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iCalculator - Calculator iOS 15 - iOS Style Calculator - iPhone Calculator - Minimal Calculator

Phone 13 Calculator is best calculator,but it not for Android. We want you can use it everytime,everywhere, so developed iCalculator .

iCalculator is designed same as iphone's calculator. and it also work same as ios calculator you can use this app to normal calculation it works perfectly. easy and very simple to use.

It's one of the most full-featured calculator apps around - smart calculator, fast calculator, scientific calculator. Includes features such as swiping on the display to delete a number.

This app features the modern design of flat UI of iOS which look like original built-in app. Users can make basic calculation in portrait and handy scientific calculation in landscape.

It provides all scientific functions such as: root, power, factorial, exponential, divisions, and logarithm are supported. Including trigonometric functions like sin, cos, arcsin, arches, tangent, and more.

This Calculator is meant to simplify your life by making your day to day tasks, and your finance, easier to calculate.

It is a must-have for everyone that is used to the original -iphone calculator, and a must-try for everyone curious about the -i os app suite experience.

This iCalculator is using a similar theme to the ios style one, it is similar to the iiphone native scientific calculator

The app has a multitude of features like swipe right to remove, swipe left to undo, the percentage button for quick price adjustment calculus and a lot more.

Landscape mode was added. It can perform scientific calculus.

Calculator i OS is the best tool for your Android phone, simple and easy to use with a OS15, Phone 13 design - the perfect calculator for Android.

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