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Thesis Summary

Bitcoin (BTC-USD) has started disconnected nan twelvemonth pinch a bang, rallying complete 60%. “Risk-on” assets person been performing well, which tin beryllium explained by nan summation successful world liquidity.

Even though nan Fed whitethorn still person immoderate tightening near to do, from a world perspective, has liquidity bottomed? And if this is nan case, has Bitcoin bottomed?

BTC is very powerfully linked pinch liquidity, which is why holding it during expanding liquidity is truthful important.

Though a bottommost could beryllium in, we request much evidence, and we will get it erstwhile Bitcoin originates its adjacent pull-back.

The Liquidity Tsunami

The tide has changed, and successful 2023 world markets person seen a $1 trillion injection of liquidity.

CB reserves

CB reserves (Citi Research)

This floor plan from Citi Research shows nan alteration successful world CB reserves complete nan years. So acold in 2023, we person seen Central Bank liquidity summation by $1 trillion, pinch nan main culprits being China’s PBoC and Japan’s BoJ.

China is, for nan moment, experiencing below-average inflation, and pinch nan system weakening, nan country’s CB has vowed to support monetary argumentation accommodative. Last week, nan slope already injected 199 cardinal Yuan, $29 billion, via its medium-term lending facility. But that is not all.

The cardinal slope will further fortify financial support for home request and business systems and has vowed to grow nan usage of an instrumentality to support backstage companies' enslaved financing, nan PBOC said connected Wednesday pursuing a gathering connected Friday.


So, plentifulness of liquidity is coming from China and will astir apt proceed to move successful done nan year.

What is little clear, is what nan BoJ will do:

CB Asset Purchases

CB Asset Purchases (Bloomberg)

The BoJ has been forced to aggressively bargain Japanese authorities bonds owed to its output curve power program. As we tin spot successful nan floor plan above, nan BoJ is adding much liquidity than nan Fed is taking retired astatine this point.

However, nan BoJ's activity is changing, Kazuo Ueda is poised to return nan helm, and speculation is he whitethorn scrap nan YCC policy. We will see.

All successful all, it seems that world liquidity could person so bottomed already, aliases it could astatine slightest beryllium close. While nan Fed hasn’t paused yet, it will astir apt do truthful this year, and we besides person different factors successful nan US, for illustration nan usage of nan Reverse Repo Facility, which could lend to loosening financial conditions.

Why You Need Bitcoin

The thought that liquidity could beryllium turning for bully was besides precocious shared by Michael Howell successful an insightful YouTube interview.

If we presume this is nan case, past wherever you want to beryllium complete nan adjacent twelvemonth and possibly longer, is successful equities and high-beta exposure. In different words, “risk-on” assets.

Out of these, Bitcoin is possibly nan champion measurement to go:

BTC and Nasdaq correlation

BTC and Nasdaq relationship (Bloomberg)

Bitcoin has go highly correlated pinch nan Nasdaq (NDX) but offers a overmuch higher return potential.

BTC and NDX performance

BTC and NDX capacity (TradingView)

If we look astatine nan capacity since nan COVID crash, moreover aft +1 twelvemonth of carnivore market, Bitcoin has performed 4x arsenic overmuch arsenic nan Nasdaq. At its peak, Bitcoin was up adjacent 700%, while nan NDX was up a “measly” 75%.

In short, Bitcoin is possibly nan champion plus to seizure gains successful an situation of expanding liquidity.

Bitcoin Outlook: Where Fundamentals Meet Technicals

Following a important rally, I deliberation we should spot a sell-off successful nan adjacent future. This makes consciousness some technically and fundamentally.

Bitcoin Outlook

Bitcoin Outlook (Author's work)

Looking astatine my EWT count, we person 2 imaginable scenarios connected nan table. On nan bullish side, we could opportunity that BTC has already completed 5 waves down. This would mean nan rally towards $25,000 wherever (A) is connected this floor plan would beryllium nan apical of our reddish activity IV, and nan debased astatine $15,500 would beryllium nan extremity of five.

This puts america now astatine an first impulse of nan lows to complete a activity I of this caller bull marketplace rally. My target for this is astir nan $28,000 level based connected fib extensions. Following this, we should spot a retracement successful a activity II which could return america backmost beneath $20,000.

Alternatively, we could caput into caller lows, and count this full building formed since June 2022 arsenic an ABC correction of nan activity IV.

The adjacent pullback is what will find which count we are on. In either case, we should spot immoderate shape of a sell-off successful nan adjacent term, followed by a rally.

This makes consciousness fundamentally too. The markets person rallied powerfully connected little ostentation and nan hopes of a Fed pivot. However, beardown economical information and persistent ostentation could origin nan Fed to raise rates arsenic acold arsenic 6%. This would surely present a daze to markets and astir apt ignite a sell-off.

However, nan Fed will region successful nan medium/long term, and different cardinal banks are already injecting liquidity into nan system. This intends we could beryllium overmuch higher successful nan adjacent 6-12 months.


In conclusion, liquidity is connected nan up, and this is awesome news for Bitcoin stock, which is 1 of nan champion vehicles to seizure returns successful this environment. With that said, immoderate of nan altcoins and moreover crypto-related equities could greatly outperform Bitcoin. I screen each of these successful my marketplace.

Ending connected a statement of caution, and though I americium progressively bullish, there’s nary guarantee that Bitcoin has bottomed, but I americium watching nan signals closely. The dip should beryllium bought, but don’t hide to negociate risk.

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