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Aventon Abound rider pinch plants and shop bought items connected road.Aventon

Since settling into my life arsenic an “e-bike guy,” I’ve been testing caller bikes near and right. So erstwhile personification suggested trying to switch my car pinch an e-bike for a month, it didn’t return overmuch to person me. With a increasing assortment of bikes astatine my disposal, it sounded breathtaking to situation myself and to find retired conscionable really overmuch of my normal regular could beryllium maintained pinch 2 wheels and a battery.

Though I unrecorded in a agrarian region conscionable extracurricular of Atlanta, my townhome organization is located correct beside a commercialized portion packed pinch restaurants, section stores, banks, and gyms. So while I’ve historically utilized my car to get around, I’ve ever known I could easy scope thing I request connected ft aliases by motorcycle in a specified fewer minutes if needed. Now, it was clip to put that knowledge into action.

Week 1: Growing pains and happy kids

Aventon Abound / Billy Givens

We unrecorded beside a paved way that spans much than 60 miles, and intersects pinch astir each of The awesome roads in town. Because of this, The first week was astir apt The slightest breathtaking of them all, arsenic I heavy relied connected The way to debar engaged streets while I acclimated to cycling much frequently. 

Unconstrained by this experiment, my woman was occasionally still picking up meal and groceries pinch her car, particularly erstwhile The upwind was unsmooth (more connected that below). But aft a fewer days, I yet opted to effort a market tally pinch my Aventon Abound, a cargo motorcycle that came pinch immoderate optional panniers for conscionable that type of occasion. I had nary issues strapping connected a fewer cases of sodas aliases h2o and stuffing The panniers pinch food, and I was backmost location and unloading it each in conscionable a fewer minutes.

My Abound came equipped pinch an optional bamboo committee and handrail for The rear rack, which allowed maine to return our friends’ mini boy — who is ever eager to subordinate in connected immoderate nosy location is to beryllium had — connected a thrust astir The neighborhood. Since they unrecorded only a fewer doors down, this quickly became a routine, and this helped maine recognize that cargo bikes are fantabulous options for folks who request to bring small ones pinch them connected their trips.

Now that I was in The plaything of things, it each felt truthful elemental and seamless. Would switching to a motorcycle full-time really beryllium this easy?

Week 2: rainfall aliases shine, but preferably shine

Rain / Billy Givens

After a week, I started gravitating much toward versatile bikes for illustration The Velotric Nomad 1 and Rad Power Bikes Radster Trail. Though they’re classified arsenic off-road bikes, I loved really they were besides exceedingly Can commuter options. Their wider tires and amended suspension were preferable for immoderate of The poorly maintained roads in my town, and they offered maine a moderately longer scope than immoderate of The different bikes.

I was spending a important magnitude of clip retired and astir pinch each of them for some errands and way rides, and it was keeping maine energized — moreover if my limb muscles were reminding maine of really retired of style I’d become.

Fenders and fat tires besides made them amended for riding in Georgia’s emblematic outpouring showers. But that didn’t alteration The truth that getting rained connected is 1 of The biggest downsides to exclusively utilizing a motorcycle for travel. The 2 times I ran errands in immoderate rain, I recovered that The sensation of being soaked and having my apparel instrumentality to maine was utter torture. 

Rain cogwheel could nary uncertainty person mitigated astatine slightest immoderate of my comfortableness issues, but it still felt vulnerable to thrust in heavier rainstorms owed to visibility being reduced for everyone connected The road. It besides wasn’t nosy contending pinch puddles without knowing if a heavy pothole was lurking beneath them. And since braking required much lead clip and little unit to guarantee I didn’t skid, I had to beryllium moreover much mindful astir my velocity and surroundings. 

During my period of e-biking, I opted to conscionable postpone thing other I planned to do connected rainy days. While taking disconnected in a large wind is decidedly viable pinch The correct cogwheel and an abundance of caution, this feline is happy to spell backmost to The comfortableness of 4 wheels and a windshield erstwhile The upwind is looking grim.

Week 3: everyone has a type

Revv1Bruce Brown

I started moving errands pinch my Himiway A7 Pro during The 3rd week. It was an fantabulous commuter motorcycle action that was enjoyable to thrust astir town, but since my woman was smitten pinch its acheronian orangish colour and soft ride, it didn’t return agelong earlier she co-opted it. Suddenly, a mates way rides per week turned into astir regular outings.

Watching my woman go progressively willing in getting retired and astir erstwhile she sewage her hands connected “the prettiest one” taught maine a valuable statement astir choosing an e-bike: aesthetics matter. While there’s nary denying that function, safety, and comfortableness should beryllium apical priorities, picking a motorcycle that fits your vibe arsenic overmuch arsenic it does your mechanical needs is apt to make you want to thrust it moreover more.

All of that being said, arsenic personification pinch chronic symptom issues in less-than-ideal places, I’m a comfort-first benignant of guy. And though I recovered astir of The modular e-bikes I’d been testing had cushy seats that didn’t origin arsenic overmuch symptom arsenic I was utilized to connected inexpensive department-store bikes, I was thrilled erstwhile a Ride1Up Revv1 showed up connected my doorstep pinch its motorcycle-style saddle.

The Revv1 almost instantly became my favourite of each The bikes I had been testing, arsenic it offers The astir comfortableness and a genuinely thrilling riding experience. I was besides often getting stopped by folks astir The vicinity and in municipality asking maine astir The motorcycle owed to its old-school moped-style design, proving moreover further that looks play a large portion in an e-bike’s appeal. 

The downside to The moped shape factor, however, is that it makes pedaling little comfortable, owed to The little seating position that can’t beryllium adjusted. So I was still breaking retired my different bikes for family way treks and fitness-focused outings. But erstwhile I was tired and didn’t consciousness for illustration putting in overmuch activity connected a basking day, The Revv1’s throttle-focused thrust was conscionable what I needed.

Week 4: picnic dinners and nary clear winners

Aventon Abound

By week four, my woman and I had afloat settled into a caller routine. Our post-work evenings were seldom conscionable eating dinners in beforehand of The TV for illustration days past. Instead, we were typically riding to drawback meal connected a patio aliases taking advantage of panniers (bike bags) to bring meals for picnics. Whether intentionally aliases subconsciously, this incentivized america to eat healthier in general, excessively — which was bully because riding a motorcycle aft a huge, greasy repast isn’t peculiarly pleasant.

And that leads maine to my biggest takeaways from 30 days of e-biking: It’s not only nosy and convenient — it’s a awesome introduction constituent for improving your health. I spent importantly little clip indoors, recovered nosy caller ways to bask my town, and moreover mislaid immoderate weight. Sure, I was excited to return to The comfortableness and convenience my car provides, but I nary longer spot it arsenic my only feasible (or moreover preferred) method of travel. 

Though I had a fewer favorites, each motorcycle I’d tested was a joyousness to ride, and I was overjoyed to person The opportunity to acquisition them each and study moreover much astir really each stands retired in circumstantial scenarios. Whether it’s holding down a throttle to zip astir town, utilizing a cargo motorcycle to drawback groceries, aliases conscionable mounting disconnected for leisurely way rides pinch my beautiful wife, e-bikes person wholly changed my life for The better. Here’s to galore much years of 2 wheels and a battery.

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