IFN Vs. INDY: Choosing The Best Fund To Navigate Through The Adani Affair

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During my past thesis connected iShares S&P India Nifty Fifty Index ETF (NASDAQ:INDY), I was optimistic astir Indian equities which had besides managed to outperform nan mighty American S&P 500 comprising some of nan world’s largest publically listed companies.

However, nan "Adani Affair" which started connected January 24 this twelvemonth together pinch nan China Covid reopening seems to person changed investors' sentiment pinch INDY down by astir 2% while nan SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF (SPY) has gained by 2.4% arsenic shown successful nan array below. In contrast, nan India Fund (NYSE:IFN) by Aberdeen has delivered a affirmative capacity which this thesis will analyse successful position of vulnerability to nan Adani group of companies.


Comparison of costs and performances (

Another nonsubjective is to measure really nan 2 world equity ETFs will execute for nan remainder of this twelvemonth by considering factors for illustration ostentation and nan Indian economy, and this, astatine a clip erstwhile nan banal marketplace stands to beryllium impacted by slowdown risks arsenic cardinal bankers raise rates and increment borrowing costs.

The Adani Affair

This matter is named aft nan billionaire astatine nan caput of nan Adani Group (as pictured below), 1 of nan largest business conglomerates successful nan country, ever since nan beardown disapproval of Hindenburg Research, which pertains to nan valuation and nan excessive level of indebtedness of nan group. Hence, since related news was publicized astatine nan extremity of past month, nan group's mixed capitalization has shrunk by much than 100 cardinal dollars pinch reports that Switzerland-based world finance slope and financial services patient Credit Suisse (CS) would nary longer judge bonds linked to Adani's companies arsenic collateral.

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Adani Group of Companies (

Pursuing further, according to Nikkei Asia, nan Adani group's indebtedness constitutes astir 1.2% of nan Indian economy, which is not significant. Also, according to Fitch Ratings, which is an world in installments standing agency, Indian banks’ vulnerability to Adani’s assets does not by itself correspond “substantial consequence to nan bank’s standalone consequence profiles”.

Consequently, contempt nan Adani group itself suffering and apt to suffer much arsenic it has to walk little superior for business expansion purposes and alternatively dedicate much to reimbursing debt, nan outlook for different Indian stocks seems to stay intact. Still, arsenic shown by nan bluish and orangish charts below, connected January 25 some ETFs' stock prices were adversely impacted, implying that location has surely been an adverse effect connected nan broader Indian equities arsenic a consequence of nan contagion effect.


Comparing of Performances (

Going into further details, while some person been impacted, location has been a quality successful nan capacity of INDY and IFN pinch nan second (in orange) outperforming, which is partially explained by its holdings.

Comparing INDY's and IFN's Holdings

As seen successful nan database below, pinch 37.1% of its assets dedicated to nan financial sector, INDY includes a batch of slope stocks. By comparison, IFN has only 28.7% vulnerability to banking and related companies. Thus, portion of nan logic for INDY's underperformance tin beryllium linked to its higher vulnerability to nan financial assemblage which is usually successful nan statement of occurrence erstwhile nan indebtedness of ample companies comes into nan limelight.

Now, coming specifically to vulnerability to Adani’s assets, location is Adani Enterprises and Adani Ports which astatine 0.59% and 0.54% of INDY's weight (as highlighted successful yellowish successful nan array below) respectively dress up an insignificant information of assets. This makes for a mixed weight of 1.14%, but, nan truth that nan ETF’s shares fell by astir 2% betwixt January 26 and 27 suggests that investors person been fearful that nan adverse effect could proceed to beryllium felt further ahead. As a matter of fact, nan ETF suffered by -0.82% connected a year-to-date ground arsenic per nan supra chart.

Table built utilizing information from

INDY's Top 48 Holdings arsenic of February 16, 2023 (/

As for IFN, its shares person besides been impacted during nan volatility astatine nan extremity of January, but, yet recovered pinch nan ETF delivering a year-to-date summation of 3.87%. This little volatility tin beryllium explained by nan truth that it does not clasp immoderate of Adani’s companies arsenic shown below, and aft an first marketplace overreaction aft nan "Adani Affair" surfaced, investors yet weighed successful nan risks much objectively and again trusted nan Aberdeen fund.


IFN Holdings arsenic astatine January 31 2023 (

Comparing Performances and Dividends

On top, IFN's amended capacity tin besides beryllium explained by nan higher dividends it pays, namely pinch a four-year mean output of 17.14% arsenic pictured below. Its existent dividend distribution complaint is 10.77% and it pays shareholders connected a quarterly basis, which are 2 factors that make it peculiarly charismatic to income seekers. On nan different hand, it charges a comparatively precocious disbursal ratio which, astatine supra 1.30% exceeds INDY’s 0.89% by far.


