HubSpot, Inc. (HUBS) Q4 2022 Earnings Call Transcript

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HubSpot, Inc. (NYSE:HUBS) Q4 2022 Earnings Conference Call February 16, 2023 4:30 PM ET

Company Participants

Chuck MacGlashing - Head, Investor Relations

Yamini Rangan - Chief Executive Officer

Dharmesh Shah - Co-Founder and CTO

Kate Bueker - Chief Financial Officer

Conference Call Participants

Samad Samana - Jefferies

Mark Murphy - JPMorgan

Brent Bracelin - Piper Sandler

Terry Tillman - Truist

Gabriela Borges - Goldman Sachs

Rishi Jaluria - RBC

Alex Zukin - Wolfe Research

Michael Turits - Key Capital

Brian Peterson - Raymond James

Brad Sills - Bank of America

Josh Reilly - Needham & Company

Adam Holt - BMO

Elizabeth Porter - Morgan Stanley

Michael Berg - Wells Fargo

Arjun Bhatia - William Blair


Good afternoon. And convey you for attending today’s HubSpot Q4 and Fiscal Year 2022 Earnings Conference Call. My sanction is Daniel, and I will beryllium your moderator for today’s call. All lines will beryllium muted during nan position information of nan telephone pinch an opportunity for questions-and-answers astatine nan end. [Operator Instructions]

It is now my pleasance to manus nan convention complete to our host, Chuck MacGlashing, Head of Investor Relations. Chuck, nan level is yours.

Chuck MacGlashing

Thanks, Operator. Good afternoon. And invited to HubSpot’s 4th fourth and fiscal twelvemonth 2022 net convention call. Today, we will beryllium discussing nan results announced successful nan property merchandise that was issued aft nan marketplace closed. With maine connected nan telephone this day is Yamini Rangan, our Chief Executive Officer; Dharmesh Shah, our Co-Founder and CTO; and Kate Bueker, our Chief Financial Officer.

Before we start, I’d for illustration to tie your attraction to nan Safe Harbor connection included successful today’s property release. During this call, we will make statements related to our business that whitethorn beryllium considered forward-looking wrong nan meaning of Section 27A of nan Securities Exchange Act of 1933 arsenic amended and Section 21E of nan Securities Exchange Act of 1934 arsenic amended.

All statements different than statements of humanities truth are forward-looking statements, including those regarding management’s expectations of early financial and operational capacity and operational expenditures, nan expected effect of nan restructuring, expected growth, FX movement and business outlook, including our financial guidance for nan first fiscal 4th and afloat twelvemonth 2023.

Forward-looking statements bespeak our views only arsenic of coming and isolated from arsenic required by law, we undertake nary responsibility to update aliases revise these forward-looking statements. Please mention to cautionary connection successful today’s property merchandise and our Form 10-K, which will beryllium revenge pinch nan SEC this day for a chat of nan risks and uncertainties that could origin results to disagree materially from expectations.

During nan people of today’s call, we will mention to definite non-GAAP financial measures arsenic defined by Regulation G. The GAAP financial measurement astir straight comparable to each non-GAAP financial measurement utilized aliases discussed and a reconciliation of nan differences betwixt specified measures tin beryllium recovered wrong our 4th fourth and fiscal twelvemonth 2022 net property merchandise successful nan Investor Relations conception of our website.

Now it’s my pleasance to move complete nan telephone to HubSpot’s Chief Executive Officer, Yamini Rangan. Yamini?

Yamini Rangan

Thank you, Chuck, and invited to everyone joining america connected nan call. Today, I want to attraction connected our Q4 results, bespeak connected 2022 and stock our strategy for driving profitable maturation going forward.

Before we get started, I want to admit nan restructuring announcement we conscionable made 2 weeks ago, wherever we decided to portion ways pinch astir 500 HubSpotters. This was nan astir difficult determination successful HubSpot’s history and not 1 we took lightly, but 1 we judge is successful nan champion liking of nan institution complete nan long-term. I will talk further astir nan rationale and nan effect successful a fewer minutes.

Now connected to our results. Q4 gross grew 35% year-over-year successful changeless rate and afloat twelvemonth 2022 gross grew 39% successful changeless currency. Our operating profit separator was 14% successful Q4 and 10% for nan afloat year.

Total customers grew 24% to complete 167,000 globally. Our bimodal strategy is intelligibly working. We saw beardown nett customer adds of 8,400 successful Q4 driven by a beardown 4th of free CRM sign-ups, CMS Hub Free, which continues to unfastened up our distribution channels, and nan Starter Suite, which is delivering much worth done amended automation.

At nan aforesaid time, we besides person momentum upmarket wherever we are delivering clear worth for larger customers. In fact, ample deals were nan fastest increasing area of our business successful Q4. These results show that HubSpot’s connected, easy-to-use, powerful level is ngo captious for our customers.

In position of nan request environment, I talked successful November astir what we are seeing pinch customers, including longer woody cycles, much determination makers and accrued fund scrutiny. While these trends and macro pressures persisted passim Q4, they did not get materially worse.

We proceed to navigate this situation by demonstrating nan worth HubSpot tin present and we are progressively becoming nan level of choice. We saw much multi-hub deals pinch nan operation shifting moreover much to 3 and 5 hub deals. I americium pleased pinch really we proceed to lick for nan customer pinch merchandise innovation, while executing against our strategical priorities passim 2022.

Now reflecting connected 2022, it genuinely was a roller-coaster of a year. Much for illustration our peers, we knowledgeable a cleanable large wind of uncertain macro, tighter customer budgets and longer determination making cycles.

As I talk to our customers, a fewer shifts are progressively clear. SMBs are doubling down connected digital. Their businesses are now built connected integer compared to pre-pandemic. They are not turning back.

But alternatively of operating successful a bargain first, understand worth later mode, they are now successful a understand worth profoundly by cautiously mode. HubSpot has ever resonated pinch customers because we present easy-to-buy, easy-to-use and easy-to-manage solutions.

Now successful this environment, we are focused connected helping our customers thrust invention and ratio pinch a speedy clip to worth pinch customers taking nether 8 weeks connected mean to activate and spot value.

Throughout 2022, we had 2 cardinal areas of focus; maintaining our accelerated gait of merchandise invention while driving accordant results. On nan merchandise side, invention was conscionable cranking. We relaunched Service Hub, added CMS Hub Free and launched hundreds of caller enhancements to meet our customer’s evolving needs.

