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Jabra Elite 10 earbuds in beforehand of case.Simon Cohen

On The aforesaid time that Jabra announced its latest procreation of wireless earbuds, The institution has unexpectedly called it quits for The full user audio category. In a press release that cites The rising costs of competition, GN (Jabra’s genitor company) announced its intent to “gradually wind-down its Elite and Talk merchandise lines to further summation attraction and resources connected much charismatic parts of GN’s business.”

The caller Gen 2 products — The Elite 8 Active and Elite 10 Generation 2 — will beryllium The past 2 merchandise introductions in this merchandise line, but they will stay disposable done 2024 and beyond.  A Jabra spokesperson told that “customers will beryllium capable to bargain them in The accustomed online and unit channels, arsenic good arsenic, and products will still beryllium supported passim their lifetime, arsenic normal.”

The decision, in part, is astir refocusing connected different categories for illustration master audio, video and OTC proceeding aids, each of which are areas wherever Jabra has less competitors and commands a overmuch greater marketplace share.

“The markets, person changed complete time,” said GN Store Nord CEO, Peter Karlstromer, “and it is coming our appraisal that we cannot make a adjacent return connected finance compared to The galore different opportunities we person wrong our Hearing, Enterprise, and Gaming businesses.”

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Newest Beats earbuds are conscionable $80, but there’s a catch

Beats Solo Buds in Arctic Purple.

Beats has taken The wraps disconnected its astir affordable wireless earbuds yet. The Solo Buds are priced astatine conscionable $80 -- $70 little than The Beats Studio Buds, which The institution will now discontinue. Though they look conscionable for illustration The Studio Buds (and Studio Buds+), there's nary artillery wrong The Solo Buds' case, which reduces size, weight, and presumably, The price, too.

The Solo Buds were revealed alongside The latest type of Beats' Solo on-ear headphones, The Solo 4. While The headphones Can beryllium ordered correct away, Beats says that The Solo Buds won't beryllium disposable until June, astatine which constituent you'll beryllium capable to bargain them in your prime of 4 colors: Matte Black, Storm Gray, Arctic Purple, and Transparent Red.

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Nothing’s caller earbuds upstage Apple, Google, and Amazon by embedding ChatGPT

Nothing's ChatGPT integration in Nothing OS.

Niche smartphone institution Nothing has 2 caller sets of wireless earbuds that spell aft Apple's AirPods Pro in much ways than one. The Nothing Ear ($149) and Nothing Ear (a) ($99) some connection sound cancellation, hi-res audio, and tight integration pinch Nothing's phones, but they besides supply pinch-to-speak entree to ChatGPT, arguably The astir celebrated AI work in The world.

That's a full-frontal battle connected The 3 awesome sound assistants that presently predominate connected smartphones: Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. These assistants are very Can erstwhile it comes to elemental sound commands for illustration pausing your euphony aliases asking astir The weather, but they haven't kept gait pinch Open AI's ChatGPT, which offers much blase tasks and turn-based conversations.

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Marshall’s latest headphones get 100 hours of artillery life and wireless charging

Marshall Major V headphones.

Marshall has updated its celebrated Major on-ear wireless headphones and Minor wireless earbuds pinch caller features, while keeping The aforesaid authentic Marshall amplifier styling that has earned The marque a batch of customers. The Marshall Major V ($149) and Marshall Minor IV ($129) are disposable for pre-order starting April 16 astatine and will statesman shipping connected April 23.

The Marshall Major V (pictured above) are The company's latest procreation of on-ear wireless headphones. On The outside, there's almost nary measurement to separate them from their predecessors, isolated from possibly for a somewhat deeper achromatic color.

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