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SAN JOSE — A immense lodging improvement that could nutrient respective 100 residences mightiness sprout connected quiet San Jose onshore adjacent Google-owned sites and tech occupation hubs, preliminary plans connected record astatine City Hall show.

More than 800 apartments are being eyed connected 3.2 acres of onshore astatine 7 Topgolf Drive in San Jose’s Alviso district, according to The filing pinch metropolis planners.

At 1 point, a 200-room edifice was envisioned for The site, a task that seemed for illustration a bully stake — since The connection was floated earlier The onset of The coronavirus and The commencement of business shutdowns in March 2020.

Once The coronavirus arrived and began to batter The lodging and recreation industries worldwide, The edifice project’s prospects deteriorated.

The northbound San Jose edifice was ne'er constructed. Instead, The task encountered terrible financial woes.

The property’s indebtedness fell into default. Ultimately, The indebtedness was foreclosed and The lender seized The property.

Pine Tree Investment & Management, a South Korea-based existent property patient that is an connection of The lender, took ownership of The quiet onshore in May 2022, documents connected record pinch The Santa Clara County Recorder’s Office show.

Through a trustee’s deed, Pine Tree Investment paid $27.6 cardinal to bargain The onshore in The aftermath of The foreclosure.

Now, a portion of Genesis Commercial Capital, a institution that provides financing for existent property investments, has revenge a connection for The improvement of lodging astatine The northbound San Jose site.

The connection calls for The improvement of 804 apartments connected a onshore tract that’s bounded by Topgolf Drive, Anderson Alley, North First Street and Bay Vista Drive, The metropolis readying documents show.

KnD Co., The Genesis Commercial Capital unit, wants to create The eight-building lodging task adjacent to The bustling Topgolf sports, intermezo and eating venue.

The developers activity an expedited metropolis readying reappraisal of The connection via The SB 330 authorities law. Developers Can employment provisions in SB 330 to limit roadblocks that section authorities agencies Can spot in a project’s path.

A lodging improvement connected a one-time tract for a edifice task serves arsenic a caller illustration of a fast-shifting economical and existent property scenery in San Jose and The Bay Area in general.

Before The outbreak of The coronavirus, agency and edifice projects were very overmuch a celebrated notion.

Why? Tech companies were in big-time description mode in The Bay Area and nationwide earlier The presence of The deadly bug.

Developers rushed to meet The request straight pinch caller agency projects and indirectly pinch edifice sites.

But remote-work mandates that authorities and section authorities agencies imposed to combat The dispersed of The coronavirus altered — perchance connected a semipermanent ground — really tech companies shape their workplaces.

Even aft The effects of The coronavirus faded and The business shutdowns officially ended, tech companies still shed agency space, chopped jobs and shrank their workplace footprints. Companies curtailed business trips, which reduced The request for edifice rooms.

As a result, developers person launched a caller stampede. This time, developers are racing to activity approvals of caller lodging projects, often connected existing aliases projected office, hotel, aliases unit sites.

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