Three areas I want to highlight; we drove much omni-channel execution pinch launches for illustration our WhatsApp integration; much intelligence and insights pinch customer travel analytics and Campaigns 2.0; and much connected commerce pinch costs subjects, recurring ACH and costs schedules.

It was a grounds twelvemonth of invention capped disconnected by being rated by G2 arsenic nan number 1 world package institution successful 2023 and nan number 1 merchandise successful some Marketing and Sales. Just awesome nickname and a beardown testament to nan advancement we are making connected driving innovation.

Also, I americium happy to denote that we are promoting Andy Pitre to lead our merchandise statement arsenic EVP of Product and User Experience. Andy has had an unthinkable power connected our merchandise complete nan past 13 years astatine HubSpot. He is 1 of nan very early merchandise leaders who drove nan CRM level vision, was nan encephalon down Operations Hub and is exceptionally customer-centric.

Andy will beryllium filling nan domiciled formerly held by Steph Cuthbertson, who made a individual determination to measurement down arsenic Chief Product Officer astatine nan extremity of 2022. I want to convey Steph for her contributions to HubSpot and wish her nan very best.

In position of go-to-market execution, arsenic customer behaviour shifted successful 2022, we adopted. We leaned much heavy into full costs of ownership and sewage moreover amended astatine communicating nan tremendous worth of HubSpot.

We did much squad trading and delivered clear messaging to nan aggregate buyers and personas that are now portion of nan buying process. In short, we stepped up to nan challenge, executed good and helped our customers navigate choppy waters.

Now let’s displacement gears to 2023. Our continued attraction is connected driving profitable growth, maintaining agility and executing efficiently. I americium assured successful our expertise to usually navigate uncertain times but besides to look stronger.

Here are immoderate of nan decisions we person made to thief thrust semipermanent profitable growth. First, successful January, we announced plans to trim our workforce by 7% and consolidate our facilities. We made this determination to thoughtfully align our group and resources to strategical business needs.

We are besides optimizing our existent property portfolio to amended align pinch nan needs of our hybrid workforce. These changes will thief america thrust profitable maturation and alteration america to put much successful invention that solves for our customers agelong into nan future.

We are besides taking steps to thrust much ratio complete nan long-term. Specifically, we are looking astatine aggregate areas wrong income and marketing. On nan nonstop income side, we are investing successful systems and automation to amended rep productivity internally. We are continuing our travel connected product-led growth, some to standard nan debased extremity of our business pinch Starter and to thrust request for Pro and Enterprise successful a much businesslike manner.

On nan partner side, we are making important changes to our committee building to align partner incentives pinch customer value. We are leaning into amended reward partners who root demand, who co-sell alongside america and prosecute profoundly pinch our customers. These are multiyear initiatives and will lead to a much businesslike direct, merchandise led and partner income motions that group america up for profitable maturation and separator description .

I want to wrap up by sharing our strategical objectives for 2023. While nan situation whitethorn beryllium uncertain, we run successful monolithic markets and are confidently pursuing our extremity of becoming nan number 1 CRM level for scaling companies.

Our first nonsubjective is to go nan SMB marketplace stock leader successful marketing, income and service. We are laser-focused connected these 3 mega markets and we will alteration much upmarket customers to adopt HubSpot pinch easier customization, greater extensibility and amended governance capabilities.

We will thief our customers thrust gross done improved customer journeys and greater rep effectiveness. And we will thin into omni-channel by expanding channels to service nan changing needs of our customers.

Our adjacent nonsubjective is to proceed connected our travel to toggle shape B2B commerce. We launched HubSpot Payments a small complete a twelvemonth agone and early customer liking person been beardown contempt nan macro environment.

This year, arsenic we proceed to ramp, we will beryllium focused connected driving greater consciousness of our commerce capabilities and summation customer adoption, while adding cardinal functionality for illustration autochthonal invoices, elastic billing and elastic costs processing that our customers need.

Third, we will double down connected our bimodal strategy. Our strategy of focusing connected measurement of customer adds astatine nan debased end, while expanding nan worth of customers astatine nan precocious extremity is working.

We launched CMS Free, introduced self-guided demos, moved automation down to our Starter version and optimized sign-ups. These initiatives drove results, and we added complete 30,000 nett caller customers past year, pinch nan mostly landing connected nan Starter CRM Suite and expanding beyond. We will proceed to find imaginative ways to make it moreover easier for customers to get started pinch HubSpot and get worth retired of our level quickly.

Our last nonsubjective is to build a precocious performing, sustainable and equitable company. We are focused connected foundational investments that tin thief america standard better. That includes amended coaching and improvement for apical talent, amended capacity culture, amended systems and amended hybrid connection.

We cognize erstwhile we put successful our employees’ maturation we will thrust amended outcomes for our customers and for HubSpot. We person a clear opportunity up to thrust worth for our customers and we person nan correct strategy successful spot to thrust profitable growth.

With that, I will manus it complete to our CFO, Kate Bueker, to return you done our financial and operating results.

Kate Bueker

Thanks, Yamini. Let’s move to our Q4 and afloat twelvemonth 2022 financial results. Fourth 4th gross grew 35% year-over-year successful changeless rate and 27% connected an as-reported basis. Q4 subscription gross grew 28% year-over-year, while services and different gross accrued 8% connected an as-reported basis.

Full twelvemonth 2022 gross grew 39% year-over-year successful changeless rate and 33% arsenic reported. Full twelvemonth subscription gross grew 34% year-over-year, while services and different gross decreased 5%, again some connected an as-reported basis.

Domestic gross grew 31% year-over-year successful Q4, while world gross maturation was 38% successful changeless rate and 23% arsenic reported. International gross represented 45% of full gross successful Q4.

We added complete 8,400 nett caller customers successful nan quarter, bringing our full customer count to 167,000, up 24% year-over-year. Starter CRM Suite continued to substance our beardown nett adds again successful Q4.

Average subscription gross per customer grew 9% year-over-year successful changeless rate and 3% connected an as-reported ground to $11,200. The superior driver of this spot continues to beryllium nan take of aggregate hubs by master and endeavor customers. We maintained a patient gross retention complaint successful nan precocious 80s successful Q4 arsenic customers proceed to position HubSpot’s level arsenic mission-critical.

