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There are fewer things in sports amended than Champions League soccer. With each The champion teams from Europe competing for The astir prized trophy in The sport, The Champions League ne'er fails to supply america pinch exhilarating matches, magisterial individual performances and unforgettable moments.

From The group stages each The measurement done to The final, you ne'er want to miss a match. Fortunately, we’ve compiled each The ways you Can watch Champions League shot in The United States in 2024.

Watch Champions League connected Paramount+

Paramount Plus logo connected a achromatic background.Paramount

Considering this is specified a prestigious tourney pinch truthful galore world-class matches, those in The United States should astir apt see themselves fortunate that it’s truthful easy–and truthful cheap–to watch each azygous game.

All you request is simply a subscription to Paramount+‘s “Essential” plan, and you’ll instantly beryllium capable to watch a unrecorded watercourse of immoderate and each Champions League match, including The last connected June 1. It costs conscionable $6 per period aliases $60 for The year, and it comes pinch a seven-day free trial.

Once signed up, you Can watch The games unrecorded connected your machine via The Paramount+ website, aliases connected your phone, tablet aliases different streaming instrumentality (Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, PlayStation 4 aliases 5, Xbox Series X aliases S, etc.) via The Paramount+ app.

Watch Champions League connected Amazon Prime

A TV surface pinch Roku connected it, highlighting Amazon Prime Video.Derek Malcolm / Digital trends

If, for immoderate reason, you don’t person a affirmative acquisition watching matches connected The Paramount+ website aliases app,  aliases if you’re looking for different free trial, you Can caput complete to Amazon and get Paramount+ done Prime Channels. You request to beryllium an Amazon Prime subscriber for this option, but The Prime free trial is 30 days.

This action includes each The aforesaid on-demand and unrecorded content–including Champions League games–as Paramount+. It costs The same, it has a abstracted seven-day free proceedings and you’ll beryllium capable to watch connected The Prime Video website aliases app instead.

Other Ways to Watch Champions League Live Stream

Fubo scatter surface connected a TV.Phil Nickinson

Some Champions League matches will beryllium televised connected CBS aliases CBS Sports Network. The last betwixt Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid connected June 1, for example, will beryllium connected CBS.

For immoderate of these matches, you Can watch a unrecorded watercourse via Fubo (“Pro” transmission plan), YouTube TV (“Base Plan”) aliases DirecTV Stream (“Entertainment” transmission scheme and above). They each see CBS (live in astir markets) and CBS Sports Network, and they each travel pinch a free trial. The Fubo free trial lasts for 7 days, while YouTube TV and DirecTV Stream are each 5 days long.

These options are evidently overmuch much costly in The semipermanent than Paramount+, and they won’t get you each azygous crippled of The tournament. But, if there’s a peculiar televised lucifer you want to watch astatine immoderate point–such arsenic The final–then immoderate of these streaming services will activity perfectly.

How to Watch Champions League from Abroad

The NordVPN app connected The App Store connected Apple TV.Derek Malcolm

If you’re extracurricular The United States and don’t person immoderate measurement to watch Champions League action, you Can usage a virtual backstage web (VPN) to entree Paramount+ aliases immoderate different streaming work from abroad.

NordVPN is astatine The apical of our database of The 18 champion VPN services, truthful that’s what we would recommend. It’s safe, accelerated and easy to use, positive it comes pinch a 30-day money-back guarantee. You Can besides return a look astatine The best VPN deals disposable correct now for immoderate different options.

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