John Fisher tells pleading Oakland A’s fans: ‘It’s been a lot worse for me than you’ - Beritaja

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A uncommon nationalist speech betwixt Oakland A’s fans and squad proprietor John Fisher whitethorn person yet allowed Fisher to get thing disconnected his chest.

According to The USA Today, 3 A’s fans dressed in greenish T-shirts pinch “STAY” written crossed it camped retired astatine The edifice lobby of The MLB owners’ meetings in Arlington, Texas, for 12 hours until they yet saw Fisher participate The building.

Before The fans could make their move, Fisher approached them astatine The edifice barroom and shook their hands.

When they pleaded for him to find a measurement to support The squad in Oakland, Fisher explained he’d been trying for 18 years and he didn’t expect The A’s would get a caller ballpark until 2031.

“It’s been a batch worse for maine than you,’’ Fisher told them, according to The report. “Anyway, I conscionable want to fto you cognize I admit you guys being here, I admit The passion you person shown.’’

One of The fans requested that Fisher reply conscionable 1 question.

“There’s ne'er 1 question,” he reportedly told them. “I’ve sewage to go.”

The fans besides approached different executives and handed them gift boxes pleading pinch them to support The A’s in Oakland.

Of course, their efforts won’t alteration what is apt to hap connected Thursday, erstwhile The owners are expected to o.k. The A’s relocation to Las Vegas and awesome The extremity of an A’s tally in Oakland that began in 1968.

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