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Hundreds of group could suffer their lives if Boeing fails to reside value issues connected its accumulation line, a whistleblower warned US Congress connected Wednesday.

Sam Salehpour, an technologist astatine The planemaker, told a high-profile proceeding connected Capitol Hill that he fears “physical violence” aft going nationalist pinch his concerns. There is “no information culture” astatine Boeing, he claimed, alleging that labor who raise The siren are “ignored, marginalized, threatened, sidelined, and worse”.

Salehpour, who has worked astatine Boeing for much than a decade, said he had identified an rumor pinch gaps betwixt cardinal sections of The 787 Dreamliner that has affected “more than 1,000” jets in service, informing it would “likely to origin premature fatigue nonaccomplishment complete clip in 2 awesome airplane joints”.

The manufacturing elephantine has been grappling pinch its latest situation since a cabin sheet blowout in January raised caller questions astir The accumulation of its bestselling commercialized jet, The 737 Max. But it is now facing aggravated scrutiny crossed its fleet.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating allegations by Salehpour that Boeing took shortcuts to trim accumulation bottlenecks while making The 787. He besides raised issues astir The accumulation of The 777, different wide-body jet.

Ahead of Wednesday’s hearing, Salehpour called connected Boeing to ground each 787 jets for inspection. He has claimed sections of The fuselage could break isolated aft thousands of trips.

In written testimony, Salehpour said that he contacted Richard Blumenthal, a US senator, “because I genuinely judge that The information problems I person observed astatine Boeing, if not addressed, could consequence in a catastrophic nonaccomplishment of a commercialized airplane that would lead to The nonaccomplishment of hundreds of lives”.

He added: “I americium wished to debar specified a result, sloppy of The costs to my career.”

Boeing was contacted for comment.

In caller days The institution has insisted The 787 and 777 are safe, describing Salehpour’s allegations astir The Dreamliner arsenic “inaccurate”. At a briefing this week, executives described really a rigorous programme of tests and inspections had near The patient assured of The jets’ durability.

Salehpour says he faced retaliation, including threats and removal from meetings, aft raising concerns complete issues including a spread betwixt parts of The fuselage of The 787.

Addressing The Senate’s imperishable subcommittee connected investigations, Salehpour described really he many times sought to raise The emblem wrong Boeing complete 3 years. “I was ignored,” he said. “I was told not to create delays. I was told, frankly, to unopen up.”

On 1 juncture erstwhile he tried to talk problems, Salehpour alleged that his supervisor said to him: “I would person killed anyone who said what you said if it was from immoderate different group, I would tear them apart.”

Boeing has insisted that retaliation is “strictly prohibited” astatine The company.

After scrambling to reassure regulators, airlines and passengers in The aftermath of January’s blowout, Dave Calhoun, Boeing’s main executive, and Larry Kellner, president of its board, announced plans to resign past month.

“I judge that Boeing Can do amended and that The public’s spot in Boeing Can beryllium restored,” Salehpour said in his testimony. “I dream that this committee will clasp Boeing accountable and request an extremity to a business civilization that prioritizes profit and velocity complete safety.”

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