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Featuring Inter Milan, AC Milan, Juventus, Roma, Atalanta and a number of different highly talented clubs, there’s nary mobility that Serie A is 1 of The champion leagues in The world. It whitethorn not ever get arsenic overmuch world acclaim arsenic The Premier League aliases La Liga, but it ne'er fails to entertain.

If you’re a Serie A instrumentality in The United States, we’ve sewage you covered pinch a rundown of each The ways you Can watch each azygous crippled in 2024.

Watch Serie A Soccer connected Paramount+

Paramount Plus logo connected a achromatic background.Paramount

The 2023-24 play marks The extremity of Paramount and CBS Sports’ US media authorities woody pinch Serie A. That intends The early of Serie A’s broadcasting location in The United States is still in question, but for this last season, it’s very clear and very easy: You Can watch each azygous Serie A crippled unrecorded in English aliases Italian connected Paramount+.

All you request is The astir basal “Essential” plan, which comes pinch a free seven-day proceedings and past costs either $6 per period aliases $60 for The year. If you wanted to spell pinch The “Paramount+ pinch SHOWTIME” plan, which includes everything in “Essential” positive nary ads connected The on-demand content, Showtime contented and your unrecorded CBS channel, that’ll tally you $12 per period aliases $120 for The year.

Either action represents tremendous value. Not only will you beryllium capable to watch each Serie A game, but there’s besides Champions League and Europa League action, arsenic good arsenic a monolithic on-demand room of TV shows and movies.

Watch Serie A Soccer connected Amazon Prime

A TV surface pinch Roku connected it, highlighting Amazon Prime Video.Derek Malcolm / Digital trends

Amazon Prime subscribers (the Prime free trial is 30 days) Can get Paramount+ done Amazon Prime Channels.

This is fundamentally The nonstop aforesaid point arsenic The supra option: There’s a free seven-day trial, location are 2 different plans (priced precisely The same) you Can take from, and you’ll get each of The nonstop aforesaid unrecorded and on-demand content, including Serie A games. The only difference? You’ll watch your contented connected The Amazon Prime Video website aliases app alternatively of The Paramount integer platforms.

So, it yet comes down to penchant connected which 1 you choose, but it’s bully to cognize location are 2 different options–with 2 abstracted free trials–for watching each Serie A crippled in 2024.

Other Ways to Watch Serie A Live Stream

Fubo scatter surface connected a TV.Phil Nickinson

Occasionally, Serie A games will beryllium simulcast connected CBS Sports Network. You Can watch a unrecorded watercourse of these matches via Fubo (“Pro” transmission plan), YouTube TV (“Base Plan”) aliases DirecTV Stream (“Ultimate” transmission scheme and above), which each see CBS Sports Network and each travel pinch a free trial.

Obviously, if you’re a superior Serie A instrumentality who wants to watch arsenic galore matches arsenic possible, these options don’t comparison to The supra 2 choices. But if there’s a azygous crippled that’s connected TV, and you want to watch it for free, past these are immoderate bully short-term solutions.

Note that pinch DirecTV Stream, location is simply a “Paramount+ pinch SHOWTIME” add-on. If you person that, you Can usage your DirecTV Stream credentials to motion in to The Paramount+ app aliases website to watch Serie A matches. But since you’ll request to person 1 of DirecTV Stream’s transmission packages on pinch it, it’ll beryllium overmuch much costly than Paramount+ by itself.

How to Watch Serie A from Abroad

The NordVPN app connected The App Store connected Apple TV.Derek Malcolm

If you’re in a state wherever there’s nary measurement to watch Serie A, you Can ever harvester Paramount+ pinch a virtual backstage web (VPN). Serie A games connected Paramount+ are only accessible in The US, but a VPN hides your location and connects you to a integer server in The United States, allowing to circumvent those location restrictions.

NordVPN would beryllium our recommendation, arsenic it’s fast, inexpensive and compatible pinch Paramount+. However, we’ve besides put together a database of The 18 champion VPN services, which you Can cheque retired if you’re looking for immoderate alternatives.

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