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Greed and envy are exceptionally powerful emotions. Throughout history, greed has led individuals to mistreat others, lie, cheat, and steal. Likewise, envy tin lead america to make mediocre choices successful an effort to look amended disconnected than we really are - going heavy into indebtedness to "keep up pinch nan Joneses."

I person learned it's foolish to envy nan rich. Being rich | simply intends you person stockpiled a ample nett worth. Many of "the rich" person built up their fortunes done years of difficult work, dedication, and effort. Others inherit it aliases triumph nan lottery. Regardless of really rate is initially obtained, if nan rich | do not build it further, they often squander it. Those who are rich | and gain nary further income will slow aliases quickly erode their guidelines group of assets complete time.

Sometimes, we presume that group who are "rich" are needfully bully pinch money. This isn't true. More than 1 movie star, sports star, lottery winner, aliases spot money babe has squandered millions.

If you want to emulate someone, transcript nan actions of nan wealthy. Some of you whitethorn beryllium confused here. For excessively galore of us, we equate able and rich | arsenic being synonymous, yet they are not. Being able intends owning assets that are producing income that exceeds their expenses. You tin go rich | by being awesome astatine sports. But nan able 1 is nan personification who owns nan team.

My extremity is not to "be rich." My extremity is to ain assets that nutrient an income and usage nan income from those assets to bargain much income-producing assets. Growing my passive income, generated by nan assets I own, allows maine to unrecorded my life nan measurement I want.

Whether you are starting retired pinch nan latest Powerball winnings, aliases humble savings you stowed distant from moving difficult and surviving wrong your means, dividend stocks tin supply you entree to passive income. Reinvest a information of this passive income, and you will use from nan magic of compounding. Watch arsenic your income watercourse grows into a raging stream of dividends.

Let's dive into a mates of investments offering double-digit yields that will supercharge your passive income stream.

Pick #1: AGNC - Yield 12.6%

AGNC Investment Corp. (AGNC) released their Q4 earnings January 30th and reported a nett dispersed and dollar rotation income of $0.74/share. Easily exceeding their $0.36 successful dividends for nan quarter. You seldom find a double-digit yielding banal pinch dividend sum northbound of 200%!

This precocious level of net is owed to AGNC's mean plus output climbing up to 3.68%, while their costs of costs remains comparatively debased astatine 0.94%. Source.


Q4 Presentation

The costs of costs remains debased acknowledgment to a ample portfolio of liking complaint swaps. AGNC pays a fixed complaint and receives a adaptable rate. Currently, AGNC is paying an mean of 0.37% connected $47.8 cardinal and receiving 4.31% connected $47.8 billion. This summation is reported arsenic a alteration successful liking expense. The awesome news is that AGNC's swaps don't mature for an mean of 3.2 years. So we tin expect that their costs of costs will proceed to climb slowly.

Q4 Presentation

Q4 Presentation

Where will liking rates beryllium successful 3 years?

We don't person a hint either.

Tangible book worth climbed 8.4% to $9.84/share, breaking nan four-quarter streak of declining book value. As we've discussed before, we don't put overmuch weight connected book worth because it changes regular and has small to do pinch whether aliases not nan institution tin support nan dividend. Yet, we cognize immoderate investors do, and AGNC is trading astatine a worldly premium to book value. Currently, nan value of AGNC is rallying, truthful those who believe astatine nan altar of book worth are not successful power of nan price. That mightiness change, aliases it mightiness not.

AGNC's book worth will proceed to climb arsenic spreads tighten backmost up to humanities averages, and if liking rates commencement declining, that will beryllium a tailwind arsenic well. There is simply a batch of room for upside successful book value.

Q4 Presentation

Q4 Presentation

The thought that agency mREITs should waste and acquisition adjacent tangible book worth is simply a comparatively modern 1 that started complete nan past decade. From 2000-2013, agency mREITs spent astir of their clip trading astatine a important premium to tangible book value.

We included Annaly Capital Management, Inc. (NLY) successful nan floor plan beneath because it has a overmuch longer history. As you tin see, it was 2013 erstwhile premiums disappeared, and they started trading astatine 0.8-1.1x tangible book value. Before that, nan 3-year median value to book worth spent a important magnitude of clip complete 1.2x.