Net gross retention was 107% successful Q4, down 2 points sequentially, driven by continued customer optimization of HubSpot spend. As I person mentioned successful nan past fewer quarters, we proceed to expect nett gross retention to stay pressured arsenic a consequence of nan challenging macro environment.

Deferred gross arsenic of nan extremity of December was $546 million, a 25% summation year-over-year. Calculated billings were $542 cardinal successful Q4, increasing 29% year-over-year successful changeless rate and 26% arsenic reported. The remainder of my comments will mention to non-GAAP measures, isolated from by comments relating to restructuring charges.

Q4 gross separator was 84%, up 2 points year-over-year. Subscription gross separator was 86% successful Q4, while services and different gross separator was antagonistic 14%. Full twelvemonth gross separator was 83%, again up 2 points year-over-year. Subscription gross separator was 85%, while services and different gross separator was antagonistic 29%.

Q4 operating separator was 14% and afloat twelvemonth operating separator was 10%, some up compared to 2021. Q4 operating separator benefited from nan effect of slower hiring and reduced discretionary spending that we implemented successful nan 2nd half of 2022. Net income successful Q4 was $57 cardinal aliases $1.11 per afloat diluted share.

At nan extremity of nan 4th quarter, we had astir 7,400 employees, up 26% year-over-year and up somewhat sequentially. This does not see our caller workforce simplification of astir 500 employees.

CapEx, including capitalized package improvement costs was $19 cardinal aliases 4% of gross successful Q4 and $82 cardinal aliases 5% of gross for nan afloat year. Free rate travel successful nan 4th was $71 cardinal aliases 15% of gross and $191 cardinal aliases 11% of gross for nan afloat year. Finally, our rate and marketable securities totaled $1.5 cardinal astatine nan extremity of December.

Now earlier I dive into guidance, I wanted to supply a spot much discourse regarding our caller restructuring. As Yamini indicated, this wasn’t a determination we made lightly, but it is 1 that we judge will amended align our group pinch our strategical needs and thief position HubSpot arsenic a much businesslike and agile company.

Our headcount reductions let america to proceed to put against a number of strategical business needs, including merchandise invention and systems and automation to standard amended successful a hybrid world. We are besides taking steps to optimize our existent property portfolio to amended service our hybrid worker guidelines by consolidating leases, including our Davenport office building successful Cambridge.

As we outlined successful nan 8-K filing a fewer weeks ago, we expect to incur charges successful a scope of $72 cardinal to $105 cardinal successful relationship pinch nan restructuring. We expect nan mostly of worker severance costs to beryllium incurred successful nan first quarter, while nan lease consolidation costs are expected to beryllium incurred passim 2023. These charges and related rate expenditures will beryllium excluded from our non-GAAP operating profit, operating rate travel and free rate travel results.

And pinch that, let’s reappraisal our guidance for nan first 4th and afloat twelvemonth of 2023. As we person discussed, nan macro situation remains challenging. The customer behaviour we are seeing coming is very akin to Q4, tighter budgets, deals taking longer to adjacent and much group progressive successful nan support process. Our guidance assumes that these weaker macroeconomic conditions persist passim 2023.

For nan first quarter, full as-reported gross is expected to beryllium successful nan scope of $473 cardinal to $475 million, up 20% year-over-year astatine nan midpoint. We expect overseas speech to beryllium a 4-point headwind to as-reported gross maturation successful nan first quarter.

Non-GAAP operating profit is expected to beryllium betwixt $45 cardinal and $47 million. We expect overseas speech to beryllium a 1-point headwind to operating profit separator successful nan first quarter. Non-GAAP diluted nett income per stock is expected to beryllium betwixt $0.82 and $0.84. This assumes 51.5 cardinal afloat diluted shares outstanding.

And for nan afloat twelvemonth of 2023, full as-reported gross is expected to beryllium successful nan scope of $2.05 cardinal to $2.06 billion, up 19% year-over-year astatine nan midpoint aliases 20% successful changeless currency, including a overseas speech headwind of 1-point for nan afloat year.

Non-GAAP operating profit is expected to beryllium betwixt $248 cardinal and $252 million. We now expect overseas speech to beryllium a flimsy headwind to as-reported operating profit separator for nan afloat twelvemonth of 2023. Non-GAAP diluted nett income per stock is expected to beryllium betwixt $4.24 and $4.32. This assumes 52.2 cardinal afloat diluted shares outstanding.

As you set your models, support successful mind nan following. Most of nan operating separator summation we expect from our restructuring will beryllium realized successful Q2 done Q4 of 2023 and is included successful our guidance.

We expect non-GAAP operating profit separator to beryllium betwixt 9% and 10% successful nan first and 2nd quarters, low-double digits successful nan 3rd 4th and high-teens successful nan 4th quarter. We expect CapEx arsenic a percent of gross to beryllium astir 5% and free rate travel to beryllium astir $225 cardinal for nan afloat twelvemonth of 2023 pinch seasonally stronger free rate travel successful Q1 and Q4.

And pinch that, I will manus things backmost complete to Yamini for her closing remarks.

Yamini Rangan

Thank you truthful much, Kate. As I look ahead, we person a clear semipermanent imagination to go nan number 1 CRM level for scaling companies and a focused strategy successful 2023 to make advancement connected that vision. Our customers proceed to dangle connected HubSpot and we are much motivated than ever to thief them grow.

We besides person a clear strategy to thrust profitable maturation semipermanent and thoughtful changes we are making to build a much businesslike company. All of this makes maine assured successful HubSpot’s future. I want to convey our labor for their adaptability and continued attraction connected solving for our customers. I want to convey our customers, our partners and our shareholders for your support.

With that, Operator, let’s unfastened up nan telephone for questions.

Question-and-Answer Session


Certainly. [Operator Instructions] The first mobility comes from nan statement of Samad Samana of Jefferies. Please proceed.

Samad Samana

The first FY 2023 guidance is besides very patient considering nan macro environment. How should we deliberation astir what -- yeah?

Chuck MacGlashing

Yeah. Sorry, we didn’t perceive nan first portion of -- yeah, we missed nan first portion of that. Could you possibly commencement complete for us? Thanks.

