JEPI: This 12% Yielding ETF Is Perfect For 2 Kinds Of Investors

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This article was published connected Dividend Kings connected Monday, February 13th, 2023.


Few high-yield ETFs fired nan imagination of income investors successful 2022, for illustration (NYSEARCA:JEPI), nan JPMorgan Premium Income ETF.

  • JEPI: A 12% Yielding 'Retirement Dream ETF' With A Catch

This article is an preamble to JEPI and its pros and cons, including really it useful and really it tin presently connection that 12% monthly yield.

However, successful nan comments, each 629 and counting, it became evident that location is still a batch of disorder astir JEPI. Specifically, some SA and Dividend Kings members want to cognize who should, and shouldn't ain JEPI.

Obviously, your portfolio is simply a profoundly individual thing, and legally I'm not allowed to connection personalized finance advice.

  • It's an SEC rule

However, I americium capable to analyse companies, markets, and nan system and supply wide proposal of what nan mean reasonable and prudent investor could do successful immoderate situation.

So let's return a person look astatine who this 12% yielding ETF is cleanable for and why. And astir importantly, I'll show you what kinds of investors should debar JEPI.

Who Shouldn't Own JEPI: Those Who Want To Match Or Beat The Market

Total Returns Since June 2020


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Until recently, JEPI hit nan S&P and has been beating nan Nasdaq since its inception. Some investors who were traumatized by nan 2022 carnivore marketplace and who don't recognize what JEPI is, person nan incorrect belief that this is simply a 1% monthly paying banal that tin support delivering 12% semipermanent returns.

Let's beryllium very clear: JPMorgan says it can't, and here's why.



JEPI is 80% to 85% blue-chips that output astir 2%. 15% to 20% of its portfolio is ELNs aliases equity-linked notes. These are a much precocious type of covered calls. Almost each nan income JEPI generates and pays retired each period is based connected nan action premium it tin person connected these ELNs.

As you tin spot above, nan mean premium complete nan past 15 years was conscionable nether 9% connected an ELN-based income strategy.

Ok, truthful does that mean JEPI tin beryllium expected to mean conscionable nether 9% yields paid month? No, it does not.

When volatility is astatine its peak, action income premiums spell up significantly. Note really during nan Great Recession, they deed 15% and past deed 17% successful nan debt-ceiling showdown carnivore marketplace of 2011.

During nan 2018 carnivore market, they deed 15%, and during 2022 they averaged 12% pinch a highest of 15%. We've had 5 crisp downturns successful 15 years. That's an mean of 1 each 3 years, doubly nan humanities rate.

But we've had 3 wrong nan past 3 years.

Based connected humanities marketplace action volatility extracurricular of specified utmost periods, JPMorgan says that JEPI should present 5% to 8% yields, aliases 6.5% astatine nan midrange.

JEPI is acold from nan "miracle" ETF, which galore investors look to deliberation it is.

I've recovered posts connected Reddit astir group going "all in" to JEPI pinch their life savings, reasoning they've recovered nan concealed to a rich | retirement. While JEPI is simply a awesome ETF for 2 circumstantial kinds of investors, and is cleanable for precisely one, it's not a semipermanent marketplace beater.

What impervious do we person of this?

For 1 thing, JEPI guidance says this ETF is designed to present 1% to 2% yearly maturation positive 5% to 8% output aliases 6% to 10% yearly returns. That's an 8% mid-range return.

What if JPMorgan is sandbagging? What if they tin present acold much than 10% and want to look for illustration heroes erstwhile they do?

Let's see JEPIX, nan organization communal money type of JEPI. Besides its communal money structure, it's nan aforesaid portfolio strategy and stocks.

Historical Total Returns Since September 2018


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JEPIX delivered 8% humanities returns, precisely what JPMorgan says to expect from JEPI successful nan future.

It did truthful pinch acold little volatility than nan S&P, Nasdaq, aliases nan 60/40 status portfolio.

