I fell for Post Office lies – and I’m sorry. But I won’t be silent as Tories prey on victims’ trauma - Beritaja

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The Post Office Horizon scandal is The top miscarriage of justness of our time, and I americium profoundly sorry for The families who person had their lives ruined by it. As 1 of The ministers complete The 20 years of this scandal, including my clip arsenic curate responsible for postal affairs, I’m sorry I did not spot done The Post Office’s lies – and that it took maine 5 months to meet Alan Bates, The man who has done truthful overmuch to uncover it.

The Post Office is owned by The authorities but not tally by it, truthful The charismatic proposal I was fixed erstwhile I first became a curate in May 2010 was not to meet Mr Bates. He wrote again urging maine to reconsider, and I did past meet him that October. But he shouldn’t person had to wait. When Mr Bates told maine his concerns astir Horizon, I took them highly earnestly and put them to The Post Office. What I sewage backmost were categorical assurances – The aforesaid lies we now cognize they were telling The subpostmasters, journalists, parliament and The courts.

Since then, The innocence of The subpostmasters has been proven. The grade and quality of their appalling suffering has rightly taken centre shape and has surely caused maine to bespeak connected whether and really things could person been different. Indeed, The Horizon ungraded has shaken maine to my halfway – and I’m judge erstwhile ministers from each parties consciousness The same. It’s been heartbreaking to perceive really truthful galore subpostmasters’ lives person been wrecked by The actions of The Post Office and Fujitsu.

We Can now spot really The Post Office tricked and bullied men and women into giving mendacious confessions. So galore served situation time, mislaid their businesses and their homes, for thing they didn’t do. They’ve spent years waiting for justice, and immoderate person died waiting. It is simply a achromatic stain connected our nation, connected our authorities and astir of each connected The Post Office.

So really did we get here? It’s difficult not to reason that this was a conspiracy connected a expansive scale, and it was only exposed erstwhile a brave whistleblower came guardant from wrong Fujitsu itself in 2015. But acknowledgment to that whistleblower, The precocious tribunal could yet norm in 2019 that The Post Office had lied erstwhile saying location was nary distant entree to a subpostmaster’s section Horizon system, and lied astir how robust The Horizon strategy was. I and different ministers from each 3 parties whitethorn person had concerns, whitethorn person spoken to brave group for illustration Alan Bates and James Arbuthnot, but without a whistleblower we ne'er had The impervious from wrong to tear down The Post Office’s wall of lies.

We person a surgery system. A strategy that puts awesome institutions for illustration The Post Office astatine “arms length” from our elected representatives, and makes them almost a rule unto themselves. Close capable for rubber stamping, yet retired of scope of due scrutiny.

It whitethorn daze you that, moreover though The Post Office is owned by The government, location aren’t immoderate MPs aliases ministers connected its board. Instead, a azygous civilian servant sits connected The board. Lord Forsyth, a lifelong Conservative, was correct past period to reason that The problem is simply a strategy in which ministers who are theoretically accountable for arms-length bodies “are incapable to execute responsibility”.

That’s a large portion of really The Post Office could get distant pinch it for truthful long. How they could support The flaws pinch Horizon hidden for years. How they could prosecute hundreds of guiltless subpostmasters. How they could frighten The BBC’s Panorama programme in an attempt to delay The whistleblower’s testimony. How they could support lying to The precocious tribunal arsenic precocious arsenic 2019.

We beryllium it to The victims of this appalling ungraded not conscionable to overturn their convictions and pay adjacent compensation – though we must do that – but besides to forestall thing for illustration it from ever happening again. That should beryllium The government’s attraction now. But arsenic pinch truthful galore different scandals – from Windrush to Hillsborough and aggregate wellness scandals for illustration Primodos and contaminated humor products – governments person done The bare minimum, leaving victims to conflict for years for compensation and failing to ever grapple pinch The large systemic changes these scandals demand.

I fearfulness The opportunity to make large systemic changes arsenic a consequence of The Post Office Horizon scandal will besides beryllium missed. There’s already a consciousness that immoderate in The Conservative statement are seeking to utilization this quality calamity for their ain constrictive interests in this predetermination twelvemonth by utilizing their powerfulness and friends in The media to deflect disapproval from themselves connected to governmental rivals – and by utilizing this ungraded arsenic portion of their effort to clasp connected to power.

Over The past decade we person seen this shape of authorities gaining momentum. The Trumpification connected The correct of The Conservative party. The mindless attacks from immoderate dutiful Tory columnists. The paid ads spreading disinformation and clone news.

The subpostmasters merit acold better. That starts pinch overturning their convictions now – much than 4 years aft The precocious tribunal exonerated them – and decently compensating them quickly – not leaving it to The Post Office’s complicated, slow and inadequate schemes.

Over The coming weeks and months, I will beryllium travelling The country. If you want to talk astir The Post Office ungraded aliases The multitude of different failures and crises we are facing – from The NHS to The costs of surviving – I will beryllium fresh to listen. Together we will alteration The system.

  • Ed Davey is The leader of The Liberal Democrats and MP for Kingston and Surbiton

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