Key capacity indicators (

Relativizing slightly, INDY besides pays dividends and its alternatively constricted vulnerability to nan Adani group of companies does not warrant a bearish position. Also, arsenic I elaborate successful nan adjacent section, spot successful nan Indian system should besides represent an underlying support.

Still, investors are warned that location could beryllium further volatility successful nan ETF's stock value conscionable for illustration erstwhile nan group canceled nan income of $2.5 billion successful caller shares connected January 31 which pushed banal prices down further.

On nan different hand, I americium bullish connected IFN, which has been trading connected a fluctuating way but has managed to enactment astir nan $16 support level since May past year. The ETF could emergence to nan $18-$19 range, which it past visited successful March 2022, by nan extremity of this year, not only owed to its constricted nonstop vulnerability to Adani but besides because of nan resilience of nan Indian system and arsenic geopolitical tensions betwixt America and China escalates pursuing nan formation of a Chinese balloon complete U.S. territory.

At nan aforesaid clip and adopting a much cautionary posture, location are surely those wondering really to proceed successful an economical discourse wherever nan Reserve Bank of India has raised rates six times successful comparatively speedy succession to travel to a full hike of 250 ground points, successful turn, starring to a repo complaint (Indian balanced of Fed Fund rate) of 6.5%.

The Resilience of nan Indian Economy, Valuations, and nan Sweet Spot

In this case, what intelligibly differentiates nan U.S. and India is nan maturation potential. On nan 1 hand, location are risks of a recession successful nan U.S. pinch a soft landing being viewed arsenic a metallic lining, and connected nan other, is nan 7% GDP maturation expected for nan Indian system successful 2023-2024 according to authorities forecasts. In addition, while still having to raise rates to tame rising inflation, nan Indian authorities and nan cardinal slope person managed to debar a surge successful nan user value index.

Thus, nan prize for investing successful IFN would beryllium justified by nan resilience of nan Indian economy, whose maturation is much than nan 3% delivered by Chinese GDP for 2022 arsenic nan East Asian state witnessed its weakest constituent since 1976, undermined by its zero covid policy.

Looking astatine valuations, pinch its price-to-earnings ratio of 21.28x supra nan class mean worth of 17.31x by much than 23%, IFN is considerably overvalued. Its P/E is besides higher than China’s CSI 300 by astir 50%. Now, this valuation premium, which, successful summation to nan Indian economy's maturation imaginable is besides justified by India's saccharine spot betwixt nan U.S. and Russia, arsenic nan state trades pinch both.

Looking deeper, while nan state is an state to nan U.S. and Japan successful their effort to incorporate China, it besides has bully relationships pinch Russia which enables its crude lipid refineries to use from inexpensive Russian lipid which they tin past waste astatine precocious marketplace prices. Along nan aforesaid lines, pinch nan U.S. and China now embroiled successful a tussle complete balloons allegedly utilized for spying purposes, it is little apt for politicians successful Washington to scrutinize nan India-Russia narration astatine this stage.

Concluding pinch Caution

The supra factors should support IFN's capacity passim 2023 and warrant my bullish lawsuit connected nan fund. As for INDY, its 12.24% of vulnerability to power assemblage stocks (as pictured below) deserves to beryllium highlighted successful position of Russia prioritizing nan export of crude lipid to friendly countries including India aft cutting output. This intends nan guaranteed proviso of lipid for Indian refineries astatine a comparatively little costs than erstwhile purchasing connected nan unfastened market.


Comparing IFN's and INDY's sectors (

However, immoderate escalation of nan Ukrainian conflict aliases betterment successful nan American-Chinese narration could put into mobility India's saccharine spot and induce volatility successful lipid stocks, again implying downside risks for INDY.

Therefore, by analyzing some ETFs' vulnerability to nan Adani group of companies whose publically listed companies should proceed to grounds volatility arsenic they recalibrate their maturation strategies, this thesis has shown that an finance successful IFN makes much sense, which is besides charismatic for income seekers.

Finally, sticking to my cautionary tone, it is important to beryllium realistic astir downside risks arsenic much news associated pinch nan Adani Affair hits nan market. In addition, likewise to July 2022, nan astir important root of volatility for Indian equities could simply beryllium investors dumping stocks arsenic they allocate much money to China, this clip arsenic nan reopening of nan state aft nan Covid frost gathers pace.

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