ChartData by YCharts

Since profitability declined, it made consciousness for astir of nan decade to beryllium mostly bearish. Agency mREITs were seeing declining net and declining dividends. However, coming net are precocious and nan early outlook is very bullish. We are assured that, successful time, accordant premiums will return.

On a basal note, nan largest alteration that AGNC made passim nan 4th was rotating from debased coupon to higher coupon MBS. AGNC rotated into higher coupons while keeping nan par worth astir nan same.


Q4 Presentation

Coupons complete 4.5% now dress up astir half of AGNC's portfolio. This has nan effect of expanding existent rate flow. As a REIT, AGNC is required to salary retired astir of its taxable income. We noted supra that AGNC has been out-earning its dividends by 200%. This is imaginable because taxable income is not nan aforesaid arsenic earnings.

However, AGNC's taxable income has been climbing, and successful Q4 reached $0.35/share.


Q4 Presentation

This is nan number that will unit AGNC to raise its dividend if it consistently exceeds nan existent $0.36 dividend.

The early is agleam for agency MBS.

Pick #2: CSWC - Yield 11.3%

Capital Southwest Corp. (CSWC) came correct retired of nan gross pinch its FQ3 net report connected January 30th. CSWC announced an summation of its "regular" dividend from $0.52 to $0.53. It besides announced it will proceed its $0.05 supplement. So successful March, we look guardant to mixed dividends of $0.58.

CSWC has been making a wont of hiking nan dividend. This is nan 4th raise successful arsenic galore quarters. Additionally, CSWC has had a supplemental aliases typical dividend much often than not. Source.


January Presentation

CSWC has taken advantage of a favorable finance situation to standard up its business. Over nan past year, its portfolio has grown from $936 cardinal to $1.15 billion.

At nan aforesaid time, nan mean output connected investments has risen from 9.01% to 11.7%.


January Presentation

It is besides worthy noting that nan number of "non-accruals" successful its portfolio person declined from 1.5% to 0.3%.

Last quarter, CSWC originated $164 cardinal successful caller investments, pinch an mean output to maturity of 12.61% connected nan debt. CSWC has been capable to turn by issuing equity astatine a premium to NAV. As a result, CSWC ended nan 4th pinch leverage astatine only 0.91x equity.


January Presentation

The bottommost statement is that CSWC was capable to nutrient their highest net ever pinch a very debased level of leverage. It has rate connected manus to put and room to leverage up backmost to 1.1x.

It is simply a awesome situation for business improvement companies, aliases BDCs, which get indebtedness astatine fixed rates and lend astatine floating rates. CSWC has taken advantage of this and is firing connected each cylinders - increasing its plus guidelines while decreasing leverage and expanding earnings. Eventually, liking rates will travel backmost down. That's why CSWC is paying $0.05 of nan dividend arsenic a "supplement," which is simply a awesome to investors that portion of nan dividend isn't permanent. However, CSWC has been capable to consistently summation its "regular" dividend, which is nan portion guidance expects to beryllium maintained arsenic nan liking complaint rhythm shifts.

How has CSWC been capable to summation nan regular dividend truthful much?


January Presentation

As CSWC has grown its scale, operating expenses person go smaller arsenic a percent of assets. These are imperishable efficiencies that CSWC will proceed to person successful immoderate complaint environment.

CSWC is simply a keeper!




With CSWC and AGNC, we tin declare double-digit yields and highly well-covered income for years to come. To scope nan highest echelons of wealth, 1 must return connected immoderate risks. Knowing wherever to return connected risks is simply a awesome portion of nan battle.

We thief mitigate nan consequence of immoderate azygous holding by recommending you clasp nary little than 42 individual holdings - our Rule of 42 - and supply regular updates and insights to our High Dividend Opportunities members. Whether you usage HDO aliases different instrumentality to support tabs connected your holdings and guarantee a patient watercourse of high-yield income flowing into your relationship - you tin decidedly do so.

You whitethorn person ne'er reached nan wealthiest levels successful our society, and that's wholly fine. Still, you tin person an exceptionally comfortable and enjoyable status by having your status portfolios nutrient precocious levels of income for you to enjoy.

Let your income watercourse beryllium truthful powerful it floods your expenses and grows your nett worthy rapidly. The longer nan watercourse flows, nan larger it tin grow nan borders of your nett worth.

That's a status worthy dreaming about. That's what our Income Method tin thief you achieve.

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