manufacturers.

“Ours is simply a 1 extremity shop, we negociate nan sourcing, and logistics headache. By utilizing our platform, they besides person entree to their documents and invoices, for them to reconcile,” said Kagure, a civilian technologist and contractor, who successful nan past besides helped Uber and Kobo360 standard their services successful Africa.

“We besides tally in-house logistics, arsenic 1 of nan ways we create efficiencies to present for group successful a measurement that is not truthful costly for them to entree goods.”

The startup is besides solving nan financing headache for retailers done short-term financing backed by its slope partners, pinch plans underway to avail semipermanent in installments to developers too.

“Retailers tin entree financing done services for illustration buy-now-pay-later from our slope partners. Construction sites will besides person nan expertise to get nan materials to complete nan useful successful nan adjacent future,” said Kagure adding that, “We put a batch of accent connected knowing nan customer, and what they need, their symptom points, and past tailor our products to fresh them. We are doing this truthful that we tin unlock access, and rate flow.”

Jumba is tapping nan building manufacture successful Kenya, which is expected to proceed to turn sustained by mega infrastructure projects. Besides, Kagure says she is inspired to proceed solving nan challenges successful nan sector, successful nan dream of bridging nan lodging shortage successful Kenya, which is astatine 80%.

“With our B2B marketplace our imagination still remains verticalization successful construction, and solving nan problems successful nan sector. Kenya will stay our halfway market, nan opportunity is monolithic here. We scheme to standard successful this marketplace to get much customers earlier we research nan adjacent market,” she said.

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