Samad Samana

Yeah. Sorry. Yeah. Sorry, I was saying that, it was an awesome 2022 nether reliable circumstances and nan first 2023 guidance is besides very patient considering nan macro environment. How should we deliberation astir what’s considered successful nan guidance erstwhile we comparison it to your comments successful nan caller shareholder letter, nan missive to labor astir perchance tougher times up and does it facet successful nan effect from nan areas that will beryllium deemphasized pursuing nan layoff?

Yamini Rangan

Hey, Samad. Thanks a batch for your question. So possibly -- this is Yamini. Maybe I will commencement pinch nan strategical rationale for nan layoff and past springiness a small spot of colour successful position of request and past Kate tin reply nan mobility connected guidance.

In position of nan layoff, this was nan astir difficult determination we had to make successful HubSpot’s history and thing that we did not return lightly. And if we measurement back, this is not simply a short-term cost-cutting decision. This was a strategical realignment of our group and investments truthful we tin thrust semipermanent profitable growth.

And location are 2 reasons why we sewage to this decision. The first is that we had areas wrong nan business wherever headcount had grown faster than revenue, areas for illustration recruiting and services, and moreover erstwhile we see 2023 growth, we had that excess capacity. So we wanted to guarantee that our group and our resources are intelligibly aligned to nan maturation successful 2023 and our strategy successful 2023.

The 2nd rationale is that we want to put thoughtfully successful cardinal areas of nan business to thrust profitable maturation complete nan adjacent decade. We want to put successful merchandise invention truthful we tin thrust customer outcomes and look stronger from nan cycle. We want to put internally successful our ain systems and automation wherever we find location are manual processes truthful we tin beryllium moreover much businesslike and innovative arsenic a company. So those were nan 2 reasons why we sewage to this difficult decision.

Now you mentioned nan worker missive and nan remark that we person made successful position of nan request environment. Look, request situation successful Q4 remained very accordant pinch what we shared successful Q3.

We saw woody cycles lengthening. We saw much decision-makers involved. We saw much scrutiny of deals and budgets earlier approvals. Q4 did not get better, but it did not get materially worse and truthful what we person assumed is that nan request situation will stay challenging going into 2023.

Kate Bueker

Yeah. And Samad, I will conscionable follow-up pinch Yamini’s comments astir really we thought astir guidance. The baseline presumption successful our 2023 guidance is accordant pinch Yamini’s explanation of nan environment, which is, it stays difficult, but it remains very accordant pinch what we saw passim Q3. It doesn’t get materially amended and it doesn’t get materially worse.

Now that said, arsenic you know, we ever effort to group guidance that contemplates a assortment of outcomes and we did nan aforesaid point this time. And truthful we consciousness bully astir our guidance pinch that group of guidelines lawsuit assumptions, but we besides consciousness bully astir that guidance moreover if nan outer situation gets a small spot worse from here.


Thank you. The adjacent mobility comes from nan statement of Mark Murphy of JPMorgan. Please proceed.

Mark Murphy

Yeah. Thank you very overmuch and I will echo my congrats connected nan expertise to navigate this situation retired there. I americium wondering, if possibly successful immoderate pockets, you mightiness person noticed immoderate alteration successful nan purchaser behaviour successful nan past 3 months aliases 4 months. Basically since we started to spot immoderate of nan cooler CPI ostentation data, I americium conscionable funny if that improvement mightiness beryllium sporadically loosening up immoderate conversations. I cognize you are saying nan situation was conscionable arsenic reliable wide successful Q4, but do you deliberation thing could beryllium changing connected nan separator arsenic we caput into nan outpouring and summertime aliases do you deliberation that, that will return much time?

Yamini Rangan

Yeah. Mark, this is Yamini. Thanks a batch for your question. And look, I think, overall, nan request situation has remained consistent. It’s not gotten amended and it’s not gotten materially worse.

As we looked astatine our pipeline, now our pipelines thin to beryllium conscionable existent quarter, adjacent quarter, location are a mates of things that we are seeing astatine nan margin, right? Short-cycle deals, ones that are typically created successful period and closed successful months and they thin to beryllium successful nan little extremity of our segments are continuing to support velocity. So we spot reasonable velocity there.

Longer-cycle deals that typically thin to beryllium upmarket are taking conscionable a small longer to close, and again, this is because of much decision-makers involved, much benignant of be aware successful position of looking astatine nan budget. And truthful that’s nan possibly insignificant alteration aliases displacement that I would opportunity successful position of nan types of deals.

Now if I look astatine pipeline, I person been talking to customers a batch much successful Q3, Q4 and going into Q1, location are fewer kinds of characteristics of what we spot wrong nan pipeline, customers attraction a batch astir clip to value.

The number 1 mobility that I get, we get, is really quickly tin we migrate, what is nan worth and really quickly americium I going to get location and HubSpot is resonating because we tin present worth successful a matter of weeks, not months.

The 2nd point that we are seeing is group attraction astir driving productivity and a tight alignment betwixt trading and sales. This is nan twelvemonth wherever driving clear productivity crossed trading and income and getting overmuch amended visibility connected nan customer’s matter and truthful we statesman to spot that successful nan pipeline.

And then, finally, eliminating constituent solutions and driving down costs, a batch of conversations connected level consolidation and pinch a position towards costs savings, that’s what we are seeing. It’s a precocious barroom for action amongst customers. That precocious barroom remains. But I americium really pleased pinch really nan squad is focused connected executing successful this environment.


Thank you. The adjacent mobility comes from nan statement of Brent Bracelin of Piper Sandler. Please proceed.

Brent Bracelin

Thank you and bully afternoon. I wanted to travel up connected nan ample customer cohort. This sounds for illustration it’s nan fastest increasing portion of nan business. We person seen an appetite to consolidate vendors, which really spiked up successful our study up of nan year. Enterprises look to beryllium much than consenting to consolidate vendors much than ever. Have you seen a alteration comparative to nan size of nan ample customers wanting to consolidate connected nan HubSpot? I inquire because it does consciousness for illustration you are getting pulled into nan Enterprise. So tin you conscionable refresh america connected your ambition to move upmarket versus staying successful nan halfway mid-market aquatics lane?

Yamini Rangan

Yeah. Thanks a batch for nan question. Look, we stay very focused. Our segmentation and nan conception that we attraction astir profoundly is 200 to 2,000 employees. That’s nan segmentation that we attraction about.

Within that, nan 200 to 2,000 conception is what we see upmarket customers. And arsenic I mentioned, we surely saw momentum and a batch much larger deals successful Q4 and we are continuing to spot that now.

I deliberation if you measurement backmost and deliberation astir these larger customers, they are expecting a batch much retired of their trading and income walk this year. They want much leads. They want amended visibility of pipeline. They want amended rep effectiveness, and arsenic you deliberation astir this, HubSpot delivers that. We are a connected trading income and front-office solution and our hubs are intelligibly delivering value, which is why we spot that.

The 2nd point that you mentioned is besides astir level consolidation. One of nan cardinal priorities this twelvemonth is to look astatine nan Sales Stack and nan Martech Stack and look astatine ways of eliminating constituent solutions to thrust costs savings and successful each of those considerations, HubSpot is becoming nan level of choice.

Now that’s surely because of nan merchandise momentum we have, it’s because our go-to-market has adapted pinch our partners to beryllium capable to thrust worth for these upmarket customers and we are really proud of nan activity that nan full statement is doing successful position of wherever we are successful nan market.


Thank you. The adjacent mobility comes from nan statement of Terry Tillman of Truist. Please proceed.

Terry Tillman

Yeah. Thanks for taking my mobility and congrats from maine arsenic good successful position of nan beardown execution. Yamini, I had a mobility related to partners. I mean funders complete time, I mean, immoderate of these partners person grown up pinch you each and scaled up arsenic you each scaled up and they person go beautiful large themselves. But I americium funny if we tin get an update connected partner power aliases percent of nan businesses from partners? And if you could conscionable unpack a small spot astir it, it sounds for illustration there’s immoderate changes aliases improvement pinch partners. But possibly you tin conscionable thief america a small spot much connected benignant of what’s instigating that and what benignant of outcomes aliases benefits travel retired of nan activity you are doing location incrementally pinch partners? Thank you.

Yamini Rangan

Yeah. Absolutely. Happy to return that, Terry. Look, our partner strategy is working, and a fewer years ago, we went to our partner ecosystem and we said, look, we are transitioning to trading automation to CRM level and our imagination is to standard trading and servicing pinch export partners.

That is moving and our partner influenced MRR aliases ARR is astir 45% compared to nan overall. So it’s a bully divided betwixt nonstop and partner-influenced MRR. We person momentum. We are co-selling overmuch amended complete nan past 3 years and partners are down us.

Now I did mention that we are making a structural alteration to nan commission. If we measurement back, our partner committee was initially group up erstwhile HubSpot had 1 hub and conscionable a mates of additions. This is for illustration 10 years ago.

And past arsenic you each know, complete nan past mates of years, we person expanded our merchandise portfolio. We person added Operations Hub, we person added CMS Hub and we person added much additions to nan hub.

So arsenic we measurement backmost and we looked astatine our partner committee strategy, we want to incentivize our partners who are now coming on this travel pinch america to do a mates of things. We want them to first beryllium profoundly engaged pinch customers. When partners get progressive pinch customers, it leads to amended adjacent rates and it leads to amended retention and we want to thrust that.

And second, we want to beryllium enabled to incentivize them connected driving much multi-hub, arsenic good arsenic co-sells. And truthful we conscionable announced, I conscionable came from nan partner kickoff today, arsenic good arsenic yesterday, wherever we announced a fewer changes to nan committee structure, which again, incentivizes them to person deeper relationship pinch our customers.

And I person been talking to a number of our apical partners complete nan past fewer weeks successful position of this alteration they get it, they understand that we are evolving to a multi-hub institution and they understand that we are going to proceed to put wrong nan ecosystem. So, overall, excited by nan change, arsenic good arsenic nan improvement of nan partner strategy.


Thank you. The adjacent mobility comes from Gabriela Borges of Goldman Sachs. Please proceed.

Gabriela Borges

Good afternoon. Thank you. Questions for Kate connected nan nett retention number. Give america a small spot of a consciousness connected really overmuch vulnerability you person to increasing and scaling customers successful nan exertion vertical, specifically looking to understand what’s going connected pinch nan displacement from hiring successful nan exertion vertical to possibly being much of a headwind and do you deliberation 107% will beryllium nan trough for 2023 and that was a question? Thank you.

Kate Bueker

Yeah. A mates of questions successful there, Gabriela, but fto maine springiness it a shot. I mean conscionable possibly commencement pinch nan facts, which is I shared successful nan prepared remarks that our nett gross retention successful nan 4th fourth was 107%, which was down a small spot from Q3, but really very overmuch successful statement pinch nan expectations that we shared successful Q3.

And I deliberation you know, there’s really 2 large components of nett gross retention. One is nan gross retention aliases what we telephone customer dollar and that’s really hung successful location very resiliently successful that precocious 80s.

The different portion is nan nett upgrade complaint and that includes a number of motions, immoderate of that you are talking about, which are spot upgrades, interaction tier upgrades, version upgrades, immoderate cross-selling.

And it’s really that nett upgrade mobility that has been challenged successful nan economical situation arsenic customers are some slowing nan complaint astatine which they are upgrading, but besides person a spot of a sharper oculus connected their wide walk pinch HubSpot. And truthful we are seeing unit some connected nan upgrade broadside and besides connected nan downgrade side.

And successful nan near-term, we expect that, that unit will remain. We really deliberation that nett gross retention is apt to tick down again successful Q1. But we consciousness really bully astir our expertise to clasp nett gross retention supra 100%. Over nan longer term, we proceed to judge that we tin present nett gross retention of 110% successful immoderate healthier macro environment.


Thank you. The adjacent mobility comes from Rishi Jaluria of RBC. Please proceed.

Rishi Jaluria

Oh! Wonderful. Thanks truthful overmuch for taking my question. It’s bully to spot continued resilience successful nan business model. Yamini, I wanted to excavation a small spot much into immoderate of nan momentum you are seeing pinch Service Hub post-relaunch. What has benignant of been nan momentum you person seen truthful far? And really, importantly, erstwhile you deliberation astir nan feedback that you person gotten from customers truthful far. Are location immoderate different benignant of enterprise-grade features aliases functionality that request to beryllium developed further successful bid to beryllium much competitory against immoderate of nan incumbents for illustration nan likes of Zendesk aliases is that thing that’s already happening? Thank you.

Yamini Rangan

Hey, Rishi. Thanks a batch for nan question. Look, we are very excited astir Service Hub. Last twelvemonth was a beautiful large year. We did relaunch and location were a number of features that move nan needle successful position of Service Hub and we spot that successful nan momentum successful position of nan go-to-market.

Now I mentioned successful nan prepared remarks a small spot astir multi-hub momentum, a batch much three, arsenic good arsenic 5 hub deals and customer wins that we are seeing and portion of that is nan spot of Service Hub.

And we are going to proceed to attraction connected it, it’s 1 of our strategical objectives successful 2023 is to spell heavy successful position of activity successful Marketing Hub, Sales Hub and Service Hub. And we are evolving to support workspace, we are going to beryllium driving moreover much omni-channel work done improved calling functionality, knowledge base, SMS.

The caller WhatsApp motorboat successful Q4, that was a beautiful large triumph and we sewage a batch of affirmative feedback from our customers and we are beautiful excited to stock much there. As we do these things, we measurement backmost and listen, are we getting much multi-hub customers, are we delivering much worth and erstwhile nan customers statesman to usage it, are we driving improved customer satisfaction.

And for each of those questions successful Service Hub, nan reply is, yes. So we are pleased pinch it, and it will proceed to beryllium a strategical nonsubjective this twelvemonth to thrust thought activity wrong Service Hub.


Thank you. The adjacent mobility comes from Alex Zukin of Wolfe Research. Please proceed.

Alex Zukin

Hey, guys. Thanks for taking my mobility and congrats evidently connected a coagulated quarter. I guess, if we deliberation astir nan style of nan maturation curve for 2023 versus 2022 from nan standpoint of customer adds versus ASRPC, really has it changed fixed immoderate of nan momentum upmarket that you are seeing? Where -- would you expect it to beryllium similar, somewhat different? And then, I guess, conscionable to explain nan remark connected nett gross retention, expect to support it complete 100% successful nan short word but return to perchance 110%. How -- what’s -- meaning erstwhile does that trough, for illustration if you were to deliberation astir from a quarterly basis? Is that -- is location comp that you would get past wherever this activity started, meaning for illustration arsenic of 3Q of this twelvemonth wherever you commencement to spot that rebound aliases thief america location a small bit?

Kate Bueker

Yeah. Thank you. I will effort to deed each of your questions. I will do my very best. Let maine conscionable commencement pinch nan gross retention question. The short reply is, like, I wish I knew. To maine it’s very overmuch tied to your position of nan macroeconomic environment.

And I deliberation -- erstwhile I deliberation astir nan areas of unit connected nan nett upgrade rate, they are very overmuch tied to nan outer environment, and arsenic we commencement to spot that for illustration solidify and recover, I deliberation that’s erstwhile you will commencement to spot nett gross retention recover.

I will past effort to reside your KPI mobility astir ASRPC and nett adds. I deliberation you astutely noticed that things are shifting a small spot here. This is now our 2nd 4th of really beardown nett customer adds astatine nan debased end.

We are seeing really bully sign-ups of our free CRM, we are seeing nan free CMS really resonate and it’s that benignant of sign-up measurement converting into our Starter tier that is driving a existent spot successful nett customer adds.

Now for illustration -- arsenic you know, there’s push and propulsion crossed ASRPC and nett customer adds erstwhile it’s being fueled by that debased extremity of our bimodal. And what you saw successful Q4 is aft a play of existent spot astatine nan Enterprise that drove ASRPC up successful nan double digits successful changeless rate beautiful consistently, we dipped beneath 10% successful ASRPC growth.

And that unit that we are seeing from nan occurrence astatine nan debased extremity is going to proceed into 2023 and we expect that ASRPC maturation successful 2023 is going to look much for illustration low-to-mid azygous digits.


Thank you. The adjacent mobility comes from Arjun Bhatia of William Blair. Please proceed. My apologies. The adjacent mobility comes from Michael Turits of Key Capital. Please proceed.

Michael Turits

Yeah. Thanks. Yeah. Thanks. Congrats connected everything, particularly connected nan margins. So possibly I will return that separator arsenic a taxable -- arsenic an hold to Alex’s mobility wherever you went pinch that, Kate. To nan grade that you are much focused connected adds arsenic opposed to ASRPC arsenic a driver, really does that effect nan balancing enactment pinch separator description to nan grade that you should beryllium getting a batch of easy -- comparatively easy leverage retired of ASRPC growth, arguably little truthful retired of costs of adds?

Kate Bueker

Yeah. I guess, possibly I will conscionable commencement by answering your foundational comment, which is, for illustration focusing connected adds versus focusing connected ASRPC. These are output metrics and I deliberation we person talked astir this successful nan past, for illustration our extremity is consistently to thrust topline maturation successful ARR complete time, not to thrust maturation successful 1 aliases nan different of ASRPC aliases caller customer adds.

And erstwhile you spot america consistently investing successful that bimodal strategy, there’s going to people beryllium immoderate periods of clip wherever we person much description successful ASRPC and much description successful different times successful nett customer adds, and probably, that’s conscionable arsenic nan equilibrium of caller versus installed guidelines benignant of moves around.

The different mobility you had was astir leverage and I americium gladsome you asked. We provided guidance for this twelvemonth that reflects our ongoing committedness to balancing maturation and profitability. We delivered bully results successful Q4 astatine a afloat twelvemonth of 10% operating profit separator and our guideline implies different 2, excuse me, 250 ground points of separator improvement. Over time, we person nan financial model that shows and demonstrates our equilibrium betwixt maturation and profitability and we proceed to stay committed to delivering against that.

Yamini Rangan

Yeah. I deliberation for illustration Kate deed connected each of nan points there. The 1 point I would opportunity is, arsenic we deliberation astir this mid- to semipermanent and particularly arsenic we deliberation astir our income and trading efficiency, look, we person merchandise led growth, it’s income rep maturation and partner led growth, and each of these are nan input engines that past consequence successful our nett adds arsenic good arsenic ASRPC.

And arsenic we deliberation astir each of these 3 things; merchandise led growth, we are driving much and much initiatives truthful we tin get efficient; income led growth, we are driving much automation, much systems, much investments truthful we tin make our reps moreover much productive; and partner led growth, we talked astir immoderate of nan changes that we are structurally making truthful that we tin go moreover much efficient.

And truthful arsenic we deliberation astir really we equilibrium maturation and profitability, we person short-term initiatives and past we person medium-term initiatives and we are really committed to balancing some maturation and profitability.


Thank you. The adjacent mobility comes from Brian Peterson of Raymond James. Please proceed.

Brian Peterson

Hi. Thanks for taking nan mobility and I will echo congrats connected nan beardown quarter. I’d emotion to understand connected nan multi-hub take and nan occurrence you are having there. Is that much a usability of nan landing pinch much hubs and higher connect rates connected Starter tiers aliases wherever we person seen a batch of occurrence connected cross-sell arsenic well, there’s a batch of clip benignant of walk connected nan nett down sell. But I’d emotion to understand what nan cross-sell mobility has looked for illustration for nett caller successful nan existing base, because I deliberation that’s evidently sewage a secular position there?

Yamini Rangan

Yeah. I deliberation that’s a awesome question. Look, I think, we are seeing some multi-hub lands, arsenic good arsenic beardown cross-sells. And fto maine measurement backmost and possibly look astatine this from nan customer perspective. As we talk to customers, a mates of things are becoming very clear.

As they deliberation astir 2023, it is simply a batch astir driving income and trading alignment. The handoff betwixt trading and income has each has been tricky. Whose pipeline are you getting and is this bully value of pipeline?

So if you deliberation astir customers, they want much needs, they want amended run effectiveness, they want much activity search and they want each of this to statement up to maturation from a income perspective.

And therefore, successful our conversations, we spot that location are much multi-hub starting points, much starting points pinch Marketing and Sales and Operations Hub, for example, successful nan first sale. So that’s happening wrong caller land.

And then, similarly, what we spot is erstwhile our customer has adopted, for example, Marketing aliases Sales and they spot nan worth proposition of HubSpot, which is easy-to-use, easy-to-manage, driving adoption, past it becomes an easier speech to person a cross-sell speech pinch nan VP of Sales aliases nan VP of Service.

And truthful we do find that successful nan first twelvemonth of HubSpot purchase, customers person a precocious propensity to benignant of look astatine further hubs and get nan visibility crossed customer base. And truthful nan operation of some of those lead to very patient three-hub, arsenic good arsenic five-hub wins from a customer perspective.


Thank you. The adjacent mobility comes from Brad Sills of Bank of America. Please proceed.

Brad Sills

Oh! Great. I will adhd my congratulations connected a existent bully decorativeness to nan twelvemonth successful a reliable environment. Maybe if you could drill successful a small spot connected that aforesaid taxable there, Yamini, wherever are you seeing these 3 and five-hub deals wherever there’s incremental spot crossed nan stack? I mean Sales and Marketing, obviously, nan core. It sounds for illustration Service Hub is strong, CMS, would emotion to get immoderate colour location and thing connected Payments? So conscionable immoderate incremental spot crossed nan stack and these larger multi-hub deals?

Yamini Rangan

Yeah. Thanks a lot, Brad. Look, I think, if you look astatine our capacity successful Q4, we are very pleased, because it shows spot successful upmarket, it shows spot successful multi-hub and it shows spot successful our debased extremity adds of Starter Suite.

And this is our bimodal strategy. Our bimodal strategy is we want to adhd measurement of customers astatine nan little extremity and arsenic they standard and arsenic they spot worth wrong HubSpot, they proceed to upgrade to Pro and Enterprise tiers and get moreover much worth from HubSpot and that bimodal strategy working.

And successful position of which merchandise areas are we seeing strength, certainly, Marketing and Sales are halfway beforehand doors and we are very pleased to spot Sales Hub go a morganatic beforehand door. A batch much conversations connected tying Sales and Marketing and that’s an area that we person talked about.

And erstwhile they bargain Sales and Marketing and they want to profoundly merge and link pinch different systems wrong nan organization, Ops Hub comes in. And Ops Hub, we person talked astir really it drives worth from an integration position and providing and building connected that reporting and past Service Hub. So crossed each of our halfway hubs, we are seeing beautiful bully momentum.

In position of commerce, now that’s a longer word bet. We are pleased pinch nan levels of merchant activation, arsenic good arsenic nan transactions. It’s early, early stages, and there’s conscionable a batch much to go, and arsenic I look astatine our strategy this year, it’s ace clear.

We want to spell heavy successful Marketing, Sales and Service, and we want to proceed to support nan momentum that we person successful commerce and we want to do some of those by focusing connected nan bimodal strategy, which is working. I dream that gives you a small spot much color, Brad.


Thank you. The adjacent mobility comes from Josh Reilly of Needham & Company. Please proceed.

Josh Reilly

Hey, there. Thanks for taking my question. One of nan absorbing points I thought highlighted astatine nan Analyst Day past twelvemonth was nan ample operation of Starter customers arsenic a percent of full paying customers, which perchance is creating nan benignant of pent-up request to migrate to Pro and Enterprise erstwhile nan marketplace recovers. How would you qualify nan magnitude of nan operation of customers postponing upgrades owed to nan macro coming versus anterior slowdowns? And is location a constituent successful clip wherever these customers request to migrate sloppy of nan macro aliases what person you seen successful past cycles? Thank you.

Kate Bueker

Yeah. It’s an absorbing question. Thanks for that. We do consciousness for illustration nan momentum successful nan Starter customer adds is simply a awesome semipermanent strategy for us. In position of what we are seeing coming astir Starter upgrades, nan newer cohorts that person started pinch america are really upgrading astatine beautiful patient rates.

We took a number of actions past twelvemonth to lick for nan customer to really thrust that measurement that we are seeing astatine nan little end. We talked astir things for illustration bringing trading automation down, introducing a free CMS and we proceed to research astir pricing and packaging.

All of that has resulted successful for illustration a bully description of nan number of Starter customers that are joining us. But astatine nan aforesaid time, we watch those cohorts really intimately to make judge that their usage and their upgrade patterns are accordant and patient and they are beautiful accordant pinch what we person seen successful nan past.


Thank you. The adjacent mobility comes from Keith Bachman of BMO. Please proceed.

Adam Holt

Hi. This is Adam connected for Keith. First, convey you for taking my questions. I wanted to excavation a small deeper into nan 2023 gross guidance. So I perceive your comments connected Payments being comparatively early still. But I deliberation you antecedently commented that you expect contributions to maturation adjacent twelvemonth for Payments and past I cognize we person ongoing publication from nan separator benignant of endeavor value hike. So I was wondering if we could parse retired nan benefits to each of those for adjacent year? Thank you.

Kate Bueker

Yeah. Thanks truthful overmuch for nan question. You are hitting connected each of nan specifications here. I would conscionable opportunity Payments, arsenic we -- I will reiterate Yamini’s comments. Payments is early, we are investing for nan agelong word successful Payments.

As I shared pinch -- astatine Analyst Day, it is not going to beryllium a worldly contributor to our maturation aliases profitability successful 2023. On nan Marketing Hub Enterprise value change, we proceed to perceive affirmative feedback connected nan change. Again, it is not a worldly driver of nan results successful 2023.


Thank you. The adjacent mobility comes from Elizabeth Porter of Morgan Stanley. Please proceed.

Elizabeth Porter

Great. Thanks truthful much. Yeah. You talked a batch astir deals taking longer and much scrutiny, which we are intelligibly proceeding crossed nan broader landscape. I was funny connected what you are seeing conscionable astatine nan apical of chimney and really nan pipeline is shaping up and thing we should look for extracurricular of conscionable macro factors to thief america person that faster successful nan mean to near-term? I cognize you highlighted investments astir income and partners, are these much tailwinds that are aft 2023? Thank you.

Yamini Rangan

Yeah. Elizabeth, awesome question. Look, it’s very interesting. When we talk to customers, 2 things are happening astatine nan aforesaid time. SMBs are profoundly committed to integer and it’s -- location was a mobility astir whether SMBs are going to thrive during nan pandemic. There’s a mobility astir whether SMBs are going to past this downturn.

But what we find is that SMBs are committed to digital. They are continuing to build their businesses connected digital. They are continuing to leverage integer solutions to beryllium capable to enactment successful touch pinch their customers. And I perceive this successful complete and complete successful my conversations pinch customers and we spot this wrong nan pipeline.

Now astatine nan aforesaid time, what we person been talking astir is that, they want to understand worth deeply, they want to bargain a small spot much cautiously and that translates into longer woody cycles. I deliberation we, for illustration everybody else, we are going to proceed to show and proceed to look astatine starring indicators arsenic we spell and really does that alteration our move and really we person adapted our execution? I deliberation a fewer things based connected what we are seeing. We are starring pinch value.

Every speech is astir value, astir delivering speedy clip to value, arsenic good arsenic nan costs savings that our customers tin spot successful position of consolidating connected nan platform. And our income teams, arsenic good arsenic nan partner organizations are enabled to person these conversations and our worth proposition really resonates. So for america nan go-to-market has really adopted.

And from a merchandise perspective, we are successful a spot of strength. You conscionable heard america talk astir G2. In G2, we person been rated arsenic number 1 successful Marketing, number 1 successful Sales. And we person go a level of prime for mid-market companies and scaling companies that are looking astatine options, whether they are driving productivity aliases they are driving costs savings, we are successful those conversations.

So I consciousness moreover fixed nan macro conditions, nan operation of our merchandise innovation, arsenic good arsenic go-to-market execution positions america really strongly. And then, overall, arsenic we each expect me, astatine immoderate point, this cycle, nan economical rhythm is going to turn.

And truthful portion of nan attraction successful position of nan activity squad is, really do we make beardown and thoughtful decisions correct now to position ourselves to look stronger erstwhile nan rhythm turns. So that’s really we deliberation astir this twelvemonth and past beyond.


Thank you. The adjacent mobility comes from Michael Turrin of Wells Fargo. Please proceed.

Michael Berg

Hi. This is Michael Berg connected from Michael Turrin. Congrats connected a awesome quarter. I wanted to double click connected nan separator seasonality you laid retired connected your -- earlier successful nan call. When I americium reasoning astir nan backmost half of this year, is location immoderate benefits from nan existent property consolidation that’s baked into that number aliases are those benefits expected to beryllium seen beyond 2023?

Kate Bueker

So location is -- convey you for nan question. There -- nan benefits of nan restructuring will accrue to nan business successful Q3 and Q4. As you know, we thin to person seasonally stronger backmost half margins anyway. There is immoderate magnitude of existent property use successful nan backmost half of nan twelvemonth and nan use from nan workforce simplification is dispersed beautiful evenly crossed those quarters.


Thank you. And our last mobility will travel from nan statement of Arjun Bhatia of William Blair. Please proceed.

Arjun Bhatia

Perfect. Thank you guys for taking nan question. Yamini, possibly 1 for you, conscionable going backmost to nan restructuring a small bit. I americium funny if location is immoderate effect to nan merchandise roadmap to nan motorboat of caller hubs arsenic a consequence of nan restructuring aliases if this was purely focused connected possibly much support type roles, really should we spot that effect playing out?

Yamini Rangan

Yeah. Good question, Arjun. Just to benignant of stock immoderate position of really we thought astir this. We person mentioned this a mates of times, this was not short-term costing decision. This was a strategical realignment of our finance truthful that we tin thrust semipermanent innovation, arsenic good arsenic scalability wrong nan organization.

So arsenic we measurement back, we look crossed nan institution connected really champion to align our people, resources to our strategy truthful that we tin look stronger from this economical cycle. And nan truth is we person teams pinch excess capacity for illustration recruiting and services and those were nan areas that we pulled backmost aggressively. We besides looked astatine areas wherever location was copy activity and opportunities for america to beryllium overmuch much efficient.

Now passim nan process, we were very observant astir protecting merchandise innovation, arsenic good arsenic nonstop quota carrying roles. And successful fact, arsenic we person said a mates of times, we are reinvesting successful areas of product, arsenic good arsenic internally truthful that we tin thrust scalability. So we consciousness very bully successful position of our strategical objectives and expertise to proceed to substance nan gait of invention that we person had.


Thank you. And pinch that, we will reason our question-and-answer convention for today’s call. I would now for illustration to walk nan convention complete to nan guidance squad for closing remarks.

Yamini Rangan

Thank you truthful overmuch everybody. We really admit your support. A immense acknowledgment to HubSpot employees, customers, partners for their resilience arsenic they person navigated each of these times. Look guardant to talking to you each adjacent quarter.


And pinch that, we will reason today’s convention call. Thank you for participating. You whitethorn now disconnect your line.

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