JEPI is designed to seizure astir 65% of nan market's downside and astir 80% of its upside.



JEPI is designed to present superior volatility-adjusted returns to nan S&P and nan 60/40; historically, it's done that.


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JEPIX has historically delivered 65% of nan market's upside and 66% of nan downside, which is why its volatility-adjusted returns are nan aforesaid arsenic nan S&P.

Who Shouldn't Own JEPI: Those Needing Rock Steady Dividend Income

Remember those group connected Reddit? The ones parking 100% of their life savings into JEPI? They deliberation they person achieved rich | status nirvana because of JEPI's unthinkable dividend history truthful far.


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Here were nan dividend hikes from celebrated ETFs past year:

  • 2022 full-year inflation: 8.0%
  • S&P: 11%
  • VIG: 14%
  • SCHD: 18%
  • Dividend Kings ZEUS Income Growth (my family hedge fund): 21%
  • Nick Ward's dividend portfolio: 24%
  • JEPI: 67%

67% income growth! That's 8X much than inflation! And JEPI's yearly income has been increasing each twelvemonth since inception!

Seems miraculous right? Indeed, it's excessively bully to beryllium true.

Here's what JEPIX's income maturation looks like.


Portfolio Visualizer Premium

OK, truthful possibly JEPIX doesn't person dividends that turn each year, but 24% yearly income maturation is amazing! Indeed it is, and it's not sustainable.

Remember erstwhile JEPIX began, successful August 2018, correct earlier nan 2018 carnivore market.

In 2018 stocks collapsed 17% successful 3 weeks.

In 2019 they soared by 30%.

In 2020 they collapsed by 34% successful a month.

And past soared by 70% successful nan adjacent year.

In 2021 stocks were up 28%.

And past fell arsenic overmuch arsenic 28% successful 2022.

And they conscionable had their 8th-best commencement to nan twelvemonth successful US marketplace history successful 2023.

In different words, JEPI and JEPIX, which do champion erstwhile volatility is highest, person been surviving successful a aureate property for ELN-based funds.

One that tin only proceed if we mean a carnivore marketplace each 3 years, which is doubly nan humanities norm since WWII.

It mightiness look intolerable to judge aft nan past 5 years we've had, but stocks are not usually this exciting. And action income isn't usually truthful high, and frankincense JEPI and JEPIX are apt to spot a awesome diminution successful their dividends successful 2023.

In 2020 action income jumped to 15%, and wrong astir a year, it was down to 6% owed to that epic marketplace rally.

In different words, JEPI's 2023 dividends could extremity up being astir 66% little than they were past year, averaging astir 4% if nan marketplace keeps up its sentiment-driven rally.

OK, but what could that mean for JEPI successful position of returns successful a raging bull market?


Portfolio Visualizer

Those who fell successful emotion pinch JEPI successful 2022, erstwhile worth was nan caller hotness and beautiful overmuch thing was going up, person been very disappointed successful 2023's returns truthful far.

JEPI is connected way for a 4% to 6% output successful 2023, and truthful far, it's been lagging beautiful overmuch everything this year.

This isn't an rumor for an income investor pinch a diversified portfolio. But if you're 1 of those Reddit folks who are 100% JEPI, you astir apt consciousness a batch of vexation correct now.

And conjecture really bad those group will consciousness successful a fewer months erstwhile those 1% monthly dividends apt autumn 50% to 66%.

Who Shouldn't Own JEPI: Anyone With A Taxable Portfolio

My CFA has looked astatine JEPI and tells his clients, "under nary circumstances should you EVER ain this successful a taxable account."

Why? Two reasons.

First, ELN income and covered telephone income are taxed astatine mean income rates, conscionable for illustration REIT non-qualified dividends.

Rather than 0%, 10%, 15%, 20%, aliases 23.8% taxation rates, arsenic is nan lawsuit pinch qualified dividends, conscionable 15% to 20% of JEPI's dividends are qualified.

This intends owning it successful a tax-deferred status relationship is optimal.

The effective JEPI taxation complaint for high-income investors is adjacent to 50% if owned successful taxable accounts.

  • A post-tax output of person to 6% for investors successful nan apical taxation bracket
  • Management guidance for post-tax 2.5% to 4% semipermanent yields

A 3.25% effective output is simply a batch little awesome than a 12% 1 and surely not thing you should spell "all successful on," arsenic immoderate investors did past year.


JEPI Prospectus

In 2021 40% of JEPI's returns were eaten up by taxes and soul trading costs.

In different words, for anyone who could disregard taxes and trading costs (from JEPI, not your ain commissions), JEPI did amazing, capturing 80% of nan market's upside successful a awesome twelvemonth for stocks.

For existent investors successful taxable accounts, it captured conscionable 60%. And that's for nan mean American. If you're successful nan apical taxation bracket half, your returns are going to nan IRS.

But present is different logic JEPI shouldn't beryllium owned successful a taxable account. According to my CFA, who LOVES JEPI and considers it nan best-covered telephone ETF he's ever seen, you can't return retired overmuch of nan income and walk it.

Since inception, if you had invested successful JEPI and taken your dividends successful cash, past moreover ignoring precocious taxes, you'd beryllium down 7% erstwhile adjusting for inflation.

  • Reinvesting 50% of nan dividends into much JEPI shares would person kept your main whole
  • The aforesaid % arsenic XYLD since 2013

Total Returns Since June 2020 (No Dividend Reinvestment)


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JEPI's returns don't look astir arsenic awesome if you took each those dividends successful cash, moreover ignoring taxes.


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Adjusting for taxes and inflation, JEPI investors who took their dividends successful rate person mislaid astir 7% to 8% annually pinch this ETF.

What astir JEPIX? Does a longer history make these numbers look immoderate better?

Total Returns Since September 2018 (No Dividend Reinvestment)


Portfolio Visualizer Premium

No, it makes JEPI look moreover worse. Even ignoring ostentation and taxes, JEPIX investors person mislaid money complete nan past 4.5 years.


Portfolio Visualizer Premium

Adjusted for ostentation and ignoring taxes, JEPIX investors are down 9.7% per year. And factoring successful taxes, they are down almost 14% annually.

What astir nan income JEPIX investors enjoyed?

Once you set for ostentation and taxes, moreover reinvesting nan dividends delivered 3% yearly existent returns.

Guess what management's guidance is for? 2.5% to 5% post-tax returns and 0.3% to 2.7% yearly ostentation and tax-adjusted returns are what JPMorgan says to expect successful a taxable account.

Who Should Own JEPI: Income Investors With Tax-Deferred Retirement Accounts

If you reinvest your dividends, past JEPI is simply a good investment, though 1 that will make acold little returns than astir investors presently expect.

But conjecture what? You still person to salary those precocious taxes moreover if you DRIP your dividends.

So if you ain JEPI successful a 401K, IRA, aliases 403B, aliases different kinds of tax-deferred accounts, past you tin debar nan large taxation bill, and DRIP JEPI without worry.

Just retrieve that tax-deferred accounts won't effect JEPI's income volatility complete time. Option income premiums are people volatile and are expected to mean 5% to 8% long-term.

Who JEPI Is Perfect For: Volatility Averse Income Investors Looking For A Superior Alternative To A 60/40

Do you dislike picking stocks? Many group do.

Do you dislike rebalancing your status accounts, moreover if they are 100% ETFs and if you only do it erstwhile aliases doubly yearly? Many group do.

Well, past a one-stock status portfolio is your perfect solution.

Buffett recommends nan S&P 500 via thing for illustration VOO for specified a one-stock status plan.

SCHD is simply a acold amended solution for high-yield investors than nan S&P 500. In fact, pinch 12% semipermanent expected returns, SCHD is simply a perchance superior S&P alternative, hands down, for anyone.

If you want to ain nan champion fast-growing aristocrats and early aristocrats, VIG is different awesome 1 banal status solution.

And, of course, if you want a balanced portfolio that adapts to your wide consequence floor plan complete time, a target day money for illustration what TROW aliases Vanguard offers, is simply a awesome one-stock status plan.

But what if you're a young investor who's caller to nan marketplace and was traumatized by 2022? What if a young person's target day fund, pinch 90% stocks, is conscionable excessively volatile for you?

What if, contempt what each nan math, charts, tables, and studies prove, you conscionable can't slumber good astatine nighttime pinch a one-stock solution that is 90% to 100% stocks?

What if perfectly normal carnivore marketplace volatility causes you to panic waste astatine nan nonstop incorrect time?

Then location is 1 azygous banal status scheme that you mightiness like, and for complete a decade, it's been your champion choice.

  • BAGPX is BlackRock's 60/40 communal fund

But now that JEPI is here, location is simply a acold amended solution for anyone who owns it successful a tax-deferred account.

Why Owning JEPI As A Single Stock Retirement Plan In A Roth IRA Is The Ideal Way To Use This ETF... Or 401K And Then Donate The Account To Charity

What is nan 60/40's humanities return? 7% per year.

What is nan expected early return? About 7.2% per year.

What does nan 60/40 output today? 2.2% done its yearly income is very volatile based connected enslaved yields.

What astir JEPI?

  • 5% to 8% semipermanent yield (if you debar taxes and DRIP it) vs. 2.2% 60/40
  • 6% to 10% semipermanent returns (if you debar taxes) vs. 7.2% 60/40
  • 65% of nan market's downside vs. 80% 60/40

If you request a single-stock status portfolio and tin debar paying taxes, JEPI is simply a awesome choice.

If you person decades to DRIP and frankincense debar main ostentation erosion, JEPI is simply a perchance awesome choice.

And if you ain it successful a Roth IRA? Then you ne'er person to salary taxes connected JEPI... ever.

In a 401K aliases IRA aliases 403B, you'll yet person to salary taxes connected your required minimum distributions.

  • Except if you donate each your RDM to charity

Bottom Line: Only One Kind Of Investor Should Own JEPI, And It's Perfect For Exactly Two Kinds Of Investors

JEPI is simply a powerful instrumentality if utilized correctly. If utilized incorrectly, you will suffer money owning it; that's a mathematical certainty.

If you request a rock-steady unchangeable income, for illustration what you tin get from a diversified high-yield aliases aristocrat portfolio, JEPI isn't correct for you.

If you request semipermanent returns that lucifer aliases hit nan S&P, JEPI isn't for you.

If you don't person a tax-deferred relationship and person to salary taxes, JEPI isn't for you.

If you request to return each your dividends successful rate and walk them, past JEPI isn't for you.

But 3 kinds of investors tin aliases moreover should ain JEPI, arsenic a awesome aliases moreover perfect choice.

  1. Only ain JEPI successful a tax-deferred relationship (a good to awesome prime successful this case)
  2. Roth IRA investors who want a single banal status plan pinch amended returns, yield, and little volatility than a 60/40 (perfect solution)
  3. Tax-deferred (401K, IRA, 403B) investors who want a single banal status plan amended than nan 60/40 AND scheme to donate their full relationship to charity (perfect solution)

If you're 1 of these 3 kinds investors, past JEPI is simply a perchance bully aliases moreover perfect solution for your needs.

However, moreover perfect finance solutions still person pros and cons. You must understand really each ETF you ain useful and its realistic and apt capabilities.

JEPI can't present 12% semipermanent returns and a 12% output that rises each time. But if you cognize what you're buying and bargain it successful a status account? Then you tin bargain confidently that you're making a reasonable and prudent semipermanent finance